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You'll Never Understand

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I dedicate this to my role model and hero, (John Cena)who I don't like as much, but I still respect him. Don't judge me. Thank you. :D

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With your humor you made me laugh,

with your positive prescence, you made me smile

you taught me to never give up

and to smile at the negative.

You taught me self respect

and to fight for what I want

but when you weren't what you seemed,

a piece of my heart was gone.

You were my hero and my role model,

who got me through the hard times

I was struck by jealousy, when I saw you lock lips with someone else

when I thought If I could, I'd make you mine.

It's who you are

and everything you are

that made me fall for you

but i fell harder than I landed

you don't seem to care,

and you'll never understand.
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