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Auditions (Again)

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Posting it again 'cause I might rant here just to piss you off, auditions are only that not for rating!!!!

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Okay so I know that I have not updated in a while.... A very looooong while and I'm not going to make an excuse although to say I was too busy having writer's block.  

Anyway I'm here to tell you guys that I don't plan on writing anymore of them as I'm closing this account but I am gonna be writing in my new account a new story and here are the auditions.

And I have also this new rule that if I don't have a new chapter posted already  I will no update it 

Anyway back to the auditions, this story is about a girl who is what you would say the snobbiest bitch alive...yep that's about right, and she owns this big yacht and what not

When she is in the port of New Jersey she falls off the boat( or yacht, whatever you guys know what I mean) she loses her memories and gets amnesia 

Remember when I said she was a huge bitch, well this is where the guys come in. You guys get to pick who falls in love with who. Gerard? Frank? 
I like them for this story since they fill the profile that I'm going for 

So just fill out the next info and I'll post when and on what account I'll be posting the story:

Name (and/or nickname)
Eye color 
Hair (color, length....)
Weight (skinny or chubby)

And last but not least who you would like? 

A)Gerard.      Or     B)Frank

If I miss anything just write it, if you think I would need it this is just basic stuff

And if I miss something where you say that this story is predictable well you clearly haven read any of my stories. Ask my readers and they will say that they are 100% original.

The idea may come from me PR from a movie but they are completely original want proof read 'A Thousand Words' and then shut your mouth if you ain't go nothing good to say I don't need constructive critiscm or any of that shut got nothing good to say then shove it.

Thank you! :)
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