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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

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On the night Voldemort attacks the Potter's home, a completely different person finds Harry before Sirius Black or Hagrid. Harry is found and adopted by Nermia's very own eternal lost boy Ryoga Hib...

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author notes: Ok so a new story I've been working on and off for a while. This idea is what helped me get over my writer's block while starting up on my other fics after being out of the writing loop for almost 4 years. Hopefully you guys might like it.

Chapter 1

There were times... ok almost all the time... where Ryoga hated his lack of direction and ability to end up just about anywhere. Never knowing where he was and had no idea how he sometimes was in Japan one minute then someplace like America the next. It was annoying and he never understood how it happened. His non-existent sense of direction almost always worked against him when he wanted to be somewhere, taking days, weeks and sometimes months to get where he wanted to go.

On the other hand, sometimes it worked out for him. He sometimes ended up in a new place that allowed him to learn a new fighting technique that he could try out against Ranma. And sometimes...

"Oh Kami-sama..." Ryoga said softly as he looked at the little two story cottage in front of thim, part of the roof caved in and he could see small trails of smoke rise up into the air, likely from some sort of fire inside. He had only found the house after hearing a loud booming noise from where he was camping in the woods. The lost boy could see the lights and houses of the nearby village but no one seemed to be heading toward the house itself. Shaking himself from his thoughts, Ryoga ran over to the house, pushing on the back door until his strength over powered it and it fell to the floor with a bang.

The kitchen he entered to was undamaged beyond a few things knocked over but the living room was another story all together. There was blast marks on the wall and a figure crumpled on the floor in front of the stairs. Ryoga quickly ran over, kneeling down beside the body and turned it over. A young man, only a few years older than him, started back with lifeless hazel colored eyes. Ryoga gently pressed his fingers against the man's neck only to sigh as he felt no pulse. "Kuso..."

Ryoga gently closed the man's eyes then started up the stairs, one hand on the wall to keep him from getting lost. The teen went straight to the room with the blasted open door. He stopped for a moment at seeing the young woman lying on the ground, the red hair made him think of his rival-friend in his cursed female form, only this woman was must more petite looking and didn't seem to have the... assets.... Ranma's girl form had. A few feet away was an overturned crib with parts of the ceiling lying on top of it. And a pile of robes and what looked like ashes, smoke lazily curling up from the pile.

'What happened here?' Ryoga wondered as he picked up the strange stick that was lying next to the pile of robes, wondering what it was and what had caused all this damage. He would say a chi or ki attack but he doubted anyone here was a martial artist of any kind. And the eternal lost boy had seen this kind of stick before, but he couldn't remember where at the moment. "This is some sort of nursery.... where's the baby that goes with it?" he asked softly in Japanese.

The answer came quickly as a baby cried from the direction of the overturned crib, making Ryoga's eyes widen and he quickly rushed over, pocketing the stick, easily throwing the pieces of roof off the crib then lifting the crib itself out of the way. Ryoga's eyes widen as he saw a child, who looked to be around a year old, who was sitting in the floor with big fat tears and blood from a cut on its forehead running down its face. The toddler was holding a stuffed stag doll. The crib was put down to the side and Ryoga quickly picked up the babe.

"Shhhh, shhhh. It’s ok," Ryoga said, cradling the baby to his chest carefully and gently, mindful of his strength. The baby sniffed and fisted a hand in Ryoga's tunic shirt. The child looked confused; Ryoga had been speaking in Japanese again and hadn't understood what was said.

"Mama," The child said, pointing at the red headed woman. Ryoga walked over and knelt down next to the body, thinking she was a beautiful woman, a type of person that would make Ryoga blush if the situation wasn't what it was. Her green eyes, something that she shared with her child, were blank and dull in death. "Mama, up!"

"I'm sorry Chibi, she can't hear you," Ryoga said, this time in English. Ryoga looked around the room; he was uncomfortable with just up and walking out with the toddler. He wanted to go and find help, go into the nearby village to tell somewhat what happen but being who he was, Ryoga was afraid he would get lost on the way. And being lost in the wild with a baby was never a good thing. The toddler sniffed and hugged its stuffed animal closer. The teen looked out the window and sighed as there didn't seem to be anyone coming toward the house, surely the people nearby heard the same noises he did?

'Guess I don't have a choice, I'll have to chance it,' Ryoga thought, looking for any sort of bag he could carry. If he was taking the baby with him, Ryoga was going to be prepared in case he got lost, again. Ryoga finally found a bag in one of the drawers in the room and started to stuff cloth diapers, wipes and other baby stuff that he saw inside. He even found two other stuff toys that the toddler pointed at wanting, a little stuffed wolf and dog which went into the bag as well. Ryoga was curious, all the things he put in there, the bag didn't seem to get very full. Another thing he found gave him some clue to what the baby's name was.

"Harry's Baby book," Ryoga ready slowly, flipping it open and reading briefly. There was the baby's full name, Harrison 'Harry' James Potter, was on the front page. Ryoga decided to take the book as well then carefully left the room, his hand on the wall.

"Mama? Mama!" Harry yelled, reaching back toward the door crying.

"I'm sorry Chibi, your Kasan is gone," Ryoga said, rubbing the toddler's back. Harry sniffed and looked at the strange boy that was holding him.

"Gon?" he asked, rubbing his face against his stag doll.

"Yes gone," Ryoga reached the bottom of the stairs and made sure Harry was turned away so he wouldn't see his daddy on the floor.

Inside the kitchen, Ryoga found and packed bottles and formula then found jars of baby foods which were also placed in the bag with the little spoons and plates he found. He couldn't think of anything else to get, he didn't really know much about what to get babies, but he hoped it would be enough.

/'Hopefully, I'll find someone quickly,' /Ryoga thought as he braved going out the door with little Harry on his hip and packed baby bag over his other shoulder. As he disappeared into the woods, Sirius Black rode up on his motorcycle, franticly calling the Potter's name as he jumped off and ran in, not know that he missed his godson by a minute or so, Ryoga already lost in the woods.


Hours later, Ryoga cried in relief as he stumbled across his campsite again. He had been wondering for hours, little Harry was sleeping against his shoulder and Ryoga hadn't seen a single person. It was maddening but it didn't really surprise him.

"When I really need to find someone is when I get the most lost," He muttered, sighing as he dropped the bag on top of his after entering his tent. He then laid Harry down on his sleeping bag, the toddler curling up with a cute little sighs. Ryoga's lips quirked in a smile, the little boy was kinda cute. He had to do something about that little cut on his forehead.

Ryoga sat in front of his bag, jumping as something poked him in the hip. He reached into his pocket and took out the weird stick, looking at his curiously again then sticking it in a pocket in his travel pack. He would figure the stick out later he thought at he got his first aid kit.

Harry was picked up and gently laid in his lap, cleaning and disinfecting the cut on the baby's forehead. Ryoga hissed softly at he looked at the cut, wondering what made it and why it was such a weird shape, like a little lightning bolt.

"Oh Chibi, that's going to scar," He murmured softly as he put a bandage on top of it. Harry stirred and blinked pretty green eyes at Ryoga.

"Mama? Dada?" He asked, looking around. "Pafoo?" Ryoga didn't know what a 'Pafoo' was but he was sure they didn't have it.

"Sorry little one, it's just you and me," Ryoga said softly. "My name is Ryoga." Harry tilted his head to the side, nibbling on his toy's little antler.

"Ryoa?" Harry repeated.

"Ry-o-ga," The teen repeated slowly.

"Ryoa!" Harry said again, laughing. Ryoga sighed; he guessed that was the best he was going to get.


Ryoga groaned as he stumbled out of the alleyway, one hand on the rough brick wall, looking around with a blurry, lost expression. The other arm was holding Harry on his hip, the toddler playing with one of his bandannas in his little hands.

The last month since Ryoga had had found and rescued little Harry Potter was a learning experience but also an adventure. Ryoga had finally figured out what the stick he found was after an incident when Harry had made one of his toys float to him, it was a wand. While Ryoga himself didn't have any magic, he had been to several different magical settlements while on his trips.

Ryoga never found his way to the village near the house where he found Harry, and by the time he saw other people, he wasn't even in England anymore. So Harry was stuck with him in the meantime. It hadn't been as bad as he thought it would have been, he never once got lost from Harry, maybe something about the child’s magic helped with that, and he amazingly only turned into a pig twice. He had been worried how the boy might take seeing him turn into a swine the first time he was splashed with cold water, only to find the boy laughing in delight, asking him to do it again.

Ryoga shook the memory out of his head and looked around.

There were several people walking up and down the street in front of him, dressed in what looked like brightly color... dresses? Nearby was a large white stone building and Ryoga could see the people enter and exit its doors. He figured it wouldn't hurt to try there for help and with that thought in mind, Ryoga headed for Gringotts.

At the doors, Ryoga ignored the inscription on the wall and gave a curious look to the little short ugly men standing guard.

"Hi!" Harry grinned and waved at the goblins as Ryoga walked into the bank. The Japanese teen looked around curious; it wasn’t like anything he had ever seen. More of the little men were sitting at desks, conducting some sort of business with lines of people. He was starting to wonder if he would find the help he and Harry needed here as he started to wonder around.


Snapfang, captain of the guards of the Diagon Ally branch of Gringotts, watched the young Asian male with narrowed eyes. There was something about the young human that set him on his guard. A deep sniff as he wondered closer carried the scent of the outdoors, a faint smell of wolf demon and very oddly an undertone of pig. There was something else, the child in his arms was very familiar and as Snapfang sniffed again, he realized what it was. The boy in front of him had the Potter child!

The Potters, who while considered a 'pure-blood' family, where an odd bunch to the rest of the British wizarding world. They were well known for being friendly to other races of creatures, including goblins. James Potter, while a prankster who loved to pull jokes on the guards of the bank, was also what some would call a 'goblin-friend', much like his father and grandfather before him. Whenever James and his muggleborn mate Lily came to the bank they would bring their child with them. All the goblins were familiar with the boy, seeing him often until the Potters had to go into hiding.

As Ryoga passed one of the many columns in the back of the lobby, bringing him out of sight of the people within, he stiffened as his 'danger sense' went off, quickly reaching up and grabbing his heavy iron-bamboo umbrella, opening it and bringing it up in front of him like a shield in time as a heavy pole ax fell upon it with a heavy clang. Snapfang eyes widen, a simple umbrella shouldn't have stopped a weapon like that, especially his, much less give the sound of metal on metal. Two of the other guards who had quickly followed their leader’s example also attacked.

Ryoga's eyes flashed as he kicked out with one foot, catching Snapfang by surprised and kicking him back into the wall while closing the umbrella with a snap before swinging it at one of his attackers, knocking the goblin’s spear out of its hands before the heavy iron weapon hit it in the stomach, knocking its breath out with a swoosh, and left laying on the floor with the combat umbrella on of it. Just as quickly, Ryoga flipped over the head of the final goblin, grabbing its sword bare handed and wrenching the blade out of the goblin's hands. Thanks to the 'Blasting point' training Ryoga had with Cologne, the teen's skin was hard as a tanks and barely felt the sharp blade as he tossed it away before planting his fist into the goblin's face.

All the while, Snapfang slowly brought himself to his feet, watching this human amazingly take out his two best men without any magic! He also noticed that the whole time, he kept a hold of Harry Potter, always making sure the boy was facing away from the danger and always in a protective hold. The goblin's eyes narrowed before bellowing "STOP!" in gobbledygook. The other guards that were heading their way slid to a halt while Ryoga took up a stance in case he was attacked again. The whole time, Harry kept quiet, eyes wide and clinging tightly to Ryoga's shirt.

"Who are you human and why do you have the Potter heir?" Snapfang asked lowly so the wizards and witches that were on the other end of the bank wouldn't hear them. They had already drawn enough attention to them as it was by attacking the teen, Snapfang was glad the fight had taken place out of the view of the main lobby.

"I would like to know that as well. It's not every day a human can take down a goblin guard without a single use of magic," a voice said behind them all. Snapfang and the other goblins snapped to attention, turning and bowing to their leader Ragnok.

"They attacked me first," Ryoga said angrily.

"So they did, quite rashly I might add. But it was in the defense of the boy you have with you there, the Potters were friends of the goblin nation after all and we do not know who you are or why you have the Potter heir," Ragnok said calmly.

"I saved him from his house after whoever attacked it, I'm not about to let you take him away after you attacked me," Ryoga said bluntly. Ragnok studied Ryoga for a moment, looking deeply into the teen's eyes before nodding once.

"I see," He finally said. "I believe we should continue this conversation in my office" With that, the goblin turned and walked down the hallway he came from. Ryoga frowned then picked up his combat umbrella from the floor and followed the goblin leader.


Ryoga was led to a large office at the end of the hallway, walls decorated with various weapons and paintings of battles between goblins and all sorts of different races. Ryoga was a tiny bit startled to see the painting moving and hear very faint sounds of the battle come from it, not unlike a TV with the volume turned down low. Ragnok motioned for Ryoga to sit in one of the chairs in front of a large desk while the goblin sat in a tall, goblin size chair. The teen took off his traveling pack and set it on the ground next to the chair with a loud thump and sat down in the chair with Harry in his lap.

"Now, let’s start shall we?" Ragnok asked, pressing the tips of his clawed fingers together. "I am Ragnok, Director of the Diagon Ally branch of Gringotts and leader of the Goblin nation of Great Britain," the goblin introduced himself. "I will say, I am impressed, not even the wizards have had such an easy time taking one of us down, but you took out three of my best guards and without any magic what so ever."

"Those were your best?" Ryoga couldn't help but blurt out, raising an eyebrow. "That wasn't even a work out for me." Ragnok chuckled softly, leaning back in his seat.

"I could see that, and all the time you were able to keep the Potter boy safe," He said, nodding to the boy who was watching the paintings on the wall. "Your... weapon is most curious. A bamboo umbrella should never be able to stand up against a goblin made weapon, yet it sounded as if Snapfang's pole ax was striking metal."

"It's an Iron Combat Umbrella," Ryoga said with a shrug. "One I'm thinking of replacing soon, it's starting to feel too light for me."

"You are a warrior," Ragnok said, still very impressed. "Might I have this warrior's name then?"

"Watakushi no namae wa Hibiki Ryoga," Ryoga nodded his head slightly, eyes never leaving Ragnok's.

"Hmm, Japanese, your accent said as much," Ragnok murmured. "You mentioned that you saved young Mr. Potter from the house after his family was attacked. Would you care to explain what you meant and why you kept the child with you this whole time?"

"I was camping in the woods and heard a loud explosion. I raced toward the sounds and found the house. The roof was damaged and I entered to help whoever was trapped inside," Ryoga explained, closing his eyes to think back to that night. "I found his father dead at the bottom of the stairs and his mother in the nursery. Harry-chan was under an overturned crib. I wanted to take him into the nearby village but... well... I had a problem finding it," Ryoga blushed hotly as his eyes opened again.

"The Potter's home on Godric Hallow is on the very end of the village, how could you not find it?" Ragnok asked in disbelief.

"I... I have a problem finding my way," Ryoga said, looking down at his lap. Harry looked up at Ryoga with a grin. "I have... no sense of direction. My entire family has this problem. I cannot even find my way out of a room easily. I couldn't leave Harry-chan in that house by himself and it didn't look like help was coming so I took a chance and took him with me. But my... handicap... worked against me and I've been lost for over a month."

Ragnok listened with a surprised then thoughtful look as he thought over what Ryoga said. He absently nodded to one of the lower class goblins at the door to bring some refreshments as he pondered it over.

"Could this... problem you have be some sort of curse?" He finally asked a curse could make the boy loose all sense of direction, sometimes the curse breakers ran into curses like that.

"I don't know, my whole family has been liked this for generations," Ryoga said with a shrug of his shoulders. He had winced slightly as Ragnok said 'curse'. "And I do have a curse on me."

"What sort of curse?" Ragnok asked, seeing the door opened out of the corner of his eye and another goblin entered with a tray of drinks. As Ryoga opened his mouth to explain, the goblin's foot caught on the edge of a flagstone causing him to trip and send the tray of drinks to go flying. There were several cold drinks on the tray, which flew into Ryoga, drenching the teen and triggering his curse. Harry cried in surprise as he suddenly fell down a few inches and handed on the cushion of the chair, luckily not falling off.

Ragnok stood as Ryoga disappeared and quickly walked around to the other side of the desk. Ryoga's shirt and pants were still in the chair with a larger quivering lump inside. He pulled the shirt back, revealing a black piglet wearing Ryoga's bandanna around his neck.



Author note: So, after looking up just when Ranma 1/2 came out, which was at the end of the 80's, this takes place at the end of the Ranma 1/2 series and the very start of Harry Potter. The Ranma 1/2 is pushed back a few years so it takes place in the early 80's instead so it can match up. No pairing have been decided yet, I'm debating on just letting Ryoga stay with Akari or one of the other characters as long as it's not Akane cause I hate her.

Edit 8-12-14: Just a little editing for grammar and spelling done here.
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