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Two Heads Are Better Than One.

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Frank and Gerard's love story. (I already had this up but something went wrong. So I'll try and re-upload it.)

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Frank's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blairing Yo Ho BOTDF.
"Ugh!" I groaned, rolling over and landing on the floor.
"Ow!" I said rubbing my arm. My dog Sweetpea ran into my room followed my Angel. They jumped on me then started licking my face.
"Ah! Stop!" I yelled. giggling. They barked and ran out. I got up and got dressed. I walked into the bathroom and fixed my hair and putting my make-up on.
Yes, I wear make-up, but not like, drag queen make-up, like red eye-shadow and black guy-liner. I look in the mirror... sexy. I smirk and run down to get
"Hello~ everyone!" I said, walking into the kitchen.
"Hey!" My mom, dad, and sister said back.
"Hey Frankie, I need help on this." My sister, Sam, says as she sits next to me.
"Okay, what is it?" She smiles and gives me the sheet of paper.
"Math." I sigh.
"Lovely." I say in my thick british accent.
"I'm sorry brother." She says, giggling. I smile and look at it.
"Let's get this over with."


Here I am again, staring. Yea I know, sad right? I can't help it. He's so dreamy... Gerard Way that is. Quarter-back of the football team. He's sexy and
the best part of watching him practice is when he takes off his shirt. Ooohh yeeah!
"Frank!" Kat yells right beside my ear. I scream and fall off the bleacher.
"Kat! What the hell!" I yell, laughing. She smiles and looks behind her.
"I have a secret!" She yells at me. I laugh.
"It's not very secretive if you're yelling it." She puts on a thinking face then makes an 'o' expression. Dumbass.
"Anyway, Rae got a boyfriend!" I smile.
"Who?" She looks at the football feild then says,
"Michael." My eyes widen.
"The football kicker?" I ask. She nodds her head really fast and squeals.
"Hey fuck-nuggets." Rae says, coming up the bleachers.
"Hey love-muffin'." I say giggling. She smiles then punches me in the arm.
"Shut the hell up!" She says blushing.
"Hahahaha!" I laugh.
"Atleast I'm not over the hills in love with-" I put my hand over her mouth and glare at her.
"Not. Another. Word." I say warningly. She rolls her eyes and sighs.
"When are you actually going to talk to him, Frankie? You've been crushing all year!" It's true.
"I don't know what to say! Or what to talk about! What if I say something stupid or something?" I ask, breathing in and out.
"Frank! Calm down soldier!" Rae says loudly. I stop and stare at her.
"I'm scared of rejection." I sigh and look down. Everyone is silent. I look at the football feild and see that practice is over.
"Hey look guys, I'm gonna head to music class and practice my piece. I'll text when I'm done, 'kay?" I ask, putting my bookbag on my shoulder and walking
down the bleachers.
"Later!" They yell. I sigh, letting my thoughts go to Gerard. Why would he be intrested in me? Yes, he's gay but I'm me! Who would ever like me? Even someone
like Gerard. Dreamy, sweet, caring, sexy, I bet a beast in bed, non-selfish. And above all perfect.

I get to the music room and sit down on the piano. My peice is Secrets by Onerepublic.

I finished and sighed. All of the sudden I heard clapping. I turned around and saw-
"Gerard!" I said surprised. "What- how- how long w-were you right there?" I ask stuttering. What?! I can't help it!
"Wow... you are REALLY good." He said smiling. I giggled.
"T-thanks" I said, still giggling a little. He chuckled and sat next to me.
"Do you play alot?" He asks, stroking the keys.
"Almost everyday. It helps when you know what the different keys are." I said, chuckling at myself.
"Did you not know when you started playing?" He asks me. I look at him for the first time up close and I forgot what I was gonna say.
"Uh.... no. Not really." I say looking back at the keys.
"What other songs do you know?" He asks, looking at me. I think a moment, then it hits me. To tell Gerard how I feel without him knowing.
Biting my lip, I walk over to the guitars and pick up Bella, that's the one I use, I walk back over to Gerard.

"Wow." Gerard breaths. "You are very talented." I laugh a little.
"I like to play with the heart." I say. I stare in his eyes and get lost. I start to lean in and the guitar hits the piano key, knocking sense back into me.
"U-um... s-sorry." I say getting up and putting my guitar back. My phone vibrates and I see it's from Rae.
From: Raetard
To: Frankinstein
'Bruh, come on! Band meeting! Stat! We found a bassist!'
I smile and grab my bag. I look ay Gerard.
"A-again... I'm really... really sorry." I turn and walk towards the door.
"Frank!" I turn around and look at Gerard. He's standing up now, beside the piano.
"Yeah?" I ask.
"Would you um... like to get coffee with me sometime?" Oh. My. God.
"Uh.. yeah sure. I-i'd love to." I smile. He sighs.
"Good. Uh, wait!" He runs to me and opens a sharpie. Then he rights something on my arm and I can't help but giggle.
"That tickles." I say, giggling. He laughs and puts the lid back on. I look at my arm and see his number. Hell yeah. I look back up to see him smiling.
"I'll put this to good use." I say smirking. He laughs and looks down then looks back up.
"I hope you do." I smile and sigh.
"Bye Gerard." He leans in and kisses my cheek.
"Bye Frankie." I blush and smile like an idiot. Biting my lip, I turn around and open the door.
I walk out and do a victory dance. I skip down the hall and go to my house, this day justs gets better.

"I'm home~" I yell, walking into Rae's garage.
"In here!" I hear Rae yell. I walk in and see Rae, Kat, Raeven and some other chick.
"Frankie darling! This is Lindsay! She's our new bassast!" I look at Lindsay and smile.
"Hi, Lindsay. Nice to meet you." She smiles and shakes my hand.
"You too." Rae runs and gets a box.
"Frankie, I know your birthday isn't until next month, but I really wanted to give you this!" I take the box and open it.
"Oh my god..." It was my grandmother's necklace that said 'Be Strong' on a rainbow. It was meant for gay pride. She told me I would have it when she...
"Wait... she's... she's gone?" I ask. Rae smiles sadly and nods, then opens her arm and I fall in them and start crying. Then, I feel four other arms and
know that Kat and Raev are hugging me.
"Shh... it's okay, honey. It's okay..." I hear Rae's soothing voice and calm down almost right then. I hear someone sniffle then look and see Lindsay
tearing up and she looks at me with a pleading look. I nod and she runs and hugs me.
"Ugh! I don't like it when people cry!" She yells. I giggle and let go of her. She smiles and kisses my forhead.
"I'm sorry love. I know how you feel. But we gotta stick together." She winks and pats my back.
"Thanks..." I say smiling. Rae coughs very loudly and I think I heard her say 'gay'.
"Umm...Frank?" I hear Kat question. I look over at her.
"What is on your arm?" I look at my arm and remember.
"Gerard gave me his number!" I squeal! My friends start jumping up and down and Lindsay looks puzzled for a moment.
"I'm gay." I say. She squels and then hugs me.
"You just more adorable by the minute!" I giggle.
"Thank you!" I say smiling.
"So Frankie... you gonnna call him?" I hear Rae ask.
"Oh! Sure!" I say smiling. I pull out my phone and text Gerard's number.

To: Gerard
From: Frankinstein.
'I hid the body, what do I do now?'

I giggle at the text I write then press send. Not a minute later Iget a text back.

From: Gerard
To: Frankinstein
'Rape it.'

I burst out laughing, causing everyone to look at me, and reply.

To: Gerard
From: Frankinstein
'Too late ^_^'

Rae looks at me funny then speaks.
"The fuck?" I laugh again. Then my phone goes off.

From: Gerard
To: Frankinstein
'Hmph... well you're ahead of scheduale.'

I smile and reply.

To: Gerard
From: Frankinstein.
'So Gerard. When are we getting that coffe?'

From: Gerard
To: Frankinstein
'When ever your beautiful heart desires ;)'

I bit my lip and giggle.

To: Gerard
From: Frankinstein.

From: Gerard
To: Frankinstein
'Excellent! After practice I'll meet up with you at the gate. Sound good?'

I sigh dreamily.

To: Gerard
From: Frankinstein.
'Sounds great!'

From: Gerard
To: Frankinstein
'Perfect. See you at 4. ;)

To: Gerard
From: Frankinstein.
'Can't wait'

I squeal and flop down on my back. I giggle and look at Rae whose face is like 'What the hell man?!'
"I have a date with a sex God!" I squeal, again, and this time, my friends join me.

Gerard's POV
I can't believe I have a date with Frank! I've been crushing ever sense he first got here. I still remember how we met.

I was walking to class when someone bumped into me. I look down and saw a boy, laying on the floor.
"Oh, hey! You alright?" I ask, helping him up. He's tiny.
"Y-yeah, just wasn't watching where I was going. Tends to happen when I listen to music. Sorry." He looks up and it feels as though time has stopped. This
boy is beautiful and ravishing. My mind goes blank and I think at all. My mind is filled with this boy's face.
"Um.... uh...... hi?" I ask, still not being able to think. He laughs a little and smiles.
"Hi! My name is Frank, by the way, Frank Iero." He sticks out his hand for me to shake.
"Uh... G-gerard, Gerard Way." I say, shaking his hand.
"Well, Gerard Way, I have to go to class. See you around. Ciao!" He turns and walks down the hall to his class. While I am still trying to process how the
hell someone as beautiful as him could come to this school...
"Uh...... bye." I sigh, even though he's already gone. Wow.......
"Best day ever!" I yell, pumping my fist in the air.

When I walking, I didn't notice walking into someone and stopped when I noticed them jump back.
"Oh uh, sorry." I started to walk away when someone grabbed my arm. I turned and saw a girl smiling at me.
"Uh, yeah?" I ask, not really knowing why she stopped me.
"Are you Gerard?" She asked, flirtly.
"Uh, yeah, why?" She handed me a sheet of paper with writing on it.
"Call me." She said, winking. I raised my eyebrows and scoffed.
"Sorry, hoe, I like dick." I said sassly, and walked away. I heard her yelling at me but ignored her.


Later on during the day, I ran into Bob and Ray.
"Sup, Geetard?" Ray asked, walking beside me to my right, Bob to my left.
"Got a date tomorrow. What about you guys?" I asked. They looked atr me shocked for a moment.
"A date? With who?" Bob asked.
"Frank Iero?" I said smirking. Ray laughed and Bob just chuckled.
"Wooow, Gee. Finally had the balls huh?" Bob laughed. I play punched him and chuckled.
"Yeah actually." I said, smiling. Ray laughed and patted my back.
"Good luck man. You know how many fan-girls are gonna target him and shit right?" Bob asked.
"Yeah. But he's not gonna care though. He really doesn't care." I said smiling.
"Well, time to go home, Mikey might be there alone by now. Later guys!" I ran home and opened the door.
"Mikey!" I yelled. I walked into the kitchen and poored me some coffee.
"Gee! I made a new fwiend today!" He screamed running towards me. I laughed at his cuteness and picked him up.
"What's his or her name?" I asked. He smiled and picked up his chocolate milk, he sipped and smiled. He sat it down and looked at me with his poker face.
"You weady?" I laughed at his determenation face.
"Yes." I nodded. He rubbed his hands together and breathed in deep.
"His name....... is........ Jayy! He's really cute and he gives me his juice boxes and sings songs that his brother tought him! He's so nice and I think I'm
in love!!!!" I laughed as he fake fainted in my arms. I started to tickle him and he magically came back to life.
"No! I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!" He screamed as he laughed. I giggled and hugged him. He hugged back and kissed my cheek.
"Who's his brother?" I asked Mikey.
"His name is Dahvie. He's living here with his husband." He waddled to the paint room and picked up a drawing he did.
"What's this?" I asked, looking at the drawing.
"That's me and Jayy holding hands..." He said blushing. AWWWHH!!
"That's so sweet!" I yelled, picking up Mikey and kissing his face.
"Ahh! Stop!" I laughed and set him down.
"So tomorrow you start 1st grade. How do you feel?" I asked Mikey as we walked to the play room.
"Really good since I found out I'm in ALL of Jayy's classes!" He giggled and skipped to the leggo building me and him have worked on all month. It was huge!
"I'll be taking you to class and picking you up." I said, adding a leggo. Mikey looked at the leggoes for awhile then picked up one and added it to the
"Good. I can show you Jayy and you can approve." I laughed and shook my head.
Frank's POV*
"FRRRRRAAAAANNNNKKKKIIIIIEEEE!" I heard Sam yell. I laughed and walked to her room.
"WWWHHHHAAAATTTT?!" I yelled back. She looked shocked at me then scoffed.
"Didn't have to yell." I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
"What's up?" I asked sitting on her bed next to her.
"I need to have girl talk and you're all I got."
"Well then, love you, too, Sammy." I said scoffing. She laughed and hit me playfully.
"I mean, there's this girl I like and I know she's gay because she said it and she's had girlfriends before. I heard from a friend that she liked me too and
that I should go for it but I learned from you that you shouldn't believe everything you hear so I don't know-" I cut her off before she could finish.
"SAMMY!" I yelled laughing. She stopped and look at me innocently.
"Yeah?" She blinked. I laughed and patted her back.
"Look, I'll get mom out of the house long enought so that you can invite her over and talk to her, Kay?" I asked looking at her smiling.
"Thank you!!!" She tackled me to the ground and started kissing my face. I giggled and pushed her off me.
"OFF you fat lard!" She yelled. I laughed and went into my room. Then my phone rang.
"Welcome to Joe's hoe shop, you got the doe, we got the hoes, this is Frankie." I answered. I heard the other person on the line laugh and my heart sped up.
"Well, I already have a hoe, sorry." I scoffed.
"What is THAT suppose to mean?!" I yelled. He laughed again and I heard a bang.
"Mikey! I told not to jump off the couch!" I giggled.
"You never said that! You said not to paint, draw and pee on it!" I heard Gerard sigh.
"Whatever. Sorry about that, Mikey's high on suger- Mikey don't drink anymore! You're hyped up enough!" I giggled again and then I heard foot steps.
"Frankie? Can you come here?" I heard my mom yell from the door.
"Okay! Hey Gerard?" I heard ruffles and I heard someone yelp.
"Yeah?" I heard the strain in his voice and got worried.
"Gerard? Are you okay?" I heard him cough and got even more worried.
"Mikey... kicked me in the balls." I couldn't help but giggle.
"I'm sorry." I said giggling.
"Don't worry about it. Your giggle makes me better." I giggled even more and blushed.
"Oh, stop it you." I said giggling. I heard him chuckle and blushed.
"You ready for our date tomorrow?" He asked.
"Yes! I mean- uh.... yeah, sure." I said casually. I heard him giggle. Damn that giggle.
"You don't sound so eager... Might have to change plans." I shot up.
"What? No! Don't!" I heard him laugh in the back ground and blushed 50 shades of red.
"Well Frankie, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." He purred in the phone. I know he fucking did. That bastard.
"B-bye Gerard." I stuttered and then face palmed myself.
"GERARD!!! I STEPPED ON A LEGGO!!!" I heard Mikey yell.
"I'll pray for him." I said seriously.
"Oh, dear God thank you, Frankie. I'm coming Mikey! Later Frank"
"Later." He hung up and I sighed happily. Well, our date was tomorrow. I got up and played Candyland by BOTDF and started dancing. Tomorrow will be awesome!

Hey everyone! Mari here. If you can, send me some reviews on how you want the date to go and some ideas for the next chapter! Winner will take full credit. XOXO X_ragemuch_X
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