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Good things come to boys who wait. (Sexy three Way oneshot!)

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"Michael James!" I shouted at him as he spun me into his arms. "Stop!" I gasped, grabbing his shoulders as he dipped me. He sighed and bent me almost to the floor, his face an inch from mine. "How the hell can you bend like this?!" I gasped, holding on for dear life.

"Being flexible comes in handy, dear Frank." He winked at me and stood back up, bringing me with him. "In more ways than one." He spun me away from him.

A hand caught mine and pulled me from Mikey. I looked up to see Gerard, smiling down at me. "He's not wrong." He purred, spinning me so much I felt sick.

Finally, he stopped, his hands resting on my waist. We stepped and revolved a couple times, me crushing his feet in the process. He didn't flinch once.

"You know, since we're teaching you to dance, you should probably take the lead." Gerard twirled me back to Mikey, who put his hands on my shoulders.

He leaned down, his lips brushing my ear. "Lead me." I whispered. I took a step forward and crushed his toes as well. He did flinch, unlike his brother. A chill ran down my spine as I led Mikey.

Yes, the brothers had always flirted with me. But before I knew how to handle it. Now that they were teaching me how to dance, they seemed more in control of me.

My arms were removed and replaced on a thinner body. Gerard let me lead him, his hands on my shoulder. "Look at your partner, not your feet." He lifted my chin up so we were face to face.

He smiled at me, making my heart clench inside my chest. "Relax." He purred. I took an uneven breath.

Nodding, I closed my eyes and tried to relax. A second later, something warm and soft touched my lips. I opened my eyes to See Gerard's. He was kissing me.

I froze, my panic eating me alive. Gerard pulled back and spun me to Mikey. I moved stiffly to him. Mikey smiled at me and kissed my lips.

My heart seemed to be beating so hard it was going to stop. "What's wrong Frank?" Mikey asked.

Before I could answer, Gerard stole me out of his brother's arms. "He's clearly nervous, little brother. We just have to help him relax." Gerard pulled me against him, my arms going around his neck.

"G-guys-" Gerard's lips cut me off. He kissed me fiercely. I kissed him back, finally giving into him and myself.

We broke apart with a small, wet pop. Mikey took my face in his hands and kissed me, his tongue sliding between my lips.

As Mikey and I kissed, Gerard's lips moved to my neck, kissing and biting me, making me moan into Mikey's mouth. Mikey pressed against me, trapping me between him and Gerard.

His mouth left mine and moved to the open side of my neck, his teeth joining his brother's. I moaned openly, moving my hands.

I fisted one in Gerard's hair and the other in Mikey's, holding them to my neck. Gerard's hands moved up my shirt, his rough fingers lightly tracing my skin.

Mikey's went between me and Gerard, grabbing my ass though my back pockets. I gasped at all the different sensations, my cock twitching in my jeans.

"Guys, you better not be teasing me." I whimpered. Gerard laughed and moved his hands down my chest, his short nails scratching me.

"Of course not baby." He whispered in my ear, his tongue flicking over my lobe.

"Where's the fun in that?" Mikey chuckled, his breath hot in my ear. I shivered and turned my head, kidding Gerard first and then Mikey, who was buried against my neck before I pulled him up by his hair.

"Well then we should go somewhere a little less open." I suggested, not really wanting either of them to stop.

They both grunted and pulled back. We headed down to Gerard's room, locking the door behind us.

I was pushed down onto the bed, Gerard behind me. He took my shirt off of me and threw it somewhere in his room. Mikey took off my pants, shoes and underwear.

Gerard pulled me back against him, his hands moved up my body, making goosebumps raise in their wake. My cock was taken in by something hot and tight, making me moan and look down.

Mikey's head bobbed, making me fist his hair in my hand. Gerard kissed me, tipping my head back. I kissed him hard, biting his lip softly, gaining a moan.

"Fuck Frank." Gerard groaned as I rubbed him through his jeans. Mikey moaned around my cock, making me scream.

"God!" I gasped. "Guys, I-I don't know how m-much more I can t-take..." I moaned. "Please..." I begged, wanting this. Wanting them.

Gerard stood on his bed, taking off his jeans. I saw he didn't have on underwear and wasn't sure if he'd never had them on or had taken them off. Mikey's mouth left my cock, making me whimper.

Until Gerard lowered himself onto me. I moaned at the even hotter, tight feeling.

My hands gripped Gerard's hips, keeping him steady. Our hips connected a second before I was rolled, still holding Gerard.

Mikey climbed behind me, his hands holding my hips. Bracing myself, I took.a deep breath.

He slid into me, making me gasp. Before his hips met mine, his cock touched something in me that made me moan and rock back onto him. Gerard groaned as Mikey thrust into me, making me thrust into his brother.

Mikey set the pace for this three way. I lifted Gerard's leg up onto my shoulder, my breath uneven.

He screamed as I was thrust back into him. "God there!" He screamed. Mikey laughed behind me and made me speed up, pounding into Gerard. "Oh close..." I moaned.

"Frank..." Gerard moaned, pulling me down to him. "Bite me." He turned his head. I leaned down and his neck.

I felt teeth on mine and moaned. Reaching behind me, I fisted his hair and pulled. He moaned against my neck and gasped.

Inside me, I felt his cock arch, making me scream and bite Gerard harder. Mikey came in me and pulled out, falling back on the bed.

I thrust into Gerard, making him scream each time. He clenched around me and I lost it, cumming hard in him.

His eyes flew open.and he screamed, cumming between us. Panting, I pulled out of him. His leg flopped against the bed and I fell next to him.

"Worth the.wait?" I asked, my breath almost back to normal.

"Very." They both sighed. I smiled and grabbed each of their hands.

We fell asleep like that. Naked, sweaty and.smiles on our faces.

So just a quicky for now. Still.a lot of crap.happening and Bleh. But I made a new video and it might make some people cry.

But it's almost midnight, so R+R and I shall be sleeping.

Hugs and Pickles,
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