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Happy As Fuck Again!

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:) I love this mood, don't you?

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I'm super happy again, for the same reason as yesterday.
Mayday Parade. They make me happy.

So, for this good mood, I shall update the following fics today:-

- Weirdos And Homosexuals
- The Origami Killer Returns
- Danger Days: New Rebellion


I think also I'll download Alone by FIR on my phone too.


(Am I annoying you with the ':D' face?)

Can I tell you guys a secret?

You move in a bit


You move in a bit more


You stand right by my face

Not that close. You shuffle back better.

Anyway, would you guys judge me if I say I watched Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience last night? Because.. I did.



I only have one:

- Collide by HatedEyes.

I wrote a Jalex oneshot last night.
If you guys wanna read that.


I saw Guy-Who-Likes-BMTH today.
Once at break, he was RIGHT BY ME.
And at lunch, multiple times.
And on the way home, he was at the crossing I was at.

I never talked to him though.
You know me, I told you I can barely talk to anyone that isn't you guys, or Ellie, my friend at school who likes bands and was supposed to go to the PTV concert but didn't but it never mattered because I never actually went even though I really really fucking wanted to and now PTV are like in Ireland or something I miss them and holy shit this is a long this I should really punctuate this otherwise I might run out of breath..

So, how was your day guys?

And, Ash, you'd make a really cool sister if you were Alex's sister, like, seriously. Find Alex Gaskarth's parents and beg them to sign an adoption paper or something.

flys away on nyan cat giggling happily
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