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Here's a Shot Towards Friendship

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(Hints of Ryden ONESHOT) It’s always been music. Music’s the one thing I’m good at. I sighed, as I thought over my school career. I was going to fail school, and all I had was music. I couldn...

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A/N okay so this was an assignment in English class, cuz my teacher thinks were stupid, so we each had two homophones and had to write a story using each one correctly...
Just b/c i hav trouble reading I'm put in low english and considered stupid... even tho i read more than anyone else in the class which by the way makes no sense cuz i have trouble reading... So watever...
I got lose and loose as my two homophones and I'm just like wtf, who would mix those two up? But okay then...
So its just a little one-shot... Kinda stupid...
I'll shut up now so yeah... hope u like it!
please R&R! xx B

Summary: (Hints of Ryden ONESHOT) It’s always been music. Music’s the one thing I’m good at. I sighed, as I thought over my school career. I was going to fail school, and all I had was music. I couldn’t afford to lose even one page from the class. Not a single one.

Walking through the crowded hallway, I took my time getting to science class. Trying my hardest not to walk into anyone, I clutched the loose papers I hadn’t been able to put in my binder, my music teacher had given me in class, just before the bell rang. Someone ran down the long hallway, clearly in a rush to get to his next class. I slid to the left and out of his way, just as he moved to his right, and slammed into me, causing my loose papers to flutter to the floor around my feet.

“I’m so sorry!” he gushed, bending down to attempt at rescuing the papers, which were getting kicked around by uncaring students. I was bound to lose at least one of the papers in this hectic hallway.

He’s probably new here. I thought to myself, pitying anyone new who came to this enormous school. I went to a vast private school, and though it was beautiful, it was still confusing to get from class to class. Going through the hallways was like getting through a maze. Everyone gets lost their first try at getting through. I’ve never seen him here. Perhaps it’s his first day.

I’ve always found it stupid that the school was so massive that there was always a possibility of people getting lost when there aren’t very many students. All the kids who go here see each other everyday, and you’d easily notice when someone’s missing, or if someone’s new.

“It’s fine.” I muttered, crouching down to retrieve the papers as well.

The bell rang, causing me to sigh. I would’ve been on time, if this guy hadn’t slammed into me.

“I’m really sorry,” he apologized again, before getting up when it looked like all the loose papers were picked up. “What can I do to make it up to you? I’m Brendon, by the way.”

I took a second to take him in, and really look at him. He had semi-long, shaggy hair, wide chocolate-brown eyes, with square-framed glasses. He was wearing a loose, white MCR band t-shirt, and tight-fitting black skinny jeans, a contrast to his shirt. He’s lanky, but he wasn’t nearly as thin as I was, and he definitely had more muscle. I smiled to myself, noticing we were wearing the same jeans, and we liked the same genre in music.

“I’m Ryan.” I said, still smiling. “Ryan Ross.”

“Well, Ryan Ross,” He started, and a wide grin crept onto his face. I noticed that his easy, 100-watt smile lit up his whole face. “Would you like to hang out during lunch? I mean I don’t really know anyone here… Or how to get to the cafeteria.”

“Sure.” I shrugged, and chuckled at his cafeteria comment.

I knew he’d be lost. I thought to myself. All the new kids always are.

“Can I help you get to your next class?” I asked, since I was already late.

“Uh, yeah.” He muttered, taking his loose schedule out from his binder. “I have… science with Mr. Walker, in room 537.”

He looked up at me from the paper, before looking around, lost, trying to figure out where to go.

“I have him now too.” I smirked at his puzzled expression that had intensified on his face as I started walking down the hall, where we would make a left, and the classroom would be the fifth on the right. “And by the way, his name is Jon. Don’t call him Mr. Walker. It annoys him.”

With that advice, I guided a lost, but adorable, looking Brendon, through the hallways of the perplexingly immense school. Now that I noticed it, he looked like a small, lost puppy, with wide eyes peering around, trying to find his way home - or in our case, his next class.

During science, I took the chance to re-organize the many loose-leaf papers I’d gotten from music class.

Page one through four, and six and seven were there, but page five wasn’t in my possession.

“Shoot.” I muttered scrambling through all the papers to make sure I hadn’t just missed it. “I lost page five!” I groaned. I’d lost a page for my favorite class, and I might not find it. The thought caused me to groan again.

Brendon kicked my desk from behind, and I jumped, not having expected it. I turned around confused, and he tossed a note to my desk.

I quickly picked up the note, and opened it, laid it flat against my desk, so it Jon wasn’t be able to notice it.

I’ll help you find the page you lost. It’s probably around where all the papers had been dropped. I think its safe to say that you should probably staple your loose -leaf papers from now on.

I rolled my eyes before I wrote back.

Yeah, I figured that out too. Thanks for offering to help ^.^

I threw it back, and quickly jotted down the notes from the board, not understanding one word of it.

Oh well. Science has never been my strong suit. It’s always been music. Music’s the one thing I’m good at. I sighed, as I thought over my school career. I was going to fail school, and all I had was music. I couldn’t afford to lose even one page from the class. Not a single one.

He flung the note back to my desk, not having taken the time to fold it. I read it clearly without having to open it.

What’s the point of folding notes anyways? I shrugged at the thought.

It was my fault you lost it, I guess its my responsibility to make sure you get it back. What’s so serious about a paper from music class though?

I froze, staring at the piece of ripped paper, and burned holes through the small piece of paper with my eyes.

What’s so serious about a paper from music class?

He wasn’t serious, was he?

I turned around, and saw he was writing the quickly expanding notes from the board as well, but when he looked at me he was dead serious.

I ran my calloused fingers through my soft, coffee colored hair, not sure how to answer his question. I didn’t have many friends, so I’d never told anyone about my future. Well, I didn’t have any friends.

I wasn’t interested in being friends with the loaded people who went here, who were mainly snobs. Don’t get me wrong, my family is wealthy too, I just don’t flaunt around money like it grows on trees, or act like I’m better than anyone else because I’m rich.

I have different interests in life than them, and I was naturally an outsider being a scrawny kid who wore guy-liner. I’d worn fancy vests paired with skinny jeans on a daily basis, whereas everyone else wore put together, custom-made outfits. I didn’t not look put together, but compared to the students who went to school here, what I wore wasn’t very attractive.

I decided that maybe Brendon would understand why I need music so much. He didn’t seem as stuck up as everyone else here, and he seemed to like me, which didn’t happen very often.

People didn’t get to know me very often, to tell the truth. It’s okay though, because I’d I never really cared for anyone else who went here, and they never cared about me.

I tore another small piece of paper from the corner of my science notes, and scrawled what was so important about music to me. I’d written about how it was my past, present, and future, and how everyone else here is going to get into ivy-league schools, and I wouldn’t. Music is the only thing that I’ve ever cared about.

Here’s a shot towards friendship. I sighed to myself, and lobbed the precious note at Brendon’s head.

A/N: I wrote this for school and I'm working on a few other stories but please don't be mad that its been so long since I've updated... I've been having a hard time mentally with who I am and how my life is... I promise when I do update I'll update frequently after!

Love y'all xx Bella

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