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Got a secret, can you keep it?

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Haruhi has a secret, she's not from Japan. She's and American , and when her past comes to get her what will she do? Mori has some secrets too....

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The host club was cleaning up for the day when the door burst open. It revealed a young girl with pale skin. She had black and red hair and bright green eyes. She dawned black jeans , red converse and a black hoodie. "Lena.." she whispered, looking straight at Haruhi. The clubs heads turned to see Haruhi frozen in shock, tears running down her face. The girl stalked towards Haruhi who was still frozen in place. Tears started to drop own the mystery girls face as Haruhi dropped the tea tray she'd been holding. The girl grabbed Haruhi in a hug and the room was silent, save the sobs coming from the two girls.

" Artie.. Artie Imissedyou!!" Haruhi sobbed. The girl , Artie picked up Haruhi and held her close

" I know baby... I know I missed you too." Artie said. Tamaki came up beside the two.

"Excuse me princess... but I didn't quite catch your name??" Tamaki said smiling with his host club charm. Artie kicked him in the mouth . Haruhi looked down at him with asmall smile,

" A word of advice Tamaki. Don't interrupt Artie."

"Haru-chan!! Who is Arite? And why'd she call you Lena ?" Hunni-senpai asked. Artie put Haruhi down and she looked down at Hunni.

"Now that is a very long story..."


" My real name is Lena Martinez. I was born in Calfornia and moved to Kansas when I was a kid. Artie I met in middle school. In highschool though.." My voice cracked.

This will be continued but I have my next class in like 2 minutes. ( YAY procrastinating !!!)

xoxo ~ Terrible Teen
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