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Chapter 1

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Brian finally agrees to give the boys a holiday.

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“C’mon, Eppy! Our latest record got number one! Don’t we deserve some sort of reward?”

John was pleading to Brian for a holiday, and the others weren’t too shy to join in.

“He’s got a good point, Brian,” Paul agreed.

“Just a couple’a days’d be nice,” George said.

“You’d probably love a few days away from us anyway, wouldn’t you, Epp?” Ringo asked.

Brian sighed. The boys had been pestering him about giving them a holiday all week. What day was it now? Wednesday? Why not? he thought. After all, they had done very well on their last album. Besides, it’d get them to finally shut up, now wouldn’t it?

“Very well,” Brian said. “I’ll give you the rest of the week off, all right?”

“All right!” John cheered, jumping up to give him a hug. The others laughed.

“Thank you, John, I love you too,” Brian muttered, “but would you get off of me? If you’re going to be on holiday for the next few days, we better get a lot done today!”


“‘ey, John, wanna jam tomorrow?” Paul asked as he pulled into John’s driveway. Since John didn’t have his license yet, Paul was kind enough to carpool.

“Eh, I wish,” John said, “but I’ll probably end up staying with Julian for the day while Cyn goes out shopping or somethin’.”

“Yeah,” Paul replied. “Ah well, maybe next time.”

“Yeah,” John said as he got out of the car. “Next time.”

As Paul drove away, he noticed Cynthia had forgotten to grab the mail again. There wasn’t anything very interesting, just some bills, a letter from Mimi telling him to visit her sometime, and... Hold on, what was this? John picked up a brightly-coloured envelope addressed to himself. He opened it to find a letter from the London Zoo, enclosed with two tickets. I could take Jules to the zoo/, he thought, /or maybe find a sitter and bring Cyn...

Suddenly, a new idea came into John’s head, and he put the envelope and its contents in his inside coat pocket. He walked inside the house, making sure he didn’t make a sound and risk waking up Julian.

When he got to his room, Cynthia shifted. “Who’s there?” he heard from the bed. “John? Is that you?”

“It’s just me, babe,” John said as he closed the door.

Cynthia turned on a lamp. “What are you doing home so late?” she asked.

“Eppy’s being pretty generous,” John said, changing out of his clothes. “He’s giving us all a holiday, so he made us do a lot today.”

“Really?” Cynthia said with a smile. “When is it?”

“Tomorrow,” John said.

“Just tomorrow? That’s a bit odd... Why not Friday? Or both?”

John shrugged. “No one really knows what goes on in that fruitcake’s mind...”

Cynthia sighed. “Well, it’d be a nice opportunity to spend the day--”

“I know, I know,” John said, “to spend the day with Jules. Don’t worry, I’ll stay home, you do whatever your pretty little heart desires.” He kissed her forehead and climbed into bed.

When Cynthia turned off the light and settled back into a sleeping position, a grin formed on John’s mouth. Cynthia didn’t need to know about his having Friday off, nor did she need to know about the tickets. He’d spend the next day with Julian, take him on a visit to Mimi’s, and do plenty of planning from there on. Then, he’d use the tickets for himself on Friday at “work.” But what he didn’t know was that the other three Beatles had received the same letter with tickets for themselves and had come up with similar plans without sharing them with anyone else.
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