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Blessing or Burden (Joel & Benji Madden plus others) pt 3

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The taunting had to start sometime

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So you've been at the school for a month and of course the name-calling has begun. You ignore it though who cares what those fakers and assholes think of you. You've seen Joel around a couple of times with his twin, who you found out was called Benji and two other guys and Joel's in most of your classes. You keep a casual relationship with him, just a hi and bye type of relationship and for the better part it suits you. You really don't wanna get too attatched to people here.

You left pretty late that afternoon, you were studying in the library for a math quiz you tomorrow and to tell the honest truth you're not thrilled about it Math is definitley not yourstrongest subject.

You walk out the building and take a deep breath feeling the crisp air rush through your lungs and you instantly feel better. You start walking home when you hear a shout coming from the side of the building. You walk over cautiously and peek your head around the corner. You see three girls and one of them is backed into a wall and she looks really frightened. You carry on watching unable to take your eyes off the scene when one girl with blonde hair slaps the girl in the corner across her face.
The girl in the corner falls to the ground as the blonde girl punches her. A river of blood floods down the girls face. Unable to take it anymore you drop your bag and step out from behind the corner.

'Hey bitch back the fuck off' you scream at the blonde.
Both girls turn around and the girl in the corner looks up.
'You're the new girl, from London right?' says the blonde girl walking towards you.
'Yeah so what's your point?' you ask walking toward them.
'Well if I were you I'd leave now before you end up like that bitch in the corner' she replies with a nasty smile.
'Sure I'll leave, if she comes with me' you say motioning to the quivering girl on the floor.
'Well that's sweet but we have unfinished business so I'm afraid she'll be staying.' she turns and walks back to her friend and the beaten girl.
'Touch her again and you'll be picking yourself up from off the floor' you shout after the blonde.
'You obviously don't know who your messing with?'
'Oh please your blonde I know exactly what I'm dealing with.' you retort
'Bring it on bitch' she says running up to you and slapping you clear across the face splitting your lip. You recover quickly punching her, but she grabbs you and trips you over, you land with a thud face down on the cold tarmac and she wastes no time. She plunges her foot into your stomach sending shokwaves of pain rippling through you. You breath through the pain and as she goes to kick you again you grab her leg digging your nails into her calf bringing her down. You climb on top of her and start punching her in the face, you feel warm blood pouring from her nose on to your clothes and hands but that doesn't stop you.
All of a sudden you feel a sharp kick in your ribs that sends you rolling off the blonde and on to the cold ground, you push yourself up with you hands preparign to get up, but another kick hits your stomach before you can get your bearings and you collapse. You roll onto your back and look up, the blondes friend is kneeling over her asking if she okay. You get up with anger pumping through your veins you run at the other girl punch her square in her jaw. You follow her as she hits the floor and you kick her in the back. With both the girls down you run over to the girl in the corner, her nose seems to have stopped bleeding but she's shaking badly.
You reach out to help her up but she flinches.
'It's okay I'm not goning to hurt you' you reassure her.
You help her up and sense a presence behind you, you try to turn but a hand grabs the back of your head and slams it into the concrete wall. You stumble back and the world starts spinning before your eyes. You grab your bleeding head and turn around to see the blonde and her friend running off.

You take a few minutes to recover, just above your left eyebrow a small cut had formed allowing blood to seep from your head.
'Are you okay?' The girl asks timidly
'Yeah I'm fine' You say pushing yourself off the wall.
'I'm Sarah Madden' she says smiling slightly.
'I'm Reign Mercer' you say smearing the blood from your lip onto your cheek.
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