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Chapter 2

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After school.

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The same day, at 7:03 P.M., Gerard pushed the heavy, ill-painted doors of his school out of his way and started home. He had to make up hours for all the school he had missed lately. His reason for missing school? He simply hadn’t wanted to go, but now it was biting him in the ass.

As he walked down a strip of cracked sidewalk with weeds growing through them, he thought about the girl he’d met today. It was nice, having a normal conversation with someone outside of his family; he wasn’t used to it, but it was nice. Typically, when Gerard had tried to talk to someone, whether it be the school quarter back, or someone like him, the dark, comic loving type, they either rushed through the conversation or simply ignored him. There was never an in between. So eventually, Gerard stopped trying to be social with his peers. Until today, when the curly headed Tiara sat next to him even when she’d had the option of sitting next to someone like Courtney, the level-headed, friendly captain of the school’s elite dance squad, or Troy, the dark, mysterious, smooth-talking theater head.

Gerard walked into his neighborhood of the past three years, and slowed his pace a bit. His neighborhood was very… green. Every household had a minimum of two oak trees, one in the front yard, one in the back. Spring was in full swing, so the trees where lush and blossoming. Each yard was exquisitely manicured, and embellished with ugly lawn gnomes, or tacky yard-liners. Brightly colored flowers were frequently seen, and today everyone seemed to be outside. The Ronald’s were walking their dogs, and various children played hopscotch and four-square. It was a very bright and happy place, one of few in Bellevue, and Gerard felt vaguely uncomfortable being smack-dab in the middle of it all with all the looks he got.

About halfway down the street, Gerard watched a teenaged girl playing tag with her tiny dog, and did a double take. It was Tiara. Had she always lived in his neighborhood? He’d certainly never noticed her before. She seemed to notice him at the same time. She stopped chasing her dog, and waved at him.

“Hey, Gerard!” She greeted breathlessly. Her dog huffed at the lack of being chased.

“Hey.” He smiled, returning the wave. She jogged up to him, her dog immediately running after her.

“Are you just getting home?” She asked in bewilderment.
“Yeah.” He laughed quietly. “I have to make up hours after school, I think I’ve missed like 20 days.” He shrugged.

“Wow. I’m sure that’s fun.” She muttered. “I didn’t know you lived here! Where you headed?” She asked, putting all her weight on her right side and twirling a twisted strand of hair in between her slender fingers.

“I’m going straight ahead, by the woods.” Gerard said, running his hands through his hair, successfully getting it out of his face.

“Oh, sweet. Can I come? I’ve been playing with my dog for hours, and some human interaction would be lovely.”

Gerard laughed. “Sure, although your dog doesn’t look anywhere near sated.” He pointed out, directing Tiara’s attention to her dog. He gently pawed at her feet, and whined. Tiara giggled.

“Oh, hush, you.” She remarked, scooping the tiny dog up into her arms as they began walking. Gerard noticed that Tiara had changed from the dress she’d been wearing earlier into a pair of denim shorts with an American flag print and lace pockets, black, worn biker boots and a simple black tank top. “So tell me,” Tiara began, absentmindedly petting her dog. “Gotta girlfriend?” She teased, obviously trying to start a conversation.

“Not, really, no.” He laughed embarrassedly. “But thanks for putting me on the spot.” He blushed, lightly punching her on the arm.

“Ouch.” She pouted, repaying him with a light punch to his arm.

“Oh, come on, that did not hurt!” Gerard grinned, swiftly messing up her hair. She gasped, and Gerard couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculous state of her hair. Tiara carefully put her pretty black dog down and glared at him with a sly smile.

“I’ll have you know I have sensitive arms. I’ll also have you know you asked for it.” She responded. Before he could ask what she meant, both of her hands were in his hair, turning his raven locks into a mess around his face, giggling as she did so. Immediately, he reciprocated and they were both laughing as both heads of hair got more and more disheveled. “Stop it, stop it!” Tiara giggled.

“You first!” Gerard laughed, quickly running his hands through her soft, light brown locks on a mission to mess it up. Suddenly, Tiara tripped, falling backwards with a squeal of surprise. As she fell, she gripped his shoulders so he fell too. They rolled sideways on plush grass down the sloped yard of the Henderson’s, until Gerard’s backpack-protected back hit the stop sign at the edge of the yard, effectively stopping them. Tiara pressed into his chest from all the momentum she’d gained, and rolled onto her back, out of breath and giggling. “Well, thanks for taking me down with you!” Gerard laughed, trying to catch his breath. Tiara wiped stray tears from her face, still trying to compose herself. Gerard wanted to wipe them away, to touch her face but decided against it.

“Consider it payback.” Tiara grinned. “Do you see what you’ve done to my hair?!” Gerard had to agree; her hair looked like a very large, curly haystack with little blades of crisp green grass in random areas. He cracked a grin.

“You started it!” Gerard said, with a faux-gasp at being blamed.

“Me?!” Tiara challenged.

“Yes, you, with the spot-on question.” He pointed out. Tiara furrowed her brow.

“Oh, yeah. Fine. Your turn. You get one spot-on question.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest, waiting. The night was in deep sunset and the pinkish-red color looked nice against her tanned skin.

“Hmm. Ok.” Gerard nodded. “I’ve got the perfect one: DC or Marvel?” He questioned seriously.

“Psh, no contest!” Tiara snorted, rolling her eyes. “DC.” Gerard instantly nodded in approval and sighed in relief.

“Good choice.” He complimented.

“I love DC.” Tiara stated. “The comics, the movies, the action figures… DC does it right.” She nodded.

“Glad to hear you say that. I have a huge collection at home. I have all but 20 of the comics and every DC movie that has come out in the past 15 years. And I’m not trying to impress you or anything but I do have quite the Disney movie collection as well.” He said smugly.

“Is that so?” She questioned, turning to face him. “I may just have to come visit sometime, for a movie marathon- that is, if you invited me.” She smiled, looking him in his eyes.

“Like I’d ever let a savage like you in my house.” Gerard remarked sarcastically.


“Yes, savage.”

“Well, you have successfully hurt my feelings, I hope you’re happy.” She pouted extremely un-seriously.

“Aw, I’m sorry.” He grinned.

“No!” She turned away from him childishly.

“Oh, come on, Tiara. Don’t be mad.” Gerard smirked, playing her game. “What if we have a movie marathon Saturday night?” He offered.

“Depends. Is the savage invited?” She asked, turning to look at him once more. He sighed.

“Yes, the savage can come!”

“Then yes!” She grinned. “Oh, no.” She looked at her watch. “Do you see what time it is? My mom will kill me if I’m not in soon.” She said getting up, and dusting herself off. “Where’s Butterball?” She murmured, turning around to see her dog peeing on a near-by fire hydrant. Gerard lazily got up.

“Say, what lunch do you have?” Tiara asked.

“4th.” Gerard answered, confused by her sudden question. “Why?”

“I have that lunch too!” She beamed. “I was thinking we could eat together! You could come sit with me at my table, there’s only three of us, and if I might say so, we’re quit bitchin’.”

“Bitchin’?” He smirked.

“Yes, bitchin’. And I’m sure Frank would like another guy.” She contemplated briefly. “So what do you say?” She asked.

“Fine. I’ll find you tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yeah, cool. See ya!” She smiled, scooting up Butterball and ruffling his hair. She turned and made her way home.

Gerard walked the opposite direction and marveled at how easy she was to talk to. This whole friend thing isn’t that hard He smirked. He kept his smirk solidly in place until he noticed his mother standing outside his house, watching him. How long she’d been there, he had no idea. She was grinning, and her arms were crossed. He sighed as he approached her. “Gerard! Who was that girl?” She questioned.

“Just a friend, mom.” He sighed, but smiled that he could actually call her that.

“Just a friend?” She asked, face falling slightly.

“Yes, mom.”

“If you’re sure… it’s just the way she pulled you down…” She murmured, her voice trailing off.

“How long have you been out here?!” He asked, appalled.

“Well, you were supposed to be home by 7:30 and it’s 8. I got worried. And then I come out here and see you with a girl…”

“Am I in trouble?” He asked.

“No!” She suppressed a smile. “Just don’t let it happen again.” She said sternly, still suppressing her smile. Seeing her son with a friend was a very welcome sight. She hadn’t seen him with any since they moved here. She hoped things were turning around. She hated seeing him alone all the time. Gerard shot her a sarcastic salute and walked inside.
The smell of the Clean Linens Scentsy scent his mother loved so much, along with the smell of lasagna filled his nose, and he was sure glad to smell it. He’d been at school way too long.

“Hey, Ge-tard!” Gerard’s younger, much more social fellow adopted brother called out to him. Gerard through his bag on the edge of the stairs and walked into the kitchen, grabbing himself a slice of the lasagna and a water bottle.

“Hey, Mikes!” He called back, walking into the living room and plopping down on the couch next to his beloved sibling.

“Wanna play next round?” Mikey asked, referring to his new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game of zombies.

“You’re on!” Gerard grinned. This was how the brothers bonded: through video games, and other times through horror movies. They were incredibly tight-knit.

“Boys, keep it down!” Donna Way chided. “Rose and Michael are asleep!”

“Sorry, mom!” The boys whisper-shouted back. Gerard didn’t give a fuck about his step-father Michael sleeping, but quieted down for Rose, his 4 year old also adopted sister. After Gerard’s meal, the boys played round after round of zombies, dominating each round by lasting until around round 25 with only the two of them. All 3 children were adopted, but none of them were related. Donna adopted Gerard when he was 2, and 5 years later, she adopted Mikey (whom was a year younger than Gerard). 3 years after that, Rose joined the family. Gerard was extremely protective over Rose ever since she’d arrived.

“Hey, Gerard?” Mikey asked, during a game. Gerard acknowledged him by nodding his head and grunting. “Why do you smell like vanilla?”
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