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Chapter 9

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The Switch of Fate

By: USA Tiger

Disclaimer: The characters of The Legend of Zelda series belong to Nintendo.

Chapter 9

Ingo smirked as he watched the green clad teenage boy walk up to him, a glint in those blue eyes.

'There's a sucker born every minute,' the oily Hylain thought to himself, clasping his hands behind his back. This was a young man that wanted to prove something, meaning the teen was an easy picking for rupees.

"There are some people in Kakariko spreading that I cheated Talon out of the ranch," Ingo said when Link was close enough. Navi didn't remember hearing anyone say Talon was cheated, only that he might have been fired.

"Well didn't you," Link said, standing in front of Ingo, one hand on his hip.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Ingo said with a snort, reaching up to stroke his mustache. "That Talon was weak. I poured so much energy into this place! I don't want any strangers like you saying anything bad about me."

Ingo draped his arm over Link's shoulder, drawing the teen closer.

"Listen, her Majesty Zelda recognized my obvious talents and gave the ranch to me!" He said, waving his free hand at the enclosed field. Zelda had nothing to do with Ingo taking control of the ranch; it was all his own work. "I will raise a fine horse and win recognition from our beautiful queen."

Link grit his teeth and shoved Ingo's arm off of his shoulders, feeling dirty just from the man touching him.

"Say young man, why don't you ride one of my fine horses?" Ingo offered, touching his chest. "Just to show you I'm not a bad guy. It will only take a small fee."

"Sure," Link said, hoping he could break the horse out of the locked gates. Ingo smirked as he thought 'hook, line and sinker' as he turned around and unlocked the gate. Once Link paid the requested price, he waved Link in before him into the corral then locked it back behind him. Link scowled and turned away when he saw what Ingo did, looking out at the horses in front of him. He looked around, he hadn't a clue how to ride a horse and no idea which one to chose.

A neighing noise caught Link's attention as he wondered around, making Link turn and his eyes widen as he spied a familiar looking horse.

"Is that Epona?" Navi asked as she noticed as well. Link grinned and ran toward the dark red color mare. Epona reared up on her hind legs and pawed her front legs before running a few feet away, looking at Link's warily. Link frowned, Epona didn't seem to remember him at all and why should she after seven years. How could he get his friend to come to him? An idea lit up in his head and he took out his ocarina, gently playing the song Malon taught him.

Epona's ears perked up as she turned the tune, she hadn't heard it in a long time. The green clan man reminded her of the little boy that played the same song... maybe it was him! The horse neighed again and ran over to Link, nudging her nose under his hand, making him laugh as he stopped playing and started to gently stroke her nose.

"You do remember me," Link said with a smile. Epona nickered and swung her head around to look at her back. Link watched in confusion as Epona did it again.

"I think she wants you to get on," Navi said. Link's eyes lit up and he walked around to the mare's side. He wasn't sure how to get on at first but figured it out quickly, settling himself into the saddle. Epona took off, surprising Link who wasn't ready and fell off. The blond blushed, he could hear Ingo gawffing in the background, and got back up off the ground quickly. He climbed back onto Epona's back, this time hanging on as she took off.

Epona had no bridle so he learned to steer Epona with his knees while he clung one hand onto Epona's white mane. He whooped as Epona jumped over the practice fences in the corral, grinning as he had the time of his life.

"You're getting better!" Ingo said as Link rode past him. Link grinned and directed Epona over to the man. "Say, how about a little race with me? One lap around the corral with that horse?"

"Sure," Link said, petting Epona's neck fondly. Ingo smirked, leading Link and Epona out of the corral along with a brown horse before locking it again. They lined the horses up then Ingo gave a war cry as he kicked his heels into his horse and took off. "Heya!" Epona neighed and shot off, catching up and then passing Ingo's horse.

Ingo was close on Link and Epona's heels but Link still managed to win the race. Ingo jumped off the horse and stomped his feet, digging his hands into his hair.

"Shoot! If the great Zelda finds out about this humiliation..." Ingo whispered to himself, worrying about himself and what Zelda would think. He turned around and pointed a finger at Link. "Hey you! How about another race!"

"What do we get if we win?" Navi asked, flying up into his face.

"If you win you can... you can keep the horse!" Ingo yelled the first thing he could think of. It was just a random horse, it's not like it was the one he was training just for Zelda.

Ingo switched the brown horse out for a black one that was faster. He would not be humiliated again!

Once again the pair lined up at the starting line, Ingo giving another war cry, kicking Link in the leg then taking off, making the teen grunt in pain.

"Hey you cheater!" Navi yelled. Link growled and nudged his heels into Epona's flanks, who took off after the other horse. Ingo cackled, this time he was going to win!

"Come on you stupid horse, faster!" Ingo yelled, kicking the black stallion in the sides. He was almost at the finish line; he would make that little punk pay! At the last minute, Link raced past Ingo and over the finish line, winning the race.

Ingo jumped off the black horse, yelling and throwing a fit once again.

"Ahhhggg! What is up with that horse!?" Ingo yelled, pulling at his hair and looking over at Link. "Is that... is that Epona? How did you tame that wild horse right under my nose!!! I was going to present that horse to her majesty but I bet it on the race and lost! Shoot!!"

Ingo had to think fast, he couldn't let that punk leave with that horse. He couldn't let that punk leave at all! It would get out what happen and he would be humiliated! He calmed down, yes, the boy would stay.

"Heeheehee, as I promised, I'll give the horse to you," Ingo said, twirling his mustache again then ran over to the main gate of the ranch. "However, I'll never let you leave this ranch!" He yelled as he locked the gate up tight, laughing manically.

"Now what do we do?" Navi asked worriedly. Link looked around; the ranch was surrounded by tall wooden walls and the only way out was the gate that Ingo locked. He looked at the wooden walls again, getting an idea.

"Come on Epona," Link said nudging Epona with his knees. The horse nickered, seeming to know what Link wanted and took off, racing full tilt toward the nearest wall.

"Link... Link what are you doing!?" Navi asked as she flew off after them. As Link and Epona neared the wall, the mare took a leap and cleared over the top of the wall, landing in the field outside.

"WOOOO!" Link yelled, taking off his hat and waving it around.


No.... no that little punk couldn't have gotten out.... This was the thought that ran through Ingo's head over and over again as he stared slack jawed at where Link had escaped with his horse.

'It will get out that I lost.... it will get back to the great Zelda....' Ingo thought over and over as he mindlessly walked, dragging his feet, toward the main house.

"Mr. Ingo?" Malon asked softly as the man passed her. Ingo didn't seem to hear her, his only thoughts was on what just happen. The keys that had been in his hand fell out of his limp grip to the grass and he went inside and up to his bed. He laid there for hours, his mind racing until it just seemed to crack and he gave one long scream into the night.


When the keys were dropped near her, Malon picked them up as Ingo disappeared into the house.

"I wonder what the matter with him is," Malon asked softly, looking down at the keys then at the gate. She smiled and ran over; this may be the only chance that the horses got to run around. The red headed Hylain unlocked main gate then the one to the corral, grinning as the horses neighed happily as they were able to run around freely. She even opened the barn, letting out the Cuccos and the cows, who clucked and mooed happily.

She did notice that her favorite horse Epona was gone.... and so was that man in green....


"Come on, let's go back and make sure Ingo gives the back the ranch to Talon and Malon," Link said, nudging Epona to go.

"I don't think we'll have to," Navi said, flying in front of Link to stop him. "Look, those dark clouds that were above the ranch, they're gone... I think whatever evil was there is gone now," Link turned and looked up as well, seeing the fairy was right. "Let’s go to the forest, we've detoured long enough."

Link nodded and turned Epona toward where the forest was, getting across Hyrule was a lot faster with a horse!

Link and Navi arrive around mid afternoon, Link stopping Epona just inside the tree line. He patted her neck and left her to graze as he headed for the tunnel that leads to the Kokiri Forest.

He paused at the lip of the wooden log, how much would have changed in his old village since he had been gone? Would any of the other Kokiris recognize him? Did a new Deku Tree ever spout?

"Come one Link," Navi said softly, nudging his shoulder. She was a bit frightened too; she grew up in the forest, she was afraid to see what happen to her home. Link took a deep breath and stepped inside. Up above, two pair of red eyes watched Link as he traveled into the woods.

"Is that him Brother?" The figure on the right asked the one on the left.

"Yes, that was Link," Sheik said softly. "I was almost afraid he wasn't going to come."

"Oh come on, you always gone on about how great of a Hero Link was going to be. You didn't really doubt him," The other boy said, poking his brother. Sheik chuckled and pushed back at his younger sibling. "So you think he'll awake the Forest Sage and get rid of all the monsters?"

"I know he will," Sheik said, looking over at Kain. "You’re just tired of having to go everyday and wipe out the creatures in the forest."

"I get tired of doing the kid stuff," Kain said with a pout. "You've got a big important mission helping Link, I feel like I'm not doing enough." Sheik chuckled and wrapped his hand around the back of Kain's neck, pressing his forehead against his brother's.

"You do plenty little brother," He assured the other Sheikah. "Go back to the village and tell the elders Link made it. I have to go meet him at the Forest Temple." Kain nodded, pulling up his face mask then hopped through the trees to get to the Sheikah village deep in the woods. Sheik watched the other leave then turned toward the direction of the Lost Woods and tree hopped to the Scared Meadow.


It was much worse than Link thought it would be. He looked around his old village heartbroken, the grasses around the tree houses were overgrown and there were several monsters as well. Mostly Deku-baba's but he could see a couple of Deku's as well.

"What's wrong with those dekus?" Link asked, watching one that spit a Deku nut at an Octorock in the pond at the other end of the village.

"Hmm," Navi turned to look at the Deku as well. Its leafy head was red instead of green and it cackled madly as it spit another nut. "It's a mad scrub; it's a normal Deku scrub that had gone insane."

"Where is everyone?" Link asked as he looked around again. All he could see were the monsters were the villagers even still alive.

"I don't know... but I sense life forms in the houses," Navi said, floating toward the house that belonged to the group known as the Know-It-All Brothers. "Let’s ask and see if everyone is alright." Link followed Navi to the house, pushing aside the curtain and ducking his head so it wouldn't hit the top of the door.


"Who goes there?" Two of the four brothers yelled, one holding up a sling-shot pointed at Link while another held a Deku-stick in front of him. A third one stood nearby, holding his fists up.

"Wait brothers... that's not one of the monsters," The fourth and oldest brother said. Link looked relieved to see Alvin, Theodore, Simon, and Dave all alive and well. (1)

"Keewww? It is safe?" A soft voice asked, surprising Link as a Kikwi peeked its head out from behind a chair.

"Yeah... it's just some guy," Alvin said after a minute of studying Link.

"Why is that fairy following you around? And why are you dressed like a Kokiri?" Simon asked, stepping closer to Link. "You're not one of us!" Link felt like he had been punched in the gut, nobody here recognized him.

"No... I'm... from outside the forest," He finally said, trying to get over the lump in his throat.

"You didn't have any problems entering the forest, mister?" Theodore asked surprised, his hands on his hips. Link shook his head; he didn't have any problems at all.

"Did... did those monsters bother you?" The Kikwi asked, shivering in fright as it remembered what was outside.

"Before the Great Deku Tree died, you wouldn't see things like that around here," Alvin said, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back against the wall. "We have to stay inside since it's so dangerous but I'm bored to death in here!" His three brothers nodded in agreement.

"At least we have it better than some of the others," Dave pointed out. "They have to live with the animals in their houses to keep them safe."

"Animals?" Link asked, perking up. He remembered asking Impa if it was possible to get some Cuccos and maybe a cow to the village.

"Yeah, one of our own left the village a few years ago," Theodore explained. "He came back once with a little bird he called a Cucco. Once day a few weeks later, these strangers came with more animals, Cuccos, cows and goats. The leader of the group said that our fellow Kokiri asked for the animals to be brought to us."

"Hey mister, have you been travelling around much?" Simon asked. "Have you ever met a boy named Link?"

"Mido, he's sort of our leader, said that the Great Deku Tree withered because Link did something wrong to it," Alvin said.

"Yeah, but Saria defended Link... until she left," Dave pointed out. "Maybe we misunderstood? The fairies also said Link didn't have anything to do with the Great Deku Tree's death."

"And he's the one who got us those animals," Simon added.

"No... I haven't run into any other Kokiris outside the forest," Link finally said, his throat tight. No one recognized him here... he couldn't tell them that he was Link, they would never believe him. They all thought he was a Kokiri, not a Hylain so he shouldn’t have ever grown up. "So... what happen to this other Kokiri you said left? Saria?"

"Oh, an evil wind is blowing from the Lost Woods," Alvin said. "Saria left, saying 'I have to do something about it!'."

"She meant the Forest Temple," The timid Kikwi said. "It's on the other side of the Lost Woods, in the Sacred Forest Meadow." Link smiled sadly and thanked the four brothers and the Kikwi for their help. Link walked down the familiar dusty path toward his own tree house, slicing the head of an attacking Deku-baba off as it lunged at him, teeth snapping.

"How could so much change Navi?" Link asked softly, stopping at the ladder that lead up to his old home.

"Well... the Great Deku Tree used his powers to keep the forests free from monsters," Navi said as Link climbed the ladder and entered his home. Tears stung Link's eyes as he looked around. Nothing had been disturbed in the last seven years and everything had a coating of dust on it. "When he died... it would have easy for Zelda's forces to invade. They must have invaded the Kikwi's section of the forest for them to be here. I wonder what happen to the Parellas."

"Hopefully, they are safe in their lake," Link said as he sat down on his bed. There was a clucking noise behind him, making Link turned. In the window was a large Cucco, who had its breast thrust out as it looked at him. The bird jumped down onto the bed, hopping closer to Link then looked at Navi. Link studied the bird in turn, grinning after a moment. "Cluck?"

Cluck, who had grown into a large rooster over the years and had become the lead Cucco of village, gave a soft caw and climbed in his lap. He eyed Navi again, a hungry look in his eyes.

"I think he remembers you," Link said with a laugh as he petted his Cucco.

"Great," Navi muttered as she flew up to keep out of the birds reach.

"Looks like life has been good to you Cluck," Link said as he looked the large rooster over. The Cucco rooster clucked proudly, thrusting his chest out again. Link chuckled, scratching the bird's chest then sighing as he looked around his old home. It was strange to see it, it was seven years but other than all the dust it looked like he never left. "This is so strange Navi."

"I know, and it's terrible what happen to the forest," Navi agreed. "Look, let’s just stock up at the store and head out to the temple. We know where it is now." Link sighed again and nodded his head. He gave Cluck one last pat then got up, leaving his little house behind.

"Hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before mister?" Allie, one of the blond Kokiri girls who always like to hang out around the store asked. Her hands were behind her back as she peered up at Link.

"Oohhh, where is Saria?" One of the other girls, Kelly, asked as she stood by the doorway, wringing her hands together. "Do you know Saria, Mister? And where has Mido gone during such an emergency?"

"He said he was going after Saria," Twig, her fairy partner, said.

"I'm sure they are both ok," Link said as he stocked up on a few things then left the store, heading for the entrance to the Lost Woods. Twig and the other two fairies in the store flew up above their parents.

"Was that... Navi?" Twig asked.


The Lost Woods had changed very little in the last seven years. It was still dark and had that ability to make a person who didn't know where they were going to be all turned around. Link had learned how to navigate the woods when he was little, traveling with Saria whenever she decided to go to her special place. Both the Kokiris who were named Fado liked to come into the woods as well and as soon as Link was old enough to protect himself, Link traveled on his own. (2)

Link had thought with how much the outside world had changed since Zelda had become queen, the Lost Woods would have become more dangerous. The only thing that was different was the Skull Kids, a race of little mischievous wooden people, attacked him now. Nothing dangerous, but using hollow reeds to blow little rocks at him. They stung but they didn't really hurt him. As soon as Link got close to any of them, the Skull Kids would vanish with a high pitch laugh.

"Teh, just when I thought those Skull Kids couldn't get more annoying," Navi said. Link smiled slightly, Navi was usually posed and head strong when given a mission but somehow the child like Skull Kids got under her wings. The Kokiri raised Hylain and his fairy exited one of the many hallow logs in the Lost Woods on the path to the Scared Meadow, only to come to a halt as a familiar hot headed Kokiri jumped out, holding his hand out in front of him.

"Stop!" Mido yelled, looking up at Link. He frowned as he saw the teen in front of him was wearing clothing that looked like it belonged to the Kokiri and jumped to the conclusion that Link was some sort of spy. "What are you? Though you wear Kokiri clothing, you can't fool me!"

"Look, I'm not trying to fool anyone," Link said, resting one hand on his hip, striking Mido as a very familiar pose he had seen a long time ago on another boy he knew. "I'm just going to the Scared Meadow."

"No. I promised Saria I would never let anybody go through here," Mido said, shaking his head. He had pleaded with Saria to return to the village but the green hair girl was determine to go to the temple deep in the forest. She made Mido promise not to let anyone follow her unless they knew her.

"I've been there before, I need to go help Saria," Link said, almost pleading in his voice for Mido to believe him and work with him just this once.

"Prove it! Prove that you know Saria!" Mido demanded. Link frowned for a second, he couldn't tell Mido he was Link, he doubted the Kokiri would believe him and if Mido did, the red head wouldn't let him pass just to spite him. He got an idea and got the Ocarina of Time out, playing the song that Saria taught him. Saria had said only her friends were taught this song. Mido's mouth dropped open. "That melody... Saria plays that song all the time! You... you do know Saria."

Link nodded as he lowered the Ocarina and placed it back in his pouch.

"That song... Saria taught that song only to her friends..." Mido said softly, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared at the ground lost in thought. His head snapped up and he looked at Link again. "Ok, I trust you," He said with a nod, moving out of Link's way. Link smiled slightly and walked past Mido. He stopped short as he heard the Kokiri boy speak again. "When I see you I don't know why but I remember... /him/," Mido said softly. Link closed his eyes for a moment; maybe Mido did know it was him. This was the first time the red head didn't say anything negative to him. Link continued his was to the scared meadow, leaving Mido who just watched him with a thoughtful look on his face.


Link slowly and carefully entered the Meadow, this place felt a lot different than the Lost Woods did, a lot more dangerous. He could feel the evil wind the Kokiri mentioned and he shivered slightly, the Hylain youth reached up behind him and drew his sword slowly.

"There is something wrong here," Link said as he narrowed his blue eyes, stepping further into the meadow. He heard a rustle of grass behind him, spinning and bringing his shield up in time to block a blow from a moblin's glaive. The monster was very pig like, giving a snorting like roar as it swung its weapon around on him again, Link black flipping out of range. (3)

"What is that?!" Link asked as he dodged another blow, rolling behind the moblin and stabbing the Master Sword into its rump.

"BEEWWWW!" The Moblin yelled, dropping its weapon and hopping around holding its rear end.

"It's a Moblin! Kill it before it gets its weapon back!" Navi yelled as Link leapt at the Moblin who snorted in surprise and swung a fist at Link. Link grunted as the first grazed his side, knocking him to the ground and rolling out of the way as the moblin brought its fist down again. The moblin looked around for its weapon and ran over to it once it was spotted.

"Brink?" The Moblin made a questioning noise when it couldn't see Link, looking around confused.

"Hey!" Link leapt and brought the Master Sword down on the Moblin's head, the body bursting into flames as the monster died. Link panted, holding his hand against his bruised side. "Farore that hurt."

"Are you ok Link?" Navi asked worriedly.

"Yeah..." Link said with a grunt of pain that had really hurt.

"Maybe we should stop at the fairy fountain on the way," Navi suggested. "Come on, I can heard sounds up ahead so be quite," she added in a whisper. The blond teen followed the fairy through the mini-maze toward the temple, glancing around the corner only to draw back quickly. A large brown monster with a bull-dog look to its face walked past Link and Navi, making grunting noises as it walked. It rounded the next corner and Link looked at Navi.

"What was that?" He asked softly.

"It was another moblin," Navi explained. Link blinked then looked back the way they just came.

"Wasn't that other thing a moblin? They don't look anything a like," He said.

"Two different branches of the same race," Navi explained, bobbing in the air slightly in a Fairy version of a shrug. "I'm kinda surprise to see both, they don't usually work together. Shh! It's coming back." Link knelt in the tall grass, hiding from view as the bull-dog moblin walked past again. Once it was past him, Link crept up behind the moblin and brought his sword down on its exposed back. The moblin gave a loud grunt of pain, falling forward to its knees where Link was able to cut off its head, the body burning up in a flash of fire.

Link wondered if he was going to keep running into these moblin things as he snuck around another corner, nearly getting impaled on the charging moblin's spear. Link yelped and leapt backwards back around the corner and hid out of sight.

"Errr?" The moblin looked around confused, scratching its head, wondering where Link had gone. It looked around again then seemed to shrug, going back to its patrol route. Navi watched, shaking her head then floated back down to Link's hiding spot.

"These things are stupid," She whispered. "I think the first one was smarter than these. I think as long as we're out of sight, we'll be ok." Link nodded, peaking around the corner and watched as the moblin looked around before going down another path. Link ran over to the ladder that lead to the top of the maze and climbed it, planning to visit the fairy fountain. "Holy Nayru! Look at the size of that one!!" Navi said in alarm. Link looked in the direction that Navi was, gulping as he saw the size of the moblin down the path that lead the temple. It was holding a giant club and looked a lot smarter than the smaller bull-dog looking moblins.

"It is not going to be fun fighting that thing," Link said with a shake of his head and jumped into the fairy fountain. The little pink lighted fairies flew over to Link, one of them quickly healing his wounds making the blond sigh in relief as the ache on his side went away.

"We know your mission hero," one of the fairies said. "If you have something for us to rest in, we can travel with you."

"... I have a couple of bottles," Link said, digging in his bag and taking the three bottles he collected as a kid. The group of healing fairies took a moment to decide who would go with Link and Navi, three of them separated from the group, letting Link place each in a bottle.

"Ok, let’s get this over with," Link said as he left the fountain and faced toward the path he needed. "Whoa!" The Hylain teen yelped as the moblin smashed its club on the ground, sending up a cloud of dust as it caused a shockwave, making the blond dive out of the way. The moblin grunted and sit the ground again, another shockwave Link's way. Link dove, weaved and dived his way up the path until he was able to jump past the giant moblin, twisting as he drew his sword and brought it down on the moblin's back.

The moblin yelled loudly in pain but was too big to turn in the narrow path they were on, giving Link the chance to swing and hack away until the Moblin took its last breath and fell over dead. Link placed the Master Sword back into its scabbard and went up the stairs that lead to the temple's outer courtyard, hoping that Saria would be sitting in her usual place. Link's shoulders slumped as he saw the tree stump was empty, Saria wasn't there.

"The flow of time is always cruel," Sheik said as he jumped down from a nearby tree. "Its speed seems different for each person but not one can change it."

"Sheik," Link said as he turned to face the other teen.

"Hero," Sheik said, his eyes seeming to playfully smile. "I was starting to think you got lost." Link chuckled softly.

"No, I didn't. I think Saria is the only one who knows the Lost Woods better than I do," Link said, glancing over at the stump again.

"You know, the one thing that doesn't change with time is the memory of younger days," Sheik said softly, laying his hand on Link's shoulder.

"To me, my younger days were only two days ago," Link said just as softly. Sheik squeezed his shoulder gently. "So, this is the temple I have to wake up the sage in?" Link asked, turning to face Sheik.

"Yes, and like promised, I will teach you the Minuet of Forest, it will return you here anytime," Sheik said, taking out a golden harp that he took from the castle seven years ago. Link closed his eyes and listened to Sheik play the tune beautifully, letting the magic behind the music fill him. As the last notes played, Link opened his eyes and grinned at Sheik. "Now you try."

Link brought the Ocarina of Time to his lips and repeated the song. Once Link played the last note, Sheik started to play again and this time the two friends played a duet. If Sheik playing the song by himself filled Link with the magic of the song, it was nothing like the feeling of magic that filled Link now. It was the feeling of the forest, surrounded by trees that had seen countless ages, of the clam green.... A feeling of home.

Link gasped softly as he stopped playing, his blue eyes looking into Sheik's amused red ones.

"That... was amazing," He said softly with awe. Sheik chuckled and nodded.

"When I learn the songs, I felt the magic as well, each song feels different for both of us," Sheik explained. "Now you will be able to return to your forest no matter where you are. I'll see you again Hero, I will lead the Kokiri boy out of the forest and back to the safety of your village." Link nodded and watched as Sheik stepped back, taking out a Deku nut. Sheik threw the nut onto the ground, making Link shield his sight from the flash of light while Sheik teleported away.

"Well.... let's tackle the Forest Temple," Navi said after a moment. "And awaken the Forest Sage." Link nodded and taking out the hookshot, he aimed it at the tree branch that hung above the top of the broken set of stairs that lead into the temple. The hook shot forward and sunk deep into the wood and anchor itself, the chain retracting and brining Link with it. Link looked up at the temple doorway then bravely made his way inside.


Author note: I hoped to start the Forest Temple this chapter but it part went longer than I thought it would. I have a unique idea for the temple, or at least I never ran across the idea myself so I hope it’s unique.

(1) I couldn’t find any of the Kokiri names, if they have any, so I named them after Alvin and the Chipmunks. There are only three brothers in the house but it’s rumored that the Kokiri boy in the training ground is the fourth bother, that’s why there is four of them. I almost named them at the 3 Stooges.

(2) I’ve already established that Fado the Wind Sage from Wind Waker was in this storyline but the little blond Kokiri with the big pig-tails is also rumored to be named Fado. You can find her in the woods when you’re an adult and I figured Sage Fado would go to the forest as well.

(3) Think along the lines of the WW Moblins but in TOOT style. In the games the Moblins are either pig faced or bull-dog faced. In Link’s Awakening, you see both kinds so I always figured there are two branches of the Moblin race.

Edit 7-23-14: Fixed all the little spelling and grammar mistakes.
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