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Stab Me Back

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He never thought that two brothers would be fighting over the innocence of one girl....

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Although the high from the concert still pumped through our bodies, exhaustion had started to take its toll. I watched Jared collapse onto the white couch and run his fingers through his hair. He surprised both of us when he announced that he wanted to grow it out, again.

"When does the backstage meeting happen?" Tomo asked as he opened the mini-fridge. After pulling out a bottle of water, he glanced back at me with a frown on his face.

"No clue." I shrugged. The table creaked in protest as I leaned against it. I glanced at my watched and sighed. Again the table creaked as I moved to open the door. Searching for someone from our tech crew, I poked my head out the door. "Where the hell is everyone?" Once I heard endless screams echoing from the brightly lit corridor, I shut the door behind me with a grin. "Guys you have to hear this," I laughed.

Jared groaned and slowly got off the couch. "I like sitting down after sweating to death thank you," he grumbled at me as he poked his head out the door. He had to hold some of his hair out of his face. Again screams echoed in the hallway. "Jesus!" He grinned and moved so Tomo could see.

Tomo waved down the hall and laughed at the responding screams. He quickly shut the door behind him still laughing. "You'd think that they'd lose their voices by now."

Jared chuckled, "I'm sure they do afterwords."

I nodded in agreement. Sighing, I sat down on the couch. Moments after, a quick knock on the door, and Mike, our main tech man stuck his head into the room.

"Time to go?" Jared asked. His blue eyes lit up and he grinned. Meeting our fan-based family was one of Jared's favorite things to do. He quickly grabbed a water bottle. He turned to us, "Let's go!"

We all laughed at his excitement and followed him down the hallway to a large room filled with at least two hundred people. Once they saw us, the screaming started up again. I grinned and worked my way into the crowds.

It took almost three hours of shaking hands, taking pictures and laughing at Jared's crazy jokes for almost the entire group to leave. All that was left was two women. They were calmly talking to one of the security guards about something. It must have been entertaining; they all were laughing.

I tapped Jared on the back and nodded towards with a grin on my face. Together we approached the trio.

Jared reached out and tapped one on the shoulder. She turned and smiled shyly at us. Jared grinned, "You certainly are patient; three hours later and you're still here."

"Why leave after the first hour if you knew that you'd eventually get to meet one of your idols?" She giggled. Her laugh was gentle and reminded me of wind chimes in the summer. She blushed and held out her hand to me. "I'm Tosha and this is my sister, Emberleigh."

I grinned and shook her hand gently. She was stronger than I had expected. "Nice to meet you Tosha." I turned to her sister and held out my hand. "And you as well, Emberleigh."

She looked down at the ground before finally smiling at me. "Hi." She carefully took my hand and shook.

Jared stepped forward and swept them into a tight hug. "Hello!" He called playfully.

I rolled my eyes at my brother. "Show off."

He snorted, "No, this is showing off." He reached out and brought Emberleigh's hand to his mouth and gently kissed it.

She tugged on her hand. "Kind gesture, but I don't sleep with band members."

A snort of laughter escaped me as I stared at Jared's shocked face. He wasn't going to get this girl as easily as he thought.

"Ember, that was so mean!" Her sister frowned.

Emberleigh shrugged and turned to me. "Was that mean?"

I nodded. "A little, but how funny it was cancelled it out."

She nodded and laughed. After a few seconds we all joined in her laughter. Well, all of us exept Jared.

You all left me."

I jumped at Tomo's sudden comment. I craned my neck to the side and sighed. "Where the hell did you come from?"

"I had to piss."

"Lovely," Tosha laughed.

Emberleigh shook her head and pulled out her phone. "Oh it's late. Is there anything open at three in the morning? I'm starving."

"McDonald's," Jared frowned. "That's all I can think of right now."

"That'll work." Tosha nodded and dug in her purse. Her chestnut hair rustled and fell in her face. She sighed and tried to push it back, but Emberleigh beat her to it; she gathered it and held it in a ponytail for her. "Thanks." Tosha muttered as she pulled her keys out.

Emberleigh looked over at us. "Do you want to come with? I'll pay."

"And drive. I hate cities." Tosha handed her the keys with a frown.

I looked at Tomo and Jared before speaking. "Yeah I'm hungry too."

Tomo nodded in agreement.

"It's settled; McDonald's it is." Tosha started walking towards the door leaving us no choice but to follow.

I fell into step with Emberleigh. She looked over and smiled at me. "Thanks for coming. I didn't want to hear Tosha complain that Jared didn't kiss her hand."

I chuckled, "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll kiss her soon. He has an ego to nurse."


Amused, I effortlessly wrapped my arm around her waist as we walked. She stepped a little closer to me and my heart beat sped up.

Isn't this interesting?
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