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Just a little rant/poem thingy... Just something I've had hidden away for a while.

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It's possible that I am susceptible to the common obsession of man, to look at someone and see perfection and think nothing they do can be considered different or in any way offend me. If I am totally honest this is true I see nothing Marilyn Manson or any other person i respect for their controversy can do that will make me stop respecting all he does for diversity and common knowledge of the misunderstood. If you want Manson's music videos you would be lying if you said you understood but I still admire the artistry of it.

The way of seeing beauty in the unconventional way I find very brave because something akin to a deformity in a person or existential scars makes them seem less human which they are not, they are to be treated the same no matter how grotesque their appearance because our personalities can be just as terrible.

Just see how you can show you love how people are not how society says they should be, be kind to the grotesque and show love to the abnormal.
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