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Frerard. Gerard's obsessed with the hot guy from the tattoo studio.

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Gerard had many sketchbooks, but there was one that he was particularly protective over. Inside this book were hundreds and thousands of drawings of the same face. Mikey had found this book once and asked who the drawings were of, but Gerard wouldn't tell him anything.

Every single drawing was of this guy. He had loads of ink, and awesome hair. It was dyed red either side and the middle was longer and black. He had his nose pierced, and a lip ring. And stretched ears. Gerard was obsessed with him. The only thing was, there was the tiny, weeny problem that Gerard didn't even know this guys name. All Gerard knew was that he worked at this tattoo studio down town.

“Living Ink Tattoo & Piercing” wasn't a long way from Gerard and Mikey's apartment. Gerard had only been there once, and that was only because Bob begged Gerard to accompany him for his lip piercing. Gerard hated the thought of anything involving needles, so going to a tattoo studio wasn't on his bucket list of things to do. But Bob literally begged. Underneath his tough exterior, Bob was actually a bit of a girl. So when he almost started crying at the thought of getting a piercing done without anyone there to comfort him, Gerard couldn't say no. Gerard was unsure at the thought of going but all doubt was erased from his mind when he saw the guy that worked there. Hot tattoo guy was the most perfect human being Gerard had ever seen. One sight was all Gerard had of hot tattoo guy though, because as soon as he saw the needle for Bob's piercing, he fainted and had to have Mikey come and pick him up. It was, hands down, the most embarrassing day of Gerard's life even though hot tattoo guy didn't see what had happened.

Gerard's thoughts about hot tattoo guy were interrupted when he heard the apartment door open. Mikey walked in holding a shopping bag protectively. “What've you got there?” Gerard asked, eyeing the bag suspiciously.
“Just a new DVD.” Mikey replied, attempting to sound as innocent as possible. Gerard burst out laughing. “You're being a bit protective, if it really is 'just a DVD'...?” he replied, looking at Mikey carefully. Before Mikey could reply, Gerard snatched the bag out of Mikey's arms. He stared at the contents in amazement. “Oh my God, Mikes I love you so much right now! Y'know I've been waiting to see this forever!” Gerard shrieked, waving Time Of The Deceased 2 up in the air excitedly. “Uh, yeah, there's kind of a problem. It's a collectors edition and I can't open it.” Mikey replied, feeling guilty as he watched his brother's face drop.
“But Mikey, you don't understand! I've been waiting to see this for like 3 years now since we watched the first one, we have to watch it!” Gerard replied, a hint of hope still on his face. Mikey crossed his arms. Shit, that meant that he definitely wasn't going to change his mind. “Sorry, Gee.” was all he said, before removing the film from Gerard's grasp. “Wait!” Gerard yelled, as his brother started to walk away. Mikey turned his head back, looking expectantly at his brother. “I'll do anything.” Gerard pleaded.
“I don't think so, sorry.” Mikey replied.
“No, I mean literally anything.” Gerard begged.
“Anything?” Mikey asked, gaining interest.
“Yes. Anything.” Gerard repeated.
“And if I say what I want you to do, you promise to do it? We'll watch the film, then I'll tell you, and you have to do it, no excuses?” Mikey said, stroking his chin in thought. Gerard didn't even have to think. “DEAL!” he yelled, before snatching the film back and racing to the TV. Mikey laughed at his brother's stupidity. Because in a few hours, Gerard would be wishing he could eat his words.

Two hours later, the end credits were rolling down the screen. Mikey turned to Gerard expectantly.
“So you wanna know what you have to do?” Mikey asked his brother. It took a few seconds for Gerard to register in his brain what Mikey was on about, but he nodded.
“You have to get a tattoo.” Mikey said simply. Gerard spit out his coffee. His face went white. He stopped breathing for a minute. Then, he almost chucked up the contents of his stomach. Almost.

Gerard knew the deal. He knew he had to do it. “It will be okay.” Gerard thought, trying desperately to reassure himself. “I can be put to sleep... Like how they do for operations... Then I won't feel anything...” he said, out loud.
“Sorry, Gee, you know they can't do that. It'll be fine, I'll go with you and I can distract you.” Mikey said, trying to comfort his brother. Gerard didn't say anything, he just made a weird choking sound.
“I. Hate. You.” he eventually managed to splutter out, causing Mikey to laugh.

The next day, Gerard woke up at 4am covered in sweat. He'd had nightmares about needles, and ink pumping though his veins, turning his heart black. He drifted in and out of sleep for the next few hours, until Mikey came in his room at 9am, opening the curtains. He had a sickly smile on his face. “Wake up Gee, and get ready. Then get in the car.” he said, as Gerard pulled his duvet over his head to shield his eyes from the sun. Gerard deliberately tried to take as long as possible to shower, get dressed and eat his breakfast. Mikey noticed. “Quit delaying. Man up a bit, you pussy.” Mikey snapped, although smiling at the same time.

Mikey was surprised when Gerard got into the car without complaining. Gerard said nothing for the whole journey as he felt slightly more confident about the whole thing, evident by the way he was slouching in his chair with his arms crossed and no expression on his face. That all changed when they pulled up outside the tattoo studio. Gerard saw The neon “Living Ink” sign and suddenly felt sick to his stomach. Hot tattoo guy might be tattooing him and that was too much for Gerard to handle. Gerard swallowed nervously as he entered the building. Mikey placed his hand firmly on Gerard's back, pushing him forwards. The receptionist looked up smiling. “Mikey, is it?” she asked, looking at Gerard. “Nah, I'm Mikey, I made an appointment for Gerard here.” Mikey replied, smiling back.
“Oh, hi Gerard.” the receptionist replied. “Frank, your client's here!” she called. Gerard was just praying that 'Frank' wasn't the same guy as hot tattoo guy.

'Frank' appeared from the back room. Frank was hot tattoo guy. “Oh shit. Fuck. Shit. Shit. SHIT.” Gerard thought. He mentally facepalmed.
“Hey Gerard” Frank said smiling. Gerard felt dizzy just hearing Frank say his name. He felt someone kick his leg. Hard. “Say something, moron.” Mikey hissed in his ear.
“Oh... er, hi.” Gerard spluttered out, going red. Frank giggled at Gerard's awkwardness.
“Come on through.” Frank said, touching Gerard's arm as he guided him into the room. Frank's palm was soft and warm and made Gerard melt inside. Gerard's face was flushed and he had to breathe manually. He couldn't even think about getting a tattoo now because Frank had taken over every thought. Mikey followed them through. “Oh, Gee, I forgot to tell you, I'm meeting up with Ray in like 10 minutes so I've got to go, but ring me when the tattoo's done and I'll pick you up.” Mikey said. Gerard nodded. He should've been so pissed off with Mikey right then but his mind was only occupied by Frank. Mikey looked surprised at Gerard's lack of a reaction but he left anyway.

“So, was that your boyfriend?” Frank asked after Mikey left the room.
“Um, no. No, that's my brother.” Gerard replied, wondering how the hell he managed to say more than three words in front of Frank. Frank looked happy at that bit of news but Gerard was too flustered to notice. “So, what tattoo were you thinking of?” Frank asked. That was when Gerard remembered the fact that he was sitting here, about to get a tattoo. Gerard broke down then, collapsing into a heap on the floor. Frank's hazel eyes looked concerned. He sat down next to Gerard. “Aw, Gee, it's alright, It's okay. What's wrong?” he said quietly. Gerard wasn't quite crying but he was on the verge of tears. “Mikey's making me get a tattoo. I made a deal with him that I'd do anything, and he said I've got to get a tattoo.” Gerard mumbled, his head in his hands.

Frank didn't ask any more questions, he just put his arm around Gerard. Gerard stiffened. He was so close to Frank. Gerard started freaking out. He could smell Frank's aftershave and feel Frank's breath on his neck. Gerard just leaned in to Frank automatically. Frank's breath hitched. He turned to face Gerard. “Well, I've got an idea. I've got some of those fake wash off tattoos so we could put one of those on instead. Mikey won't know a thing.” Frank replied, pleased at the smile on Gerard's face. Frank stood up, much to Gerard's disappointment, and walked over to a cupboard, picking up a small box. “I've got these to help clients decide where they want their ink.” Frank said, passing Gerard a sheet of cut out designs. “Which one do you want?” Frank asked. Gerard saw a Misfits skull one.
“The Misfits one please?” Gerard asked. Frank beamed.
“You've got an awesome taste in music.” Frank commented, making Gerard blush. “Where d'you want it?” Frank asked, his eyes scanning Gerard for a good place to put the tattoo.
“On my wrist.” Gerard replied. Frank peeled off the tattoo then pressed it face down on Gerard's wrist. He got a wet sponge and held it down over the top. “It'll last about three days. Here are some more so you can keep re-applying them as they fade.” Frank said, handing Gerard a pile of them.
“Thanks for everything, seriously, that was an awesome idea.” Gerard said, grinning at Frank. Frank ran his hand down Gerard's arm, admiring the fake tattoo. His touch lingered at Gerard's wrist. Frank bit his lip, staring at Gerard intently. Suddenly, Frank pulled Gerard in for a hug. “No problem.” Frank said quietly in Gerard's ear. His hands ran down Gerard's back, causing Gerard to shudder. Frank moved one arm, slowly moving his hand to Gerard's cheek. Gerard closed his eyes at the touch, and Frank was slowly moving his face closer to Gerard's. Gerard jumped away from Frank when he heard Mikey's voice. There was a look of hurt visible in Frank's eyes. “Mikey's here.” Gerard explained.
“Oh.” Frank replied, looking kind of sad.

“Gee! Is it done?” Mikey asked.
“Yeah, but it's bandaged up and I've got to let it heal before you can see.” Gerard lied. Mikey nodded thoughtfully. Gerard thanked Frank again and the two brothers left the building. “Frank hugged me!” Gerard thought, touching his face where Frank had touched him. As his hand touched his cheek, Mikey spoke up. “Are you alright Gee, you seem kinda in a daze.” Mikey asked, with a knowing look on his face.

Two months later, Gerard was still thinking about Frank all the time. Bob had come round, and him and Gerard were watching some comedy show. “So, I've been thinking for ages about getting my nose pierced. I'll probably go to Living Ink again, what do you think?” Bob said absent-mindedly as he watched the show. “Can I go with you?” Gerard said really quickly.
“Are you feeling alright?” Bob asked, an amused look on his face.

The next day, Bob and Gerard were sitting in the waiting room of Living Ink. “Bob Bryar?” the receptionist asked. Bob stood up. “Sarah's ready for you.” she said.
“Sarah? What the Hell? Where's Frank?” Gerard thought. The disappointment was evident on his face. “C'mon Gerard.” Bob called, as the three of them walked into the piercing room. As Sarah got out the needle, Gerard felt sick. “I'll wait outside.” He told Bob, before leaving the room. He walked round to the back of the building for a smoke. He sat down on a step, lighting his cigarette. His shoulders were slumped and he was feeling very sorry for himself because of the fact that he didn't see Frank. Just then, a small figure came and sat down next to him. “Why so sad, Gerard?” a familiar voice said. Gerard looked up, and a smile came on to his face. “Frankie.” Gerard said, but then he quickly blushed, wondering why he just said it.
“Gee.” Frank said softly, brushing a strand of hair out of Gerard's face. Gerard's eyes were once again closed because of Frank's touch, when he felt Frank kiss his cheek. Gerard let out a small sigh and Frank moved his attention to Gerard's lips. Gerard liked the feel of the cold metal of Frank's lip ring against his tounge. Gerard's arms ran down Frank's back, causing Frank to moan quietly. “I've wanted this for ages.” Frank admitted, blushing. “Me too.” Gerard replied. Frank grabbed a pen from his pocket and wrote his number down on Gerard's hand.


Today was the day. It was the official two year anniversary of Frank and Gerard. They weren't doing anything big, but Mikey was coming round in the morning to drop off some boxes of Gerard's old stuff. The couple had been living together for a few months now, and they were almost fully moved in. “Mikes!” Gerard cried, hugging his brother. Frank stood in the doorway grinning at his boyfriend's happiness to see Mikey. One of the boxes contained all of Gerard's old sketch books.

“Frank, I've got to show you something.” Mikey said, picking out an old red book. He flicked through the pages, showing Frank the drawings inside. “Gerard did most of them before he even knew you.” Mikey said, grinning. Gerard choked on his coffee.
“Gerard already told me he was obsessed with me before, but wow Gerard, really?” Frank said, admiring the drawings. “Seriously Gee, this is the cutest thing you've ever done.” Frank gushed, pulling Gerard into a tight squeeze.

“And it's all thanks to me you two got together.” Mikey replied.
“We know, you've reminded out hundreds of times already.” Gerard said, rolling his eyes.
“But don't you want to know the full story?” Mikey asked. This definitely got the couple's interest.
“So when I found this book, and Gerard didn't tell me who the drawings were of, I asked Bob. He said it was you, Frank, and that Gerard saw you at Living Ink. That's why I forced Gerard to get a tattoo, so you two had a chance of getting together.” Mikey replied. “And before you say, I know it was a fake tattoo. I'm not stupid.” he continued. Gerard and Frank just stared at him in stunned silence. Right now, Gerard loved Mikey. And so did Frank. But not as much as they loved each other.
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