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Die Farben

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My true colours show.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-05-23 - 165 words - Complete

The title means "The Colours" in German... I think...

The crimson splattered wallpaper reminds me of home,
The crimson in my hair makes me feel nostalgic,
The crimson on my lips makes me seem more appealing,
The crimson down my wrists, my true colours show.

The sapphire sky above me, the world of a dreamer,
The sapphire sea is endless, but chills me to the core,
The sapphire of my eyes, to shock and to stun,
The sapphire down cheeks, my true colours show.

The silver on the handle, the door that I open,
The silver in the sky, stars, so make a wish,
The silver jewellery I wear so that you notice me,
The silver in my hand, my true colours show.

The black floor I sit on seems to pull me down,
The black night sky outside sends a shiver down my spine,
The black clothing that I wear to try and blend in,
The black in my heart, my true colours show.
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