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Profile Of A Ficwaddian (GettingHighOnCyanide)

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I already did one of these, but I deleted it because half the info is irrelevant now. Redoing it.

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Real Name: Emmaline (I go by Emma or Em but whatevs)

Username: GettingHighOnCyanide

Gender: Take a wild guess

Country: Canada!

City: Rather not say

Religion: Christian. Although I don't necessarily like to identify as that, because of the stigma that Christians are all uptight conservative homophobes. So let's just say "God-fearing".

Relationship status: Single. Done with relationships right now. Fanfiction > boyfriend

Picture of yourself (optional): I've got one on my tumblr! (

Favourite musicians/bands: Oh damn. Uh, MCR, Papa Roach, Dream Theater, Blink-182, Bowling For Soup, BMTH, Demon Hunter, D.R.U.G.S., TDWP, FOB, In This Moment, Marianas Trench, One Less Reason, Smashing Pumpkins, Suicide Silence, Underoath. Yeah, all that stereotypical "angsty teen" stuff, but with a recent addition of weird 80s pop.

Favourite movies: I don't watch a lot of movies, to be honest. One of my all time favourites is 1408 (not just because of John Cusack...).

Favourite TV shows: Doctor Who, just getting into Supernatural, 1000 Ways To Die... that's really about it. I don't watch much TV either.

Favourite Books: Shutter Island, anything Stephen King (I've read way too much of his stuff for my own good), Through Divided Minds, The Father Heart of God, and others.

Heroes: I'm gonna go with role models. In which case, my two main heroes/role models are Gerard Way and Jacoby Shaddix. I really admire them not only as people, but because of their strength to get through the things they've been through in their lives. (And they're really fricken hot)

Bandoms you write for: MCR. My horizons aren't very broad, sorry. I'd probably write for Papa Roach too, except fanfiction for that bandom doesn't seem to exist.


In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written?: Idk I've been told Mani Del Destino is really good. Although I was 14 when I wrote it and it's a oneshot. Honestly I don't like to pick favourites or compare them, because they're all unique in their own ways.

Your favourite authors on here: I hate picking favourite authors. I hate comparing, becasue everyone writes differently and I don't think it can be compared.

Your favourite fics on here: I'm just starting to read fics again so it's hard to say. But Pretty Eyes by theescapist99 has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years.

Ficwad authors you think have cool personalities (optional): davidthesquirrel is basically my tumblr and ficwad best friend. So I think she deserves some recognition because not only is she an amazing writer, but she is a great person to talk to as well.

Recording of yourself reading part of a fic (optinal): Social anxiety says no.

Sample of your writing:

He’ll realize he’s dying. He’ll know it, every time he slips away a bit farther. Every centimetre he travels farther away from this place, he’ll know it. He’ll see it. And he’ll know where he’s going and how much longer it will take to get there.

I don’t want to watch him die. I used to always think: if one day I was forced to watch someone I love die, I would want them to get run over by a train or a car, or get shot. Something quick and easy like that. Death is almost instant. The pain is next to none, as the body is dead before the brain knows it. There would be only seconds of knowing what was happening. Again, the body would be dead before the brain could fully comprehend the situation. But this disease, this fucking Creutzfeldt-Jakob shit… this is going to kill him in the most slow, painful, humiliating, merciless way. Not slow, like tripping on the sidewalk and falling into the path of a speeding car. But slow and deadly, like getting eaten alive. And that’s what’s happening to him, the doctor said it himself. He’s getting eaten alive by his own brain. First his memory is gone, next his normal psychological behaviours, and I suppose what will end him is the day his automatic nervous system is eaten away. The tissue that keeps his heart beating and his lungs inhaling and exhaling. The second that is gone, he’s gone. And Ray, Mikey, and I have to watch it happen, awaiting the day he is no longer, because it’s better than seeing him suffer.

Why Gerard, though? Why Gerard, of all people?

Take me, instead. Let him live.

“Doctor…” Ray said through tears. “Are you sure…”

“I’m sure. I’m sorry.”
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