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The Complication

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What appeals us? what motivates us? Only we know what we love.

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What's real and what's fake seems to be our perception. Reacting only strikes when action is serious. Who we look up to becomes our hero. But who we try to imitate, becomes our downfall. Money is our untamed love. and family is the hands of give mes and gimmicks to take what we have earned.Earth may exist. And we may too, but maybe we are hallograms. Moving images of another place, that each picture we draw to define ourselves. The life we're living is a dream. The life we want to live and see is what we can't have. We all fail to dialte our opinions about ourselves. We tend to worry about others, as our flaws become a villian to us. The capibility not to take nothing from no one is the inability to let words put an emotional bullet through us. Judgement surpasses our eyes. Criticism reflects the hate of what the person is within us. The human imagination revivies a mistake to being ignorant. Limits are impossible and dreams are chaseable. But those who trip and fall into a puddle of thoughts, can override what is not meant to be. People form the mind of what we're accustomed to. The shape of the body represents what emotion can't heal. Our personalities tell a story of who we are. The rise and falls of wants vs. needs. Being full of ourselves is often easy. But the complication to have common sense and courtesy is too irrational. Wasting time isn't a paradox of. Wasting time is wasted when life is no longer flexible. but time spent wisely is a buisness of success and productivity.
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