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Screw You, Dr. Phillips.

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Gerard has to go get his shots, and he is not happy about it. (Recently recovered story)

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The only reason I'm posting this again is so I don't misplace it again. It was deleted from my computer, and I thought I lost it forever. Luckily, I posted it to first

Gerard awoke to the feeling of someone trying waking him up. “Gerard, GET UP! You’re gonna be late!” Mikey warned, shaking him harder. Gerard groaned and rolled over to face his brother.

“Darn.” Gerard said, then rolled back over. He was trying to be late. Why? Because today he had to get shots. Two of them. And he was not looking forward to it. Not. At. All. Shots involved needles, and needles hurt him, whilst invading his body.

“Ok, you asked for it…” Mikey muttered. Then, with the water bottle he’d been holding and periodically sipping from, he poured the water all over Gerard’s face. Gerard reacted like a cat would’ve, and practically flew out of bed. Mikey busted into a giggle-fit at his reaction.

“Mikey, what the hell?” Gerard asked, dripping, his hair sticking to his forehead. Mikey shrugged.

“You wouldn’t get up. Now dry off and get in the car.” He said, grabbing the keys from Gerard’s night stand. He jingled them irritatingly, knowing it bothered his brother.
“Ok, just stop.” Gerard said. He dried off his hair with a dirty shirt, then tossed said shirt back onto the floor. He pulled on the same pants he’d worn yesterday, and threw on a fresh shirt, Mikey jiggling the keys the whole time. “I’m done, I’m done!” Gerard said in a desperate attempt to get the damn noise to stop. “Have you forgotten I just woke up?” He asked.

“Nope. Now get in the car.” Mikey commanded.

“You might as well be the older brother.” Gerard yawned. “You’re better at it. More responsible.”
At the doctor’s office, Gerard couldn’t stop twitching and fidgeting. It was grating on Mikey’s nerves. “Gerard, stop already. It takes maybe ten seconds for both. Stop being such a Frank.” He muttered.

“Oh, I’ll show you Frank.” Gerard grinned.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Mikey said.

“Oh, wouldn’t I?” Gerard countered, giving Mikey the ‘test me, I dare you’ face.

“No, you wouldn’t.” Mikey said, calling his bluff. Gerard smiled, and waited for his name to be called.

“Gerard Way? The doctor will see you now.” An attractive red-headed nurse said. Too bad Gerard was about to make a fool of himself, or he’d ask for her number. Both he and Mikey stood up, but as Mikey started walking, Gerard sank to the floor, and grabbed Mikey's right leg with a tight grip.

“Oh, please Mikey no!” Gerard yelled like a child. “I’ll be good! I won’t color on the walls anymore, I promise! I’ll even clean the closet you keep me in! Just please, no!” Gerard yelled theatrically. All 50-ish people in the office turned to look at him in bewilderment, and Mikey’s face was as red as a radish. Take that, bastard, Gerard thought smugly.

“Gerard, get up!” Mikey whisper-yelled. “You’re embarrassing yourself!”

“Or am I just embarrassing you?” Gerard asked in a low voice. “I’ll only get up if you take me to Mcdonald’s!” Gerard whispered in a sing-song voice. “And you have to paaaay!”

“Alright, fine! Just get up!”

“You promise you won’t hit me when we get home, or beat me with the hose again?” Gerard asked, projecting his voice. Everybody looked at him like he was crazy.

“Stop it!” Mikey whispered.

“Ok.” Gerard said simply, getting up. He walked through the door the nurse was holding open. “Hey there, Sugar. How are you doing today?” Gerard winked. Mikey pulled him away. They proceeded to their room, and once seated inside, Gerard started to fidget again. Mikey was obviously not happy with him.

“What was that, Gerard?!” He yelled.

“I accepted your challenge.” He replied innocently.

“I wasn’t actually challenging you!”

“Whoops.” Gerard said. “Hey Mikey, when I get them, you gotta hold my hand, ok?” Gerard asked, his face serious and scared.

“Are you serious? You’re 25, Gerard!” Mikey said.

“Yeah, but I-“

“Hi there!” The doctor said, walking in all cheerily. “I’m doctor Phillips, and I’ll be giving you your injections today.” Gerard fidgeted more. Injections sounded way worse than shots did.

“Can we just get this over with? I’m not exactly thrilled to be here.” Gerard said.

“Of course!” The doctor said, still cheery. He probably had to deal with at least 10 Gerard’s every day. Of course they were probably 7 instead of 25… The doctor had the needles already prepared with two Band-Aids ready. When he grabbed Gerard’s arm, Gerard sucked in a sharp breath.

“You have to count to three, ok?” Gerard said. The doctor didn’t reply, and sanitized the area of skin he would be piercing. Gerard turned his head, and grabbed Mikey’s hand. He shut his eyes closed. Completely WITHOUT warning, Gerard felt a painful pinch, and the feeling of thick medicine running through his veins. “Fuck!” Gerard whispered. I hate you, Dr. Phillips, you fucking prick. You prick, you prick, you prick. Gerard thought mentally, cursing this man into the firey pits of Hades.

“Gerard!” Mikey whisper-yelled again.

“Sorry.” Then he felt the needle come from his arm, and a Band-Aid pushed on it. And then Dr. Phillips had the decency to rub the area with his thumb. He was not gentle. “Shit!” Gerard exclaimed. “No need, man. No need.”

“It helps the medicine spread more quickly and avoid blood clots.” The doctor said calmly. Gerard muttered more profanities.

“Ya know, Mikey, I’d better be getting my McDo-“ He was interrupted by the feeling of a second needle, bigger than the last sliding into the same arm. “FUCK!” Gerard yelled. “Some warning would’ve been nice!” He said. The doctor laughed at him. Asshole. Then the second Band-Aid was placed and painfully pressed against his tender skin and rubbed around. Mikey yanked his, now sweaty (thanks to Gerard), hand back, and Gerard stood up, more than glad he was done. As he swiftly left the room, the doctor handed him a sucker like he was a child. “No, I want red. Green is gross.” Gerard glared. When he handed it to him, he practically ripped it from his hands. As they walked away from the doctor, Gerard loudly commented "I didn't realize counting to three was so hard. Even I can do it, see? 1. 2. 3." Then he turned around and glared at his doctor. He didn't break eye contact until Mikey let him run into a wall. They paid the fees, and got back into the car.

“You are so embarrassing.” Mikey said. “No McDonalds.”

“Whatever, I got a sucker.” Gerard said, promptly tossing the half eaten sucker on the floor board, and stomping it into the carpet with the heel of his shoe. He then rubbed it in. Good luck getting that out.

I gotta admit I love this story. It makes me chuckle every time I read it. I did make slight changes before I posted this. If you can tell what they are, kudos. Comment your favorite part? I'm curious.
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