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If Kids Don't Believe, Make Them Believe

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"If the kids won't believe in it, you gotta make them; we have to." *Jalex Oneshot*

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If Kids Don't Believe, Make Them Believe

"Come on, Barakat!" Alex Gaskarth, lead singer and front man of All Time Low, shouted from outside the bathroom door, as he hopped from foot to foot, waiting for the guitarist to be done in the bathroom. "I gotta piss really badly!"

"Give me a fucking second!" Jack shouted back, with a laugh. Inside the cramped bus bathroom, Jack was busy perfecting his most prized feature on his entire body, besides his penis, which was his hair. At times, he'd spend near to an hour, a billion-and-two hair products spewed about the room, as the guitarist scooped up gels and shampoos and added them to his spiked hair, which, in Alex's eyes, was already perfect. Soon, Jack was out of the bathroom, smirking at the red-faced singer as he held in his piss.

"There." Alex sped into the bathroom, and Jack heard the zipper unzip and the piss pour out of the singer, and the sigh of pleasure as it did. He laughed at the singer's pleasure of peeing, and then walked down the bus aisle to the back room, where Rian and Zack, the other members of All Time Low, playing video games, the one video game being Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

"God damn it, Zack!" Rian stood up, just as Jack walked in, and threw down his controller in anger. "You killed me, again!"

"Not my fault you don't know how to play this game.." Zack laughed at the drummer's anger, earning him a scowl and the finger, in which he laughed again.

"Hey, can I play?" Jack asked, as he always loved to play a bit of COD every now and again. Zack nodded, and Jack picked up the controller that was on the floor, dusting it off, before taking Rian's spot on the sofa and beginning the next game. Rian frowned, and walked out the back lounge and out to the kitchen of the bus, grabbing a beer, just as Alex walked into the room.

"Hey, man," He said, sitting in one of the comfy bean bag chairs on the bus. "Gimme a beer."

"No way, man." Rian said, closing the fridge door as he put the beer on the side, and Alex quickly grabbed it off the side and opened it, before Rian turned around and saw him taking a swig.

"Hey, that's my beer!" Rian was ready to belly-flop onto the singer, before Jack walked into the room.

"Gaskarth, I'm going to ask you nicely, give back Rian's beer." He said, trying to keep a straight face.

"No way, Barakat." Alex laughed. "If he wants it back, he'll have to fight me for it."

"Alex, you know he'll snap you like a fucking twig, just give it back."

"Suck my dick, man." Alex said, and Rian looked shocked at the comment coming from the singer's mouth. "Not you, Rian." Rian sighed with relief.

"Good, because you know-"

"Yeah we know," Jack rolled his eyes, knowing the statement the drummer made every time Alex brought up a comment about sucking his dick. "You have a girlfriend."

"You could still be bisexual.." Alex chucked, and Rian gave him the finger, before taking the beer out the singer's hands and stalking back to the back room. "Zack, be prepared for a rematch!"

"So," Jack mumbled. "You really want me to suck your dick?"

"Fuck yes, you sassy homo." Alex rose from his spot with a devilish smile creeping on his lips, and the guitarist and the singer stalked off to the bunks.


"I don't know about this, man," Jack fumbled with his guitar, backstage at the O2 Arena, as All Time Low prepared for their set. "I mean, coming out how we're both gay and are together, isn't that gonna set something off?"

"Yes, of course it will, but you gotta be ready to take the rush, babe." Alex planted a kiss on the guitarist's cheek, as he began to hear the cheers of the many fans that had come to see them tonight. "Now, it's showtime!"

The four men set out towards the stage, and the cheers got louder and louder, and once they stepped on that stage, the crowd erupted with cheers. The set began with Dear Maria, then onto Backseat Serenade, and then onto For Baltimore, when Alex stopped after the song to talk to the crowd, like all rockstars did.

"Now, I don't know if I'm all hyped up with the energy of tonight, but I really got to tell you guys something." Alex paced the stage, the crowd following him with their eyes, before Alex stopped by Jack, and wrapped a hand around his shoulders, pulling him in for a full-on make out session, making the fangirls scream with glee, before Alex pulled away and put his lips to the microphone. "But, I'm gay."

Once the news was out, the fangirls screamed again. Then, the cheers of 'Kiss him!' came out the crowd, and Alex obliged to the crowd's wishes, and then he pulled Jack in again, and putting his lips to Jack's, and after a good few minutes, he slapped Jack's butt and whispered the following words.

"We made them believe, babe.." and then the set continued.
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