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hey guys! or girls! I'm just gonna call you all guys now.

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Hello peoples of da internet!

How's it going?
I'm good.


1. I am seeing Pierce The Veil in five days. five. days. (I will not panic.. I will not panic.. I will not.. panics)

2. A week ago. I self harmed. That makes me.. a week clean.. today. :'3


Okay, so today I updated The Origami Killer Returns, adding fucking smut, like EXTREMO SMUT-O. (I'm making everything Spanish sounding today omg..)
I introduced a new character, Rayven, who, in the game, is the character of Madison. Now, I made one bit up for my own in the chapter, and that is the rape bit. In the game, that doesn't happen, only the break in bit. And, the writing with blood never happens either.. I just added it in for the thrill :)

I think the next chapter goes back to Oli again, then Kellin, and then Laurence. Then back to Kellin again, and switching between him and Rayven.

I think I'm handling smut alright now.. I'm getting the grip of no giggles.. Damn! I've read way too many rape fics for this.. oh well..

happy singing of Postcards and Polaroids

I feel really happy and bubbly today, like, seriously..

so how's you? xo Sadie
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