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Chapter 2- Alex and Pete meet in a way that wasnt planned. Oh yeah.

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Chapter 2- Hooked

It was colder, believe it or not in Chicago. My sweater was all I had wrapped around my fragile upper half and my jeans were so thin, it was unbearable. But, I had to dress the part, the part this time, an average girl. Which wasn't hard, it's just I wasn't used to. Swallowing I observed the view atop from my new apartment building. The door to the stairs slammed shut and I heard Sonny talking away on his cell. Sighing, I took the cigarette that was pressed firmly in my lips to the balcony and flicked it off the edge.

"We've dug up quite a lot of dirt on this dude," I nodded and took the file.

"So he's in college," Sonny nodded.

"You're going to be in all his classes...and I'm your professor," I smirked and leaned back over the edge.

"Sounds fun," Sonny smirked at my sarcasm and copied my movements.

"Rumor has it he wants to do something start a band," I smiled and blinked.

"Good to know," Sonny nodded and sighed.

"Be careful on this one, Aless," I turned slightly and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm the Queen of Hearts, top heartbreaker in the mafia...what could go wrong?" Sonny shook his head and stared down at me.

"Well he's known as The King of Hearts, breaking hearts everywhere," I rolled my eyes and observed the busy night streets.

"I'm sure getting a taste of his own medicine will be just what he needs,"


First day on the case. College wasn't my thing, I was 21, mafia girl born and raised and could handle a gun better than I could handle my books. Shaking my head and letting a small smile play on my lips I saw Sonny chatting up some of the teachers who were standing outside the building. The cold air made me shiver and I adjusted the strap on my messenger bag before taking easy steps up towards my class. So many students flocked the building, and it was scary. It was a different scary, like you were socially outcasted. It was horrible, I hated that feeling. So I kept my head down and walked causally, that is until some asshole jock ran into me, football in hand.

"Bitch, watch it," I breathed out and sat up on the ground and rolled my eyes.

"You say that like I've never been called a bitch before," the guy looked a bit taken back and his friends came up whispering something.

Suddenly I felt like I was back in high school, you know where two people would have a disagreement and a lot of people would circle and start chanting 'fight'. It was almost like that, except the guy just spit and walked away like he owned the place.

"Spitting is so over rated," I mumbled and sat up fully.

"You ok?" I was startled, for once in my life. Turning my head I was even more startled to see my next victim.

"Yeah, I'm a big girl," I gathered my books and stood up, dusting my thighs off and saw him smile.

"What's your first class?" he asked and I just smiled and started working.

"Your about to find out," I saw his eyebrows twitch and he smiled as we both walked in the same door.

"Ah, the new student...class, along with your new teacher, you get a new student," I smiled as Sonny took my paper and we took the big risk of using my real name with a different last name.

"Alessandra Gardner," I smiled and lightly waved to the class before turning back to Sonny who looked down at the seating chart before pointing me to my desk.

My newly bought converse padded against the carpet as I took a few steps and landed in my desk next to the Wentz boy himself. Sonny looked a bit confused as he started the lesson. While I was working on the class assignments, a note fell on my desk. I looked up and saw the boy biting his lip, almost nervously while he pretended to work on his workbook. I unfolded the lined paper and silently read it, my pencil still in my hand.

Hey my name is Pete.

I smiled and pressed my pencil to the note, pretending not to see Sonny smirking at the actions he was observing.

Hello Pete
I saw him smiled as he read it and passed the note back.

Your name is Alessandra, right? Can I call you Alex?
I pursed my lips together and smiled.

I looked up at Sonny and he smiled, leaning back in his chair and raised the newspaper up.

How old are you?
I smirked and decided not to lie, if this was an extended case, then it didn't hurt to be myself. Well, sorta.

21...22 soon in November
The bell rang and I gathered my things and walked to the front only to be stopped by Sonny.

"You doing ok?" I nodded and told him in Italian that I was fine and that he was hooked. Upon walking outside for lunch break I was met with Pete. He saw me and ran over, pushing off the wall and began to walk with me.

" you want to get lunch?" I smirked and looked up at him. He jumped slightly and blinked. "Or am I being to forward?" I rolled my eyes and looked back down at the ground.

"It's fine...I just moved here, you can show me around," Pete nodded and before even I knew it he had slammed into somebody else, bringing both him and the other person down.

"Oof," he breathed and I sank to my knees to see if both of them were ok. The boy he had knocked over sat up and sighed.

"I thought it was Damien again," I raised an eyebrow. Pete smirked.

"The person who knocked you over, Alex," I smiled and looked over at the other boy. "What's your name, you don't even look like a college student,"

"Joe...I'm a senior down at the high school, just come here for college classes," Pete smirked and looked over at me again.

"That's Alex...we were going to lunch, you wanna come?" the Joe fellow shrugged and I suddenly felt the black cloud surround me. I realized that if Joe got too attached to Pete, Massino would want him dead as well.
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