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The pain/You're my sweetheart (one shot)

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Jade loved Beck. Beck loved Jade. At least that's what she thought. Cat has a thing for Jade. Will she admit her feelings for Jade. I do now own victorious or anything else.

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At school on a Friday, Jade and beck are arguing in front of everyone as they watch.
“Jade, leave it alone!”.
“Why should I?! You love Tori so much why don’t you go elope with her?”.
“It was a sleepover!”.
“SURE it was. Do you love her more than you love me?”.
“Answer the question”.
“You’re being ridiculous”.
“So you do? And I’m good enough for you anymore, right?”.
“Of course. I was right. Just go”.
As Jade walks away with tears built up in her eyes, Bceck goes after her. He says” Jade. Baby”. He puts one hand lightly on her back. She yells” DON’T TOUCH ME!!”. As she starts to cry she turns around and says” Beck, just go away. If you want her so much….then please. Do yourself a favor. And erase me from your memories and from your heart. I can’t do this with you anymore. I can’t keep coming back to you because I always believed you when you say you love me, and you’d change”.
Beck says” I do love you”.
“No you don’t. Cheating on the only girl that truly loved you is not love. It’s betrayal”.
“What do I have to do to win you over?”.
“There is nothing you can do. After everything I gave you. After everything I told you and-and when we had sex that night, my god! This is how you treat me? Like shit? This is what I mean to you now? I’m through with you! Don’t talk to me ever again!”.

Jade storms off to go to her car and drives to her favorite place to go to. Trying to control her emotions she let’s go. As Jade cries her eyes out, Cat finds her.

Cat sits next to her holding Jade, as Jade is startled a bit. “Sorry to startle you”. Says Cat. Jade says “It’s okay. How’d you find me?”. Cat says” You always tell me about your favorite place to go when you’re sad. It’s like your safe haven”. Jade pulls herself close to Cat as she cries on her shoulder. Cat wraps her arms around Jade. Softly she says” I’m sorry to hear about you and Beck. It’s not your fault, you hear me? It’s not your fault”. Jade sobs and says” What did I do…Make him hurt me this way?”. Cat says” I don’t know darling. But he is stuck on stupid to even realize how happy you made him”. As Jade cries some more, she holds cat as if she’s the only thing to keep her sane and safe. Cat starts singing a song that reminds her of Jade.

I don’t think your right for him.
I belong with you, you belong with me
You’re my sweetheart.
I belong with you, you belong with me
You’re my sweetheart.
Cat rubs jade’s back slowly as she plays with her hair. Cat then kisses her forehead and her cheek.
Jade’s P.O.V.
The way Cat is calming me down is comforting. It’s quite romantic. Thought I’m not one to admit how I really feel, Maybe Cat is the only one I want to be with. The only one who understands me, despite how complicated I can be. Her soft skin has got me froze. Her lips has got me wanting her in my heart forever, as I blush, hoping she wouldn’t see.
“Is is a bad time to tell you something?”.
“Like what?”.
“Like how I always liked you and how madly I’m in love with you I am. And how you blushed earlier is adorable”.
“Cat….Shut up. And kiss me”.
Cat brings her lip slowly to meet Jade’s as she kisses her, as their tongues meet for instant lust, for Jade’s new love.
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