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Drowning Lessons

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'Let's Say Goodbye The Hundreth Time..' (Basically this a really short fan-fiction about Frank and he can't deal with his feelings he has for Gerard so he kills himself.)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero - Published: 2013-05-14 - 261 words - Complete

His body was found submerged below the murky red bath water, his lungs now filled with the liquid in which his body lay; suffocated in his own blood and water. Not the most pleasant way to die.
The coroner carefully lifted the young mans pale lifeless body up from the water, his slashed arms hanging limp by his side. They placed his body gently on the bathmat, inspecting those deep gauges that he had carved into his wrists to end the pain and torment that had been slowly eating him away inside, like tiny little parasites that eat from the inside out, tearing through the layers till they break there way out and eventually you die.
The coroner rummaged through the young mans pocket trying to find evidence of some kind of note or reasoning why he had ended himself so suddenly. The coroner suddenly pulled out a note that was fold into four, he carefully unfolded it being careful not to tear the sodden piece of paper. He looked down at the smudged writing trying to make out the words. He squinted slightly, bring the piece if paper closer to his face, managing to just make out the words on the paper that read;
'A lesson in life, only love your wife. Don't let things get too far, some feelings are wrong. Please remember when I'm gone, one thing, one moral that I have learnt. If deny and lie for too long, you'll have nothing but a blade and a damaged soul drowned in pain, regret and everything bad.'
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