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Will it make me less lonely?

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Face to face with a nervous wreck,
Hand in hand, shipwrecked,
Solitary confinement is where I belong,
I'm waiting for someone to prove me wrong.

Sharpen your words, plunge them into my heart,
Or use them as bullets to tear me apart,
"If no one here will abuse me this way,
Then I'll do it myself," I say.

Bastard child, pathetic whore,
Facts scrawled down to burn your core,
Demons' hands grab at me, they wear a sinister grin,
Screaming at me, clawing at me, I will never win.

If I drain all the blood from my ugly body,
Will it make me less lonely?
Apparently, I'm plagued with insanity,
And I'm clinging on to reality.

This pain isn't fixing my fucked up brain,
I'm not surprised that they think I'm insane,
Maybe I should stay here, I can't decide,
Or I could turn my back and leave this all behind.

I draw, cut, carve a smile into my face,
I laugh bitterly for I am a disgrace,
Too selfless to give up and end it all,
A walking disaster, a joke, a liar's fool.
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