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I Think I'm In Love

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Pete was rich. Actually, that was an understatement; Pete was filthy rich. His inheritance had ensured that he'd be well taken care of for the rest of his life. He had a staff that was paid to cate...

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They watched the little red-haired boy walk up the front path and stand before the the doors that were easily twice his size.
"Look at him, he's so small! Pete'll eat him up!"
"It's not like Pete can brag height-wise."
"No, but look at him! He looks so innocent. It'll be a shame if Pete corrupted him."
"If? You mean 'when'. "
William sighed. He and Ryan were (not-so) subtlety watching the new employee arrive from the window. Pete's new pool-boy was here.
Gabe came from the kitchen to answer the door.
"Both of you! Back to work!" He exclaimed, shooing them away. "Those damn maids, always gossiping, never working. I don't know why Pete keeps them around."
He knew exactly why Pete kept them around. Ryan was Pete's best friend, and he claimed Gabe had a crush on William.
Gabe rolled his eyes and pulled open the door.

• • • • • •

Patrick was busy pushing the cleaner around the pool in Pete's backyard. Pete was laying in a lawn chair a few feet away, watching Patrick work in a way that was definitely not creepy at all.
"Tricky, could you get those leaves on the side?" Pete called out, leering at the sight of Patrick's backside as he turned around. "Thanks Pattycakes."

Inside, a group gathered around the kitchen table, each member taking a break from their duties to chat.
"So, how long do you think the kid'll last?" Andy inquired.
"He's lasted longer than the old one, but that doesn't mean he won't be out of here the moment Pete makes his intentions known," Spencer piped up.
"Besides, what's really interesting, is when William and Gabe are going to get together," Ryan stated, jumping in front of William to question him. William squeaked and ducked down, blushing furiously.
"Leave him alone, it's not like-" Gabe was cut off by the sound of the back door opening. They all turned and saw Pete walking through the living room, Patrick close behind. Their clothes were slightly ruffled and they looked frantic. Pete led the younger down a hallway the staff recognized as the way to Pete's bedroom.
"Well then..." Spencer said, speaking what they all were most definitely thinking.

• • • • •

William and Gabe sat on the couch, desperately trying to drown out the sounds of their employer "making love" to the pool boy.
Every time one of them cried out or the bed knocked against the wall particularly hard, Gabe groaned, rolled his eyes, and turned up the volume while William blushed furiously.
"Seriously, its been hours, when are they gonna stop?!" Gabe exclaimed.
Minutes later, Pete staggered out, his hair mussed and clothes covered in wrinkles and questionable stains. Dark purple hickeys decorated his throat like a thick necklace.
Patrick followed suit, appearing smug and thoroughly pleased with himself, and in much better condition than his boss. He made his way toward the bathroom on the other side of the house.
Pete threw himself on the couch, draped over Gabe and William's laps.
"Yes, Pete?"
"...I think I'm in love."
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