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"Mine." "Yours."

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For my four month anniversary. < 3

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"Mine." "Yours."

"Mom, I'm going out tonight."

"Better not be with that Quinn boy."

"It's not, Mom. I'm going to the library."


Lies, Sam thought as she made her way back to her bedroom, a cheeky smile on her face. Gazing at herself in the head-to-toe mirror, she smirked lightly - damn, she looked pretty fucking fine, if she did say so herself. Decked in ripped black jeans, an almost oversized Simple Plan shirt and a Glmr Kills beanie, Sam looked fine. Shit, fine was an understand, she looked motherfucking hot. Hopefully, hot enough to catch the eye of her cousin's best friend's twin sister. Said girl's name was Ash Gaskarth, and shit, she was hot. Well, to Sam she was. Smirking again, the older girl pushed open a window, and with the grace of someone who wants to sneak out of the house as silently as possible, slipped out and into the cold night.

Walking two blocks away from her house, Sam leant against a bus stop wall, waiting not for a bus, but for a bright blue Commodore convertible. Before the car even came into view (it was still a good street away) she heard shrieking.





Sam chuckled slightly, eyes trained on the road as the mentioned car slowed in front of her. A dark-haired head popped out of the driver's window, and a grinning Jack Barakat nodded.

"Get in the back, lover girl."

Flipping off the elder, Sam acquiesced to his request, opening the door and swinging herself in, only to land on the lap of a very disgruntled Alexander.

"Hey to you too," she laughed as he shoved her off, moving into the middle.

"Hey." Ash offered the taller girl a cheeky smile, and Sam kind of died inside because wow, Ash has gotten her nose and lip pierced since the last time they met.

"Like your piercings," she murmured.

"Thanks. Quintus did 'em for me."

Sam raised an eyebrow, and wow, she was fucking jealous, who the living fuck was Quintus and what was he doing near her girl.

Lighting up a cigarette, Ash smirked and turned her attention towards the road. Alex, leaning over and whispering in Sam's ear, let out a deep chuckle, then a cry of protest.



Ash shook her head, leaning back and blowing Alex a kiss. Cheeky fucker.

"We're here." The pulsing bass, the bright lights - Sam didn't know where they were going before, but she did now. This was Viva La Cobra - and it was owned by Gabe Saporta and if Vicky T was there, Ash was gonna bury her face in Vicky's tits.

"Vicky ain't here," Alex whispered. Thank fucking God.

The four teenagers exited the car, Alex's hand finding Jack's and yeah, the older boy had Jack pressed up against the wall, tongue shoved down his throat.

"Get a room," Ash commented, slender legs shimmering in the moonlight. She was dressed in American flag denim shorts, which contrasted Alex's American flag skinny jeans. Her upper body was hidden beneath a sheer white blouse, a black bra underneath, and it just allowed the brilliant colors of her tattoo, which read: "I swear we are infinite."

Damn, she was adorable.

The pounding bass shook Sam's bones as she followed the younger, ending up at a bar, with Ash leant against it, raising a vodka glass to her lips.

It only took a few vodkas to get Ash pinned against the wall, Sam's hands on her hips as she muttered harshly against the girl's lips.

"Mine," she hissed.

"Yours," Ash replied, eyes closed and body lost in overheating euphoria.


"Holy shit," Ash panted as Sam pulled her out of the club, the typical afterglow smile on her lips.

"You guys fucked, didn't you?"

"Shut up, Alex."

"I'm telling Mom."

"You did Jack up the ass."

"Fuck off, Ashlie."

True shit: I am getting my lip done by a guy named Quintus, he's hot as hell, listens to my kind of music and is seriously one of my closest friends. And he's HOT.

(Sam means more to me ok ok)
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