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14 Things About Todd

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Meet Todd Robert Jacobbson. (Little character blurb I guess, also known as me failing to be funny)

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Fourteen Things About Todd

1. Todd has always been afraid of thunderstorms.

2. If you're on a bike and you're in the middle of the lane while Todd is driving, he will follow you and stare. He won't even pass. He'll just stare.

3. Todd is so bad at sports he has a trophy in his room. It reads "for being seventeen and unable to catch a ball."

4. Todd hates the color black. It reminds him of bruises, and thunderstorms. It also reminds him of spoiled milk for some reason.

5. Todd drives an orange Gremlin. It's about as sexy as it sounds.

6. Todd lives in a tiny house that's barely big enough for one person, let alone three. He spends most of his time on the roof throwing ice cubes at cars.

7. Todd knows why manhole covers are round.

8. Todd's favorite food is chicken salad. There isn't a real reason for it. It's just good.

9. Todd cannot draw. His stick figures look like they were drawn by babies that are still in utero. That's more of an embarrassment to him than the ball-catching.

10. Todd doesn't have very many friends, but that's ok. He'd much rather deal with his own damn issues, thank you very much.

11. Todd's favorite number is 11, because it's a prime number greater than 10, less than 17, and it's not 13.

12. Todd detests squirrels. He was bitten by one when he was younger and had to get a rabies shot, and he didn't even get candy afterwards. Plus, he knows what they have planned.

13. Todd doesn't care about politics, or religion, or sexual orientation or even grammar and spelling. He does care about candy, though. And avoiding squirrels.

14. Todd hates sour skittles. They give him tiny little cuts on his tongue and it sucks.

Fourteen Things About Todd.

Yes, Todd is one of my OCs. I have quite a few, but Todd is one of my favorites. I tried to make this at least a little funny, but I failed. I'm sorry.
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