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Birthday Gifts

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Billie/Mike (Bike) fluff for Mike's birthday

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It was May 4th. Billie woke up that day happy, knowing it was Mike's birthday. It was extra early for a Saturday. He looked to the right of him and admired Mike's beauty, he could almost see him smile. He loved the way Mike's face looked in the pale light of the seven-o'clock-sun. Billie cautiously rolled out of bed without waking up Mike and walked towards the bedroom door, glancing at the sleeping bassist. He walked over to Mike, bent down, and gently kissed his blonde locks. He smiled and finally left the room quietly. He figured he had about an hour or two before Mike awoke, so he would start making breakfast soon. At about 7:30 Billie walked to the kitchen desperately searching for ingredients for pancake mix. He gathered everything he needed and opened a cookbook Tré had bought them as part of a wedding gift; along with glassware and a griddle. Billie read directions for chocolate chip pancakes, Mike's favorite, and got to mixing. He let the griddle heat up and made some coffee for the both of them. He made sure the bedroom door was shut so Mike didn't smell the coffee and wake up too early. Billie let the coffee brew and started making pancakes. He had a hard time at first, making a mess out of the batter, but he figured everything out and was basically a champ. He set up a plate full of pancakes and two mugs of coffee and put maple syrup on the table. Billie thought to himself how thoughtful he is and how much he loves Mike. Mike woke up just as Billie was cleaning everything up. Billie walked to Mike, giving him a big hug and kissing him on the neck.

"Happy birthday, baby!" Billie said with a smile directing Mike towards their special breakfast.

"This is amazing Billie! Thank you sooooo much!" Mike sat down and ate his breakfast with Billie before heading off to shower. Billie kept kissing Mike and hugging him, they both were really enjoying this day.

About an hour later Billie and Mike were both on the couch cuddling together watching a Star Wars marathon. Mike would occasionally mention how this was the best birthday ever and he was so grateful that Billie was in his life. At around three o'clock people started to show up for a little get-together Billie planned. The guests consisted of Tré, Jason White, Jason Freese, and a few other friends. There was cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Mike. He couldn't of wished for a better birthday already, and he didn't open his present from Billie yet. Billie handed it to him and everyone gathered to watch. It was a blue 1966 Fender Stratocaster. Mike kissed Billie and couldn't stop smiling. After everyone left Mike and Billie sat back down on the couch and continued with their movie marathon. Mike fell asleep in Billie's arms on the couch. Billie smiled at Mike and went to sleep too, not wanting to bother Mike by getting up.
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