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Blessing or Burden (Joel & Benji Madden plus others) pt 2

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First day of school, well you know how that is

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You pull your hair into a ponytail and zip up your hoodie. You take one last look at your reflection, your wearing your black combats your black Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie and a black vest with a bleeding heart on it. You put your black hoop earings in and walk out your room closing the door behind you.

You run down the stairs and straight out the door locking it behind you, your mum already left for work 30 mins before.

You arrive at your new school and it everything you hoped it wouldn't be. There are cheerleaders practicing on the grass to the left and jocks tossing a ball to your right. You walk right passed them with your head up and into the main building.
When you got the letter of acceptance to the new school, it said to meet with the principal for a 'introduction meeting'. You arrive at his office and knock on the door, the first thing you hear are raised voices. You look around to make sure no one is watching and press your ear against the door.
'One more strike and your outta here Mr Combs is that clear.' Someone on ther other sides shouts.

You jump back as the door flies open and a boy storms out. He looks you up and down smiles and then walks off.

Your interview was quick and before you know it your at your first lesson. You walk in and a feeling of dread hits you.
'You must be Reign Mercer' the teacher says looking at the register.
'Yes that's me' you say as you start walking to the nearest desk.
'well now hold on a minute tell us a little about yourself. My name is Mr Timms' the teacher continues.
'No one cares she a freak' a boy in a blue top shouts and the class burst into laughter.
'That's enough of that Campbell' Mr Timms says glaring at the boy.
'My names Reign I just moved here from London England with my mum, I have straight teeth, I don't drink tea and I don't know the queen. I just thought I'd clear that up' you say before taking a seat.
There were a few giggles but after they died down the class was relatively calm and normal except for the guy who kept staring at you.
'Why are you staring at me?' you snap at him.
'Its just the way you look' he replies eyeing you.
'What's wrong with the way I look?' You retort
'Nothing its fine, I like it' he says smiling ta you.
You turn back to what you were doing and it suddenly occurs to you that you've seen him before.
'Didn't I just see you at the Principals office?' you whisper to him without looking up.
'Me! No that must've been my...'
The bell rings cutting him off. You stuff your books in your bag and make your way outside looking for your locker.

'Hey Reign wait up' you turn and see the guy from class jogging up to you. You stop and wait for him to catch up.
'My names Joel' he says smiling
'Joel? Well since you already know my name there's nothing left to say so I'm gonna go' you say starting to walk off.
'Wait I thought I could help you out, help you get to know the place.'he offers kindly.
'No thanks, I'll be fine on my own.' you reply honestly walking off.
'Suit yourself but you'll be back.' he shouts after you.
You smile to yourself and carry on walking.
The rest of the day goes by in a blur, no taunts, no name calling and no bulling.
You get home and collapse on your bed after surviving your first day.
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