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Ryan goes to the one place where he can feel safe again. Ryden friendship One-Shot.

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"I don't have to sit here and take this shit!" Ryan screamed, getting up from his seat. This was just another night in the Ross household. He and his dad always fought, and it always ended in this scenario. The "Go fuck yourselves" and the "I hate yous" were simply too much to bear at the end of the night. One of them would leave, and it was fairly obvious who would be the one to leave.

"Go right ahead! No one is holding you back, you little bitch!" Ryan's Dad screamed back, causing Ryan's face to go red as he exited the house. He could've sworn he heard his dad shout something else, but he didn't hear exactly what he said since he was out. Ryan kicked the garbage bin in the driveway in pure anger.

"Great." he mumbled. It was nearly midnight and he had nowhere to go. Well, he did have one place.


Brendon shot up like a bullet. His parents weren't home, and something had just woken him up. Who could have visited him at midnight? He gets up and goes downstairs. He opens the door and is face to face with his best friend.

"Ryan?" Brendon said "What are you-" And, all of a sudden, he knew why he was there, just by the anger, fear, and sadness in Ryan's eyes. "Oh" was all that escaped Brendon's lips.

"Yeah" Ryan responded.

They stayed there for a while, looking at one another.

"Want to take a walk?" Brendon asked, and a sigh of relief escaped Ryan. A walk was perfect. A walk was exactly what he needed. A walk with his best friend was even more perfect.

"Sure" Ryan said. Brendon quickly grabbed a coat and his keys from the counter and left. They walked around the neighborhood, as Ryan talked about the latest fights with his dad. Brendon just listened, giving a small comment here and there. By the time they had both tired themselves out, it was almost 2 a.m.

"Listen, Bren, thanks" Ryan said, both of them ready to enter the Urie household.

"Ryan, you're my best friend. It's the least I could do" Brendon responded. It was at that moment, on Brendon's porch, staring at one another, that no words needed to be said. The silence spoke for them both. It said a million words of gratefulness for each other.

"Let's get inside" Brendon said, breaking the silent, unspoken beauty of a moment of friendship that was so rare, so unforgettable. Ryan nodded, entering with Brendon.

Brendon knew that whenever Ryan needed him, he would be there. He'd go on to prove that through several moments of their lives. Brendon felt that Ryan needed a home. Not a house, but a home. Brendon would never stop trying to make one for Ryan, and for himself, too.

Ryan knew that, from then on, wherever Brendon went, he would follow. Whatever dream Brendon wanted to chase, he'd chase it with him. For, wherever Brendon was, as long as Ryan was by his side, he was home. In his toughest times, Brendon would be there and silence would speak for the both of them. Yes, wherever they both were, together, they were home.

And that was all that was needed to be said.
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