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A proper appology for my absence

by Mikeyunicornrawr 1 review

Author's note type thing. Posted in the MCR section because that's usually where I post.

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Hey everyone,
Some of you regularly read my stuff, and I thought I'd apologize for abandoning Ficwad.
As all of you know, Ficwad has LOTS of glitches and I've finally had enough when the site was shut down for a couple days. I made an account on Archiveofourown. I like it a lot, so far no insane glitches. And you can tag things more specifically.

So anyways, if I've been missed I'm sorry.
I'd be happy to have you read any of my fics posted there, if you wanted.
Here's a link:

Thanks to everyone who's read my stuff on here. Every review has made me very happy, and if you'd like to tell me how you like anything on my archive account, you could just leave a comment here.
I'm not deleting this account, because I really like ficwad, it's just become too glitchy for me to continue to deal with. Plus the fic I'm cowriting with a friend is still on here, and even though it's taken a while, we plan to continue it.

Thank you all, even if you've never read any of my stuff and you decided to read this out of boredom. I hope you all have amazing lives, and this is getting lame and cheesy so I think I'll shut up now.
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