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Let It All Burn

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A twisted version of Hansel and Gretel. Something I did for my English. R & R?

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Let It All Burn

In the industry of fame, everyone has something to hide - a dirty habit, cheating on your significant other, lying about how much wealth you possess. For Robert and Reinette, it was their children.

Hansel and Gretel weren't your average teenagers - unless average teenagers were certifiable psychopaths. Spilling blood was their speciality, and they adored it. They were almost vampiristic, in a way. The sight of blood made their senses tingle, it spread a sadistic smile across their lips. Robert and Reinette didn't care about their kids' odd behaviour. They cared about how popular they were, and how shiny and perfect their social image was. The mental health and well being of their 'children' never crossed their minds.

Hansel and Gretel were cold, standoffish teenagers, with hearts of stone and virtually no emotion. Their eyes were empty when they smiled, and that is always the sign of a psycho. They held no remorse as they slowly slit open a frog. They could do vile things and not regret anything. For the most, Hansel and Gretel were sociopaths.

The media, as they still are, were relentless. They refused to leave well enough alone. They needed to find secrets, dirty little secrets, they needed to wreck reputations and tear apart love and families. When they found out about Hansel and Gretel, evil crooked smiles spread across their evil, crooked faces. They had found something to ruin them.

As Robert gazed at the newspaper laid strewn across the table, his eyes widened and his heart pumped. He was scared, not for the welfare and well-being of his children; but for his fame, his wealth. He looked over at Hansel and Gretel fleetingly. Their eyes were cold and hard. Reinette's face was flushed, her eyes wide. She gestured him over, only to whisper into his ear.

"We must get rid of the children," she whispered.

"How?" He inquired.

"Take them deep into the woods. Lose them."

So forth, Robert instructed Hansel and Gretel to get dressed, and follow him into the woods. They did, not bothering to ask about his intentions. Robert had not shown them love or affection in at least 16 years, why would he start now? As he lead them into the woods, he growled harshly.

"Do not come back."

Not bothering to question why, Hansel and Gretel nodded, wandering away from the man that was biologically their father and emotionally a stranger.

It didn't take long for the teenagers to become swallowed in the woodlands, darkness overpowering and showering the woods in complete blackness. They had not eaten well in the morning, hunger was now evident as their stomachs rumbled and cried out for food, minds numb and almost scared of what could happen. However, they both knew that if anything potentially dangerous came into view, they could simply slaughter it without feeling remorse or regret.

Wandering on, Hansel's eyes narrowed as a small house came into view - a house that looked fairly normal, except for the fact it was painted a tantalizing blood red. Gretel nodded, understand her brother's words even thought he had not spoken.

"Come, let's go investigate."

As they neared the house, the smell of blood filled their nostrils and let their stomachs yelp in delight. The smell was mixed - there was animal blood and human blood, a metallic and salty mix, warm and dripping off the walls. Extending a slender, pale hand to scrape a finger against the walls, Gretel let out a soft gasp as she recognized the taste of blood on her tongue.

"Who's there?" A voice called. Looking up, Hansel and Gretel saw a beautiful young woman, with jet-black hair that fell in straight sheets to her waist, and sapphire blue eyes that haunted you as you fell into the screaming abyss of sleep.

"Who are you?" Gretel hissed, teeth gritted and eyes narrowed as far as they could be narrowed.

"My name is Belladonna. Please, come inside. Are you hungry?"

It was at this point where Hansel's stomach let a monstrous roar rip. A knowing smirk spread across Belladonna's lips as she ushered the two teenagers into her house, before transforming into a small, wrinkled, and utterly hideous witch.

"You look good enough to eat," she cackled at Hansel. Rage boiled in the boy's blood, and he raised a hand to backhand slap her across the cheek. The outline of his hand littered her cheek, a bright red shape. Infuriated, the witch leapt upon Hansel's thin frame.

"I'll kill you for that, you awful being!"

This is where Gretel snapped. No one had ever threatened her brother, mainly because if anyone got too close, the pair ended up murdering them in cold blood. The very idea of someone killing her brother made Gretel want to throw herself off the top of the blood-covered house. With fury in her eyes, Gretel reached a hand round, clamping it over the witch's mouth.

"Say that again, I dare you."

"I'll kill him."

"Not before I kill you first."

Offering Hansel a vicious smirk, she threw the old woman towards him. His firm arms wrapped round her waist, holding her in a death grip as Gretel examined the house for weapons. A dark chuckle left her lips as she held up a sharp knife.

"You thought you could use this on me? Think again."

Placing the knife against the left corner of the witch's lips, she held no sorrow as she tore the flesh, blood spilling and flowing down the witch's jaw in the knife's wake. She did the same with the right corner of the witch's lips, leaving a Chelsea Grin across the old woman's face, blood pouring down and splattering on the floor in a sort of macabre waterfall.

"Place her on the ground, Hansel." Gretel's words were harsh as she once again studied the small building for a weapon. Choosing a large sledgehammer, she nodded at her brother, who now had the sobbing and screaming witch tackled to the ground.

"No one hurts my brother," Gretel whispered as she crouched down above the witch's leg, raising the sledgehammer before bringing it down. The sound of a bone cracking filled the room before garbled screams emitted from the witch's throat. Moving to her other leg, Gretel did the same, the sound of the bone shattering bouncing off the walls. Gretel did this with the witch's arms, too. Raising the same knife as before, she made a slit in the witch's pinafore to expose the ugly flesh of her stomach.

"You don't need your appendix," Gretel laughed horrendously as she made a large incise in the witch's side, more crimson liquid decorating the floor. Gretel didn't consider the witch's pain for a moment, inserting a hand into the incision. She had practice in this, and once her fingers grasped the old woman's appendix, she gave a rough yank, and the small appendage detached and lay useless in her hand. Retracting it and throwing it to the floor, Gretel gave a soft smirk.

"You can die now," she screamed as she dug her hand back into the witch's inside again, grasping the beginning of her small intestines, and stepping back. The pink tube was revealed to the world as Gretel began running backwards, letting it unravel.

"Set fire to her, Hansel! Set fire!"

Hansel nodded and let out a gleeful screech, throwing a lit match down onto the witch's now limp body.

"Burn! Let it all burn!" The two screamed. When the witch's intestines could no longer go any further, Gretel dropped it, then the two began to run, as far away from the inferno of a house as they could. They ran back through the forest, and back to the house they had grown up in. On inspection, the house was completely empty, with only a simple note left.

"We cannot be related. Goodbye, killer children."

As Robert and Reinette found their seats on the first plane far away, they had no regrets in leaving their children. They did, though, have regrets when their children hunt them down and held guns to their foreheads.

Bang, bang.
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