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Blessing or Burden (Joel & Benji Madden plus others) pt 4

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After the fight you go back to the maddens, only just getting to know the boys

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'Do you want me to walk you home?' you ask Sarah whilst picking up your bag from where you had dropped it earlier.
'Yeah please if you don't mind' she said not catching your eye.
'Let me help you' you offer. You had been watching her walking her ankle was obviously sprained as she was limping pretty badly. You place her arm across your shoulders and wrap your arm across her waist.
'Put your weight on me' you order.
You walk quietly neither of you knowing what to say to each other after all you were strangers.
'Why did you do that?' Sarah asks breaking the silence.
'Do what?' you reply
'Help me, why did you help me?' she inquires
'I don't know' you say 'I couldn't leave you there to get your arse kicked.'
Your caught of guard when Sarah bursts out laughing.
'What could possibly be funny right now?' you ask confused.
'You said arse, your accent is so funny. Arse' she says laughing.
'Shut up Sarah' you say laughing.
'Ouch!' she cries she forgot about her ankle and put weight on it. 'that really hurt'
'Ha that's karma for laughing at my accent' you reply smiling.

'This is me' Sarah announces. We had reached her house you help her to the door that leeds to her kitchen.
She opened the door and practically fell in bringing you down with her. You landed on top of her and look up to see three faces staring down at you. Seconds go passed before someone notices your bloody faces.
'What happend?' A lady cries rushing over to you both.
'I'm okay mum' Sarah says as her mum helps her up and leads her to a chair at the table.
A pair of strong arms help you up, you turn to the person to say thanks and get a shock as you recognise the concerned eye staring back at you.
'Joel?' you exclaim 'You live here?'
'Are you okay Reign?' he asks ignoring your question.
'Yes I'm fine' you mumble feeling embarrased.
You turned to look at Sarah and tears are streaming down her face.
'What the hell happened to my sister?.' Benji asks coming over to the door where you and Joel were standing.
You tell them what you know whichh isn't much it was so nerve wracking it was like and interrogation. When you finish everyone is starring at you.
'Well thank God you came along when you did' Robyn says embracing you 'God knows what state Sarah would be in if you didn't'
'It was nothing really' you reply blushing.
'Would you like to stay for dinner dear?' Robyn asks letting go of you.
'Umm no I don't wanna intrude' you say looking at each them.
'Nonsense you helped out my little girl the least I can do is offer you some food.'She replies kindly.
'Are you sure Ms. Madden I don't wanna be any trouble' you say honestly.
'It's no trouble' Benji says smiling at you.

'Do you wanna get cleaned up?' Joel asks.
This whole time you had forgotten all about your appearance.
'Yes please' you answer 'I must look awful'
'You have no idea' Benji replies laughing at you.
'Shut up Benj' Sarah says 'You go first Reign I'll clean up after.'

You follow Joel up the stairs and he leads you straight to the bathroom.
'I'll get you a t-shirt from my sisters room.' he says walking off.

You look in the mirror and it is not a pretty sight. There is dry blood on the left side of your face where your head was smashed against the wall. Your lip is slightly swollen and there's dry blood on your cheek. Your hair is messed up pretty bad too, its ruffled and only half of it is actually in the hair band.
You turn on the tap washing away the blood, taking care around the sensitive areas. You look in the mirror and see an imporvement and you're a little more acceptable.
'Feel any better?' Joel says appearing at the bathroom door.
'Yes a little' you answer smiling.
'Here I got you a t-shirt and a hair brush' he says handing you the items.
'Thanks, much appreciated' you say placing the items on the toilet seat.
'Do you mind?' you say when he doesn't move.
'What?' He asks confused.
'I wanna change if that's cool' you retort looking at him.
'Oh my bad, of course' he stammers.
Just then Benji appears behind Joel
'We don't mind if you change we'd be glad to watch or even give you a hand.' Benji offers with a grin
'Get out bro' Joel says playfully shoving a protesting Benji out the door.

You get changed and fix your hair. You open the bathroom door just as Benji walks passed.
'That's better, you look much sexier' he states grinning
'Do you have any antiseptic?' you ask ignoring his comment.
'Yeah it's in the cabinet, let me get it.' He slides past you and opens the cabinet handing you the bottle with some cotton wool.
'Actually let me help you with that, sit on the toilet seat' he orders.
'is this gonna sting?' you asks perching on the seat.
'Nah it won't hurt a bit' he replies. He dampens the cotton wool placing his hand under your chin and lifting your face so you are looking him in the eye. You feel butterflies in your stomach as he touches. He softly dabbs at the cut on your forehead first.
'Ow! what the hell Benji?' you say as you feel the sting of the antiseptic.
'You said it wouldn't hurt' you whine slapping him on the waist.
'Oops my bad, I didn't know' he replies innocently. 'hold still I'm nearly done' he says as you try to wiggle away from him as he applies more to the cut on your lip.

'Reign, Benji dinners ready' Joel shouts from the stairs.
Dinner went by way too quickly it was so nice to have a good home cooked meal. They spent half the meal asking you every question they could think of and for once you were more then happy to answer.
The other half was Robyn telling you funny and embarrassing stories mostly about Benji and Joel.

'I've gotta get going' you say after dessert, glancing at the clock.
'Do you wanna ride home?' Robyn asks
'Nah I'm okay, I'll walk its not that far from here.'
'Well at least let the boys walk you home' she replies.
'Sure why not?' you say.

You get your bloody clothes that Benji had put in a paper bag for you.
'Hey Sarah, if those girls ever bother you again come find me okay.' you say.
'Thanks Reign I will' she replies hugging you.
'Ms Madden thanks for dinner it was really nice'
'Any time sweetheart and by the way it's Robyn.'she replies.

The boys walk you home, it's been along time since you felt so safe and comfortable.

'Hey Reign I demand that you be our friend and that you eat lunch with us till the day we all die' Benji says.
'Do I have a say in the matter?' you ask with a laugh.
'No you don't. So its official Reign Mercer you're one of us. See you tomorrow. Joel says leaving at your doorstep.
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