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Chapter One: Get Your Head Out The Clouds

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Rayven gets told off, yet again..

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Chapter One: Get Your Head Out The Clouds.

I could hear it, the sounds were all around me. The whirl of the wind that flung the dust around like a ragdoll, and the revvs of motorbikes and cars as they sped down Route Guano. The cars come to an abrupt stop, and doors open, followed by the pants of runners running from capture. I hear the sound of a lazer beam, the zoom, and the grunt of someone, a male, as the beam hit them in the chest. Then, I hear the thud as the shot and killed person falls to the ground, into the dust that was slowly settling. A male's voice could then be heard, evil and murderous.

"It's done, Sir." He said. "The last of the Killjoys has been killed, which signifys the end of the Killjoy War. We have won, Sir. We have won the War."

(Present Day: July 17th, 2050)

"Rayven!" Ms. Ambrose, or as I called her, Ambrose, whacked her ruler on my desk, jolting me awake from my dream, making me fall from my chair, and making the class laugh. I groaned as I heard the familiar giggles and cackles of laughter, as this wasn't the first time I had been woken from my dream in this particular class. I look up into Ambrose's ferocious glare, and I knew I was in a lot of trouble.

You see, Ambrose wasn't the sort of teacher you want to get on the bad side of. She was strict, and old, for one. She had greying hair, and dark eyes that could stare into your soul if you were bad enough to get into her bad books, which I have. Ambrose is a history teacher, teaching fellow students about all the ages of our history, such as the Declaration of Independance, the Boston Tea Party, the Cold War, and the Industrial Revolution. Yet, she always missed the one historical event in our time, which is the Killjoy Wars. The Killjoy Wars lasted for about twenty years, starting from the formation of the Original Killjoys in 2019. These Killjoys were Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid and Fun Ghoul, soon joined by other Killjoys like Syanide Skull, Electic Baby, Colourful Shadow and Radio Harlequin, along with many others. They were an army; a family. But, BL/ind got to them too soon, marking the end of the Killjoy Wars.

"Rayven, answer me!" Ambrose snapped, and I rolled my eyes and stood up. I was much taller than Ambrose, much like the rest of the class were, so I looked down at her.

"Yes, Ms. Ambrose?" I used proper politeness when adressing the teacher, as I didn't want to get in any more trouble than I already was.

"Rayven, this is the second time you've fallen asleep in my class today, what do you have to say for yourself?" Ambrose glared at me with the 'stare-into-your-soul' look.

"It was a good dream." I say, sitting back in my seat. Ambrose saw red, and snapped at me again.

"Oh, so your dream was better than my class?!" She raged. "Better than learning about your history, your very creation here on Earth?! The Declaration of Independence, the Cold War, the Industrial Revolution, the Boston Tea Party, all fine moments in history; your history, that you need to pay very good attention to if you want to pass my class."

"Ms. Ambrose." I say, standing up. "You seem to have forgotten a fine moment in history for my learning and understanding."

"Have I?!" She snapped, clearly not in the mood to chat. "Well, why don't you tell me? Tell all of us if you will!" She lead me to the front of the class, where I stood before everyone of my peers, and Ambrose took a seat at her desk, smiling to herself. I clear my throat, and began to speak.

"Our dear, old teacher, seems to have forgotten about the one fine moment of history that happened, not long ago on this very day." I say, in a posh voice. "She has forgotten about the Killjoy Wars, which happened on this day, July 17th, in 2019. The Killjoy Wars were all about fighting for freedom in the Radiation of California and Battery City, and took place out there." I point out one of the windows, where, from afar, you could see the surrouding Zones, from Zone one all the way to Zone 201, where the Wars were fought and lost. "In the Zones, where the Killjoys ran, and survived, for many years, until their obliteration in 2019, in the Killjoy Wars."

"Rayven, I really don't think you understand-" Ambrose stood up to speak, in a calm tone, yet I cut her off.

"No, I understand. I understand how you deprive these students, your students, an education about the Killjoys and what they did for us so we could stand here today, free. If it wasn't for them, we'd be enslaved by BL/ind, forced to get rid of any originality in our very lives. Ms. Ambrose, I do understand, I fully understand, but what I want to know, is, why did you deprive these children of a valuble piece of information, that could be important, or is important, to know?" I felt very proud of myself, until Ambrose said something that made my heart sink very low into my gut.

"Because, it never happened!" She shouted. "These 'Killjoys' were not real, they were just a figure of your imagination, a myth, if you will. The 'Killjoy Wars' never happened, how hard is that to understand!" She then composed herself. "Rayven, will you please sit down, so I can get on with today's lesson?"

"No, Ms. Ambrose." I say. "For I have some very daunting news for everyone here today." I turned to the class, before saying what the news was. "Better Living, are regaining their reign of terror, they are returning, and fast. We need to be prepared for a new radiation, and a new set of rules and obligations that we will be made to follow, otherwise, you will have to get ready to be killed. Yet, I have a solution. We run, out into the Zones, we keep running, never looking back on our old lives, and we begin anew, new identitys, new futures, new lives."

"Rayven, sit down, before I give you detention!" Ambrose shouted. "This is your final warning, missy." She then turns to the rest of the class, adressing them. "Now, if you will, please ignore this drabble and turn to page 100.."

I sighed, admitting my defeat in this argument, for I knew there was no use in arguments, even if this news could save our life. If only someone would listen to me, if only someone would understand our lives were at risk, that we were at risk..
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