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You're A Beautiful Lie, I'm The Painful Truth

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Life and Death, life being a beautiful lie, yet death is the painful truth.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2013-05-17 - 186 words

You're A Beautiful Lie, I'm The Painful Truth

Life is beautiful.
Life is a lie.
Life, is a beautiful lie.

Death is painful.
But, sometimes,
You die from the truth,
Death, is the painful truth.

And Death,
Two different things,
Yet, so similar,
So visual,
And captivating.

Life is like a rose,
A wonderful flower,
A precious object,
Something full of wonder and grace,
Magestic in it's own form.

Death is like a wind,
Blowing in the days and nights,
Calling you in.
Whispering those words,
In echos so scarce it is frightening,
God's breath,
Telling you,
It's time to die.

Once upon a summer's day,
Life and Death were together,
They got talking, oh how they did,
And, Life posed a question for Death,
Something important he had to know,
Life asked, why do people love me but hate you,
Death replied, because you're a beautiful lie,
But, I,
I am the painful truth.

A/N: It is late, and my mind is fucking up a bit.. I might go on Skyrim then head to bed.. see you guys!
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