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A poem all about music and what it does to me and stuff

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how I love it so,
it changes me,
it makes me new.

It makes me happy,
it makes me sad,
it makes me feel unstoppable,
like I can be who I want.

When I listen to the beat and words,
my heart beats along with it,
my mind wanders into a world of it's own,
and I can see things, that no one else can see.

I see a world, where everyone's happy,
I see my memories,
I see a life, a different life,
set to a different tune.

With music,
I can be myself,
and not like anybody else,
music just speaks to me,
in ways you'd never imagine.

Music, how I love it so,
the words, the beat,
the instruments to life,
the instruments of my life.
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