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My Chemical Romace Choreography!

by HoneyImMagical 1 review

It's to Burning Bright.

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So a couple weeks ago in dance my class llearned that we were expected to create a 2-3 minute long dance from scratch.

Let's just say, I was excited.

This was around the time MCR broke up, so of course, my song selections were limited to this band.

First, I chose Cancer.

Then, after trial and error, I discovered Burning Bright would be a better fit. I'm next to finished with the choreography, and have what im finished with memorized.

Next week, I have a test over the beginning half of my dance. If you guys would like to see it, I'll post it on here. The week after i have a test on the full dance.

So let me know if you'd like to see it!

If you'd like an idea, I dance up until "Cause if ya just stop breathing, I'll stop, I'll stop my heart, I'll stop breathing too" where it suddenly stops.

For my costume, I'm wearing a black polka dot dress with my black jazz shoes, dark makeup and red lipstick.
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