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Chapter Nine: Party In The USA (Part One)

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Smut one. Oh fucking jeez..

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Chapter Eight: Party In The USA (Part One)

We arrived at the party, and I could already hear the pulsing music from the driveway as my brother drived through the gates. Wow, Destiny was rich. Anyway, I wore a typical party outfit. Alright, I looked like a fucking slut, but I really didn't care. I wore a corset top, imagine Snow White dressed all punk rock. That's what I looked like. Mia, on the other hand, wore skinnys and a band top with knee high black Converse. Daniel, my brother, really didn't wanna drive us, but, I had to go, purely because I had to tell Kellin the truth. That, and I wanted to see Vic. Not that I fancied him or anything, I only met the guy a few weeks ago. Although, there was something about him that made my heart race.

"Sadie!" Mia shouted in my ear, making me jump. "We're here!" I realised we were at the door of Destiny's extravagant-Hollywood McMansion, so we both got out. I say thanks to Daniel, but he completely ignores me, the fucker. Mia grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside the place, like she knew her way around, even though the party was in the lounge, which was the first proper room of this place. The lounge itself was packed, much like the rest of the house, then I realised. Destiny was Popular, and her Dad owned the biggest record company in this fucking town, so obviously she had a lot of contacts. We sat down in one of the booths in the corner, and I took a look at all the party-goers.

This party was a fucking crazed party. First, you had Jack and Alex practically dry-humping on the dancefloor, ripping at eachother's clothes, before Alex lead Jack upstairs for some sexy-time, it seemed. Then, you had Oli Sykes and Josh Franceschi, two guys from my English class, going full on make out upon the counter-tops. Wow, it seemed everyone was either Gay, High, or just drunk. Speaking of drinks, I decided to get one myself, and as I got up I turned to Mia.

"Want a drink?" I shout over the volume of the music, and she nods.

"Coke please!" She shouted back, and I smiled and made my way over to the bar, and told the barman the order of two cokes. There was alcohol at this party, like I wasn't fucking suprised, but I decided to not have any wild nights tonight. I took the two glasses of coke in both hands, and make my way back to our table, where I saw Vic, Jaime, Ash, Tony and Mike all making themselves comfortable.

"Oh, hi, guys!" I smile as I set the drinks down and squeezed in between Mia and Vic.

"Hi!" Vic was the first to acknowledge the fact I had returned, then the others spoke up in murmured whispers, besides Jaime and Ash who were making out again, brutally might I add.

"Jeez, guys!" I shout at them. "Can't you take it somewhere where I can't fucking see and up chuck all over the place?!" They stop making out, roll their eyes, and head in the direction Alex and Jack had headed, and everyone shifted up to give everyone else more room.

"So," Vic asked. "How you enjoying this party?"

"Little loud, but fun." I say.

"Well, it's a party, so of course it'll be loud." Vic laughed.

"I don't like loud places though.." I mumble.

"Well, do you want to go somewhere more quieter then?" He asked, and I nodded, and we both rose from our seats. I turned back to Mia.

"Wanna come where we're going?" I ask, and she shakes her head.

"No, I'm good." She sips her drink, and me and Vic walk off. We walked closer and closer to the bedrooms, but, surely we weren't going to fuck, were we? I tended not to think about that, and we entered the hallway, soon hearing the moans of pleasure that followed, making us cringe.

"Oh my fucking God, Jack!" That was Alex, as we passed the first room.

"Damn Ash, you're good!" That was Jaime, clearly enjoying what he was getting. We made it to an empty room, and I sat down on the bed as Vic flicked on the light and sat beside me. We then entered the stage of awkward silence, and I started things off.

"So, I guess we're gonna fuck or something?" I mumbled.

"I don't know." Vic heard, damn it. "Do you want to fuck?"

"Maybe.." I say. "Do you want to fuck?"

"I asked you first." Vic laughed, and I laughed a bit too. We then both heard the banging on the walls and the pants that followed, and it got really wierd and awkward yet again.

"They're really going at it.." I say.

"Yeah, they are."

I sighed. This as going to be a long night.

"We don't have to," Vic began, posing the subject. "If you don't want to of course."

"I've never done it before.." I say, and Vic shuffles closer, close enough to wrap an arm around my shoulders.

"Then, we'll go slow." I could feel the temptation rising within me, so I went for it. Well, Vic did. He kissed me slowly, entwinning his fingers in mine, and I slowly loosened up a bit. Vic pulled away, looking at me.

"Carry on?" He asked. He really was taking it slow. I nodded, and Vic went in for another kiss, asking me for entrance into my mouth, which I accepted out of impulse. Soon, we went full on make out, clothed of course. I was led back on the bed, Vic towering over me as he kissed me over and over again, and I could feel his warmth rubbing on me, and I could easily tell he was going to let go, and we'd have to do it sometime. I allowed it, and Vic started by removing his shirt, and I truly saw what was underneath, all that tan looked fucking hot.

Soon, we'd gone full on. Both of us fully naked, and Vic was ready to fucking enter me. He slowly entered, and the pain was really immense, but I got through it, as with each push and each thrust, he kissed me gently, so I felt all better. He sped up quicker and quicker, and I could feel he was about to cum soon. I needed the release too, but I knew I had to hold it, to make it seem less awkward, but I couldn't help it, my orgasm fell over me, and soon Vic came, and sighed deeply, falling onto me in a wave of exhaustion. Then, he pulled himself out, and began to get dressed again, as did I.

"Was that okay?" He asked as he slid his top over his head and straightened it out.

"It was fine." I say, tying up my shoes. I'd dressed quicker than Vic did.

"Sadie, I gotta tell you something."

"What?" I asked, as I finished tying my shoes, and Vic sat down beside me on the bed, taking my hand again.

"I.. I think I love you."

And in that moment, everything changed. I'd forgotten about all the things that had entered my head, all the things I was supposed to do, as, in that moment, he'd kissed me again.
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