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Chapter Five

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An insight into the mysterious woman who met with William Beckett on that fateful night.

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Lily stared at the man before her, waiting to see what his move would be as he regarded her with predatory eyes and a confident smile. She wore a small smile of her own since her quip had touched a sore spot on her opponent's ego, and she knew nothing of what he would do from here. As his smile died to be replaced by a deep, rumbling growl and an angry frown, Lily tensed up, ready to run if she needed to. But when he charged at her Lilly took off away from him, towards the place she needed him to chase her to, hoping she could get there before he caught her.

She was almost there when he caught her with his arms tightly around her waist, growling against her neck as she gave a shrieking laugh. When he moved them to the bed, and quickly pinned her there, she giggled as she looked up at her mate. "Hello," she said through another giggle.

Her mate bared his fangs before he shot his head down, playing nipping her neck while growling, making his love giggle more. As he lifted his head and smiled down at her, his love showed through in the way he regarded her smiling face. "You need to apologize for that age comment, my dear," he purred as he gently flexed his hands on her wrists that he had pinned to her sides.

"Funny, I don't see the Romans apologizing to the Greeks for conquering them," she quipped, laughing at his shocked face. "You were there to see it, they didn't apologize, right?"

Hades, who had been named after the Greek God of the Underworld, had gone slack-jawed at his mate's comment. "I just might have to devour you for that, my dear," he gently moved her arms to hve her wrists pinned above her head, under one strong hand. "Any last words?"

"Which came first again? Zeus? Or Jupiter?"

Hades' green-brown eyes darkened slightly as he gave a rumbling growl before he made alternating attacks on her sides with his free hand, frantically tickling her sensitive skin through her shirt. He laughed at her panicked pleading for him to stop through her renewed laughter, continuing the assault. "Say who came first!"

"Zeus!" She cried out, desperate for the assault to stop. "Zeus came first!"


"I don't know!" She cried out, squirming desperately beneath him. "What do you want to hear!?"

"You know what I wish to hear love," he chuckled as he took his assault to the top of the V leading down to his favorite spot on her body. The minute his fingertips dug began tickling that spot at her hip, she bucked, laughing harder.

"Greeks!" She managed to get out. "Better than Romans!"

Hades stopped his assault, but still kept her hands pinned as his mate worked on regaining normal speech and breathing. "I'm sorry, Lily, what was that you said?"

"Greeks," she panted softly, "are better than the Romans. Happy?"

"Yes, very much so," he smiled as he leaned down and kissed her softly before letting go of her hands. He stayed resting between her legs, but had sat up to give her room to breathe. He chuckled as he watched her fight off the mini giggles that tried to stay with her as she came down from her laughter. "Must you always go for the age?"

"It's not my fault you were actually around when the Greeks believed there could be nothing but the Olympians," she said as she rubbed her calve against his own, regarding him with a pensive expression. "I wish I could have been around to see what you saw back then."

Hades gave a nod as he leaned down, bracing himself above her as he nuzzled the crook of her neck and shoulder as her hand came up to softly caress the back of his shaved head. "I wish I could have found you sooner," he murmured against her skin as he closed his eyes.

When he rolled them so she was laying along his torso, Lily smiled at him and kissed him softly for a moment before she laid her head on his chest. She smiled more when his wings slid out from beneath him and engulfed her in their leathery embrace, which pulled her body flush against his own. "I would have loved to have known you sooner too," she said as she ran her fingers in slow circles over his chest. "I'm just glad I have you now."

Hades nodded as he reached up to comb his fingers through her hair. "I would have searched the rest of my life for you," he said as he looked at her face, taking in every inch of it.

"Our pairing still amuses me... An incubus and a Goddess..."

"Yes," he chuckled, his smile spreading more, "a sex demon and the Goddess of Seduction. What a pairing indeed," he mused as she slid out from his embrace and moved to lay beside him on the bed.

What he was saying was fact about the two of them, only neither of them had made mention of the form she took while being with him. She had altered her own appearance to match that of a succubus when she took to being Earth-bound to be with him. She still took the jobs she was given, as one of the rules for her leaving behind the God Lands to live with Hades, and he was understanding when some of them did involve her sleeping with mortal men. He had been born into a family of demons, one of the oldest families in the Greek nation, the Zanetakos family.

Born long before the Trojan war, Hades heard how to take human form and fit in amongst society, changing his features to age with time, and then starting anew when it was time for his "life" to pass on. He could change his physical appearance to look like anyone he wanted, and for this current "life" he had chosen to live, he had upset his family by becoming a public ifgure, even if not a very much noticed one. He had claimed his Father had "Christian-ized" his family name to make it more American, so his "name" was currently William Zane, known in the film industry for having only a few major roles, and mostly lower roles in lesser known films. The two of them had met off set when he was shooting Magic Man and had fallen in love faster than either of them had planned.

She had found out that the mortal she had enjoyed watching was actually an incubus when she took the risk of coming out to him of her immortality. He had stunned her by removing his shirt and letting his wings come out from their hidden spot under the flesh of his back, and upon questioning, he let her know of his own immortality. From that day they set themselves on getting to know all that they could about the other, wanting to know everything about each other's immortal lives.

She was a young Goddess as it was when she met him, so she had never met an incubus, or any other form of non-human, so he was a treat for her. Unlike Hades, his three brothers had chosen to stay out of the spotlight, whereas his sister had taken to the lime light as he had, though she didn't keep in touch with the family. She was estranged due to a reason unknown to Lily, but the rest of the family adored Lily since she had turned Hades' life around from the depression he had fallen into when he lost his original mate, and so far only child. She helped him heal, and in the process, earned his love and full trust.

Hades once had a mate, hundreds of years before he had met his Goddess, and they had just barely started a family when it was found out by the village idiots that they were not human. During the same time the Salem witch trials were going on, and to not be human meant the family had to die. He had been made to watch as his mate and their first successful child were beheaded and burned, and when it was his turn he took the chance to break free. No one survived his wrath as the whole town was slaughtered in retaliation for what he had lost. It was after this heartbreak that he disappeared for a while; even his family didn't know where he was during this time. Until he came back he had been presumed to have been killed, or maybe even had taken his own life, and it was of much relief when he showed up on his parents' doorstep.

Lily, as she had taken to being called had not know when she was younger that she was a Goddess, having been raised by a family that had been made to believe she was theirs. When she discovered who she was, the family was made to forget her, their lives rewritten as she joined her true Mother and Father in the God Lands, what the Greeks had called Olympus. Her Mother was the Goddess of Mischief, and her Father was the God of Anger, and both loved her, but had been ordered to let her grow with the humans so she could have a better understanding of the humans when it came to be her time to control them in her own way. As reluctant as she was to take up this charge, she did adjust well to it, even though learning to control her new found powers was quite the task.

Too many times she had made someone be able to be seduced when she was supposed to make them resist, or accidentally make them resist when the mood was right. She had even lost control of her powers, so that anytime she touched someone automatically they wanted her as if she had been putting on her own moves. Quite the problem when she hadn't learned how to kill the mood yet. It took lessons from the Gods of Desire and Lust to learn how to turn things off, but as for getting them to work for her she had to learn her own way. It didn't help her any that not too long after she was reunited with her family, her parents brought a brother into her life, who was destined to be the God of Ecstasy. Since he was born as a God, and lived as a God, he grew much faster than her, and as a teen, constantly halted her learning as he experimented with his powers.

When Seduction, as her family called her, seeing as the Gods went by the names of their purposes, was able to meet Hades, who was going by William Zane, she was relieved to find there were no powers she had to deal with. As far as she knew, he was genuinely a mortal who had appealed to her tastes. Her parents weren't thrilled with her decision to start dating a human, but when it was discovered he was an incubus, they dislike turned to complete disapproval. Incubi and succubae were demons, not any bit human, and therefore could not be controlled by the Gods. It would have been one thing if she were dating a vampire or werewolf, or even a human, the things that all Gods would be able to control, and kill if anything were to happen to one of their own, but something as unpredictable and uncontrollable as an incubus threw her Father into a rage that lasted for weeks.

Hades's parents, Thalia and Alcibiades, were both surprised when their son showed at their door with the shy girl who was vastly younger than him at his side, but they quickly warmed up when they saw the happiness she brought him. Their son was smiling, and for the first time since the loss of his mate, the smile reached his eyes. That was all that mattered to them. Upon seeing how she handled his parents, he slowly introduced her to his brothers.

Tiberius, the oldest of all the Zanetakos family, had been cold and indifferent, sure she would leave once she saw his brother's true form. When he learned that she had already seen his true form, his demon body, and was still around, even made love to him in his body, he readily accepted her. Maximus, the second oldest, immediately latched onto her as if she were his sister, since he was just happy to see his brother had someone again, and was no longer roaming around like a lost soul. Leonidus, the baby of the family, was still in his feral stages when they met, and had nearly escaped death by Hades's hand when he tried to attack her. But as he came out of his feral stages, he grew attached to the girl who was patient with him through each and every attempted attack upon her person. He even forgave Hades for breaking his wing in several places that first day.

Upon seeing the incubus turn against his own brother to protect their daughter, Mischief and Anger accepted him, but still waited for him to mess up. Their daughter had never had any luck with men, even as a human, so they were worried she would be hurt once more. But it had been over a year now since they started dating, and their love was still as strong as the day it started, if not stronger. Even now as he lay beside her on their bed, his chest nearly burst from the emotions she made him feel just by being near her.

The two had moved to Chicago together, since that was where he was claiming to be from in the public life he lived. He did love the city though; it was one of the few places in America he enjoyed. They had a home he had contracted to be built for them just outside the bustling city itself, in one of the suburbs of it, and did live out in the open together. It had yet to be discussed yet if they would try for a child, but for now they were content just having one another and would live each day as it came at them.

He smiled as she snuggled up to his side, and laid her head on his chest, sighing softly as he slid his arm protectively around her. "We should have a date night tonight, what do you say?"

Lily looked up at him from his chest and smiled. "That sounds absolutely amazing to me," she answered as she leaned up and stole a kiss before laying her head back down on his chest. "What did you have in mind?"
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