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blind mutants, unable to climb.

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the story is writing me,
ink is forcing itself on the paper.
Words are flowing right, I feel like I'm blocked.
choking on words,
getting caught in my mind.
they can't break free,
there's puzzle they can't seem to solve.
locks on the doors, they're barricaded in.
the wall is taller then there fears,
the barbed wire fences at the top.
they can't climb,
the words are stuck!
help them,
they need the pen and paper.
nothing but pen hitting the sheet,
slanted, straight, jagged, out of the lines.
don't let the story write you, write it yourself,
let the words flow and break free from the prison in your head.
they're your words let them free,
thrive of the blue lines.
in-between the blue blood of the paper,
written out illegible to the neglectful mutants.
words are the most powerful of them all,
use them right and let them cascade.
make a masterpiece,
like a artist with canvas,
musician with an instrument,
photographer with camera,
scientist with microscope,
i'm the writer with the pen.

~writers block really fucking sucks.~
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