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I kinda quit.

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So, I get what you guys are saying, about how I should stop with the self inserts.
In my kinda language, it means no more fucking writing.


So, I decided, over the next few days, every one of my stories, even the collab fic, will be gone. I will keep up my poems, those stay.

I wasn't good at writing anyway, admit it.
Just another fucking reason why I don't even fit in in the world.

Yes, I am going back to this fuck up moment.
It is called for.

My diary stays too.
It is decided.

You got your wish.
Sadie Hobbs, that fun loving girl who gave you joy every time a fic was written, is gone. Axed from this world of Fanfiction.

Better I go now then spend the rest of my days wallowing in sadness.

(By that, I'm not going to self harm, hell fucking no. I just mean, I'm never writing a fanfiction ever again. Ever. Don't convince me not to.)

In all honesty, now I read them, none of my fanfictions were ever good. Name one of my fics you liked, go on, I dare you.

haha you can't do it can you?

This lyric stands out for this site now:

You make me feel low,
Don't make me feel low,
Cuz I tried so hard to convince myself,
It's okay that I feel this way..

This site makes me feel low.
Everyone makes me feel low.

I deserve to feel low, don't I?

now I except y'all will spam my, you can if you want, not like I'll answer, only to my closest friend, Robin Hood. Only her. OH WAIT! SHE ISN'T AROUND IS SHE?! laughs at how coincidental that is.

Right. See you in 2000-and-never..
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