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Killjoys10. Using your senses

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senses are some of our most powerful tools. They can help find the lost, protect you from danger and improve your health. but they can also break your heart.

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A/N so i'm back...It's been a long time but i think i'm finally ready to start writing again. I lost my passion for writing (and drawing for a while) when MCR broke up. But they are moving on (Frank has his bands Death Spells and Leathermouth. Ray is producing music and it's awesome stuff. Gee is doing something with the Aqua Bat's...he seems happy and Mikey is off been Mikey I think he's starting a band?) and yeah so I should start reliving my life. Don't cry coz it's over...Smile because it began. MCR still helped me through a lot. Frank is still my number one hero. the band may be over but the boys are still around. they can't take away what has already happen. I've pulled myself together and I'm starting to do what I want. I never would be trying to live the life I want if it was not for My Chem. they inspire me to dream and be creative, they make me proud of who I am. I could never thank them enough. I'll always be a solider in the MCRmy because I'm a killjoy for life (and killjoys never die). I'm a committed fan to the end and long after.

so expect to be seeing/reading more of me. Love you guys and thank you if yo read this. Leave a comment and rate if you want. .xoxo.

Jet Star pov,

“Ray! Come on you Fro head!” Frank yells to me as he runs out of the class room. It’s Friday and the whole group is going over to the Way brothers house for a horror movie marathon, Frank is just a tad bit excited, I’m surprised he hasn’t wet himself. The punk renters the classroom after he realized I’m not following him but still packing up my books, Frank stares at me that screams ‘hurry the fuck up’.

“Ok, ok, can I at least grab my books? Or is that too much time wasted?” I sarcastically ask the short punk.

“You can buy new book! Let’s GO!” Frank jumps up and down on the spot in the door way of our math’s class room. The Teacher and other class mates have already left.

“You do know we wouldn’t start without you right?” Gerard asks as he enters the room and wraps his arms around Frank from behind. The shorter squeaks in surprise then grins as Gerard Lifts him off the ground and moves more into the room. Both Mikey and Bob follow into the room.

“GEE! Put me down! I’m not a fucking puppy!” Frank wriggles in the arms holding him a few inches off the ground. Gerard chuckles and holds him tighter making sure Frank can’t touch the floor.

“I don’t know Frankie, I mean you’re small, adorable and something you could hug all day!” Gee teases and twists from side to side. Mikey rolls his eyes at his older brother.

“Gerard put it down, you don’t know where it’s been. It probable hasn’t been washes for weeks” Bob chimes in with a smirk.

“Ewww, Gee put it down now and go was your hands!” Mikey joins in as Gerard laughs making both Frank and him shake.

“HEY! I’ll have you know I had a shower just this morning. Shampoo and everything.” Frank pouts and folds his arms while still hanging in the air. I shove my books into my bag and walk over to the group of my closest friends at the front of the room. Gerard finally gets tired and lets Frank’s convenes covered feet touch the ground, but just before he lets go he leans in and sniffs the two tones hair.

“Yep. He speaks the truth! His hair smells like a chai latte.” Gerard smiles as Frank turns around and raises an eyebrow at the older.

“You saying I wash my hair with coffee?”

“Actually Frank chai lattes are a tea not coffee.” Mikey pipes in with a smart ass smirk. Frank just rolls his eyes.

“My hair does not smell like a chai latte. I’m not a star bucks you know.” He grumbles. Mikey moves over and sniffs the shorter’s hair.

“it actually smells like cinnamon. It really does smell like a chai latte. Bob come give this a sniff.” Mikey waved the blond over and he quickly agreed. Frank just stood there and sighed as his friends sniffed his hair, cause that’s totally the normal thing for teenage boys to do on a Friday afternoon. Man we are an odd bunch of people.

“Come on Ray you might as well join in with the sniffing fest over here.” Frank sighs to me. I smirk as i go over to sniff Franks hair. I inhale the scent but I don’t smell cinnamon…it smells like…like…

What is that smell? I shift in my sleep as I smell something cooking, and it smells good. I force my eyes open to greet the early morning sky above. I guess there is not going to be a horror movie marathon tonight. It was a dream…well a memory really. I sniff the air and follow the smell to the fire. I rub my eyes a few times. That can be real…can it?

Cooking over the fire is some kind of bird, plucked and roasting. I look around the camp and notice both Kobra and Party are sound asleep but that’s not the only thing I notice. Everything is packed up and ready to go. But…Who…what? It’s then that I relies that Ghoul is missing. I whip my head side to side searching for the short punk.

Nothing. Shit!

I begin to panic on the inside. I hope he’s okay, he wasn’t in a good state yesterday and now he’s missing. I practically jump on top of Kobra and try shaking him awake.

“Kobra! Kobra! Wake up!” I hiss trying not to awaken his brother sleeping next to him.

“hmmm… no you have to wait your turn to ride Sparkles…” Kobra mumbles then continues to softly snore. I raise my eyebrows at the skinny Killjoy.

“Sparkles? What the fuck is Sparkles? Wake up Kid!” I question the sleeping man but he just remains snoozing away happily in his dream.

“Sparkles is his imaginary unicorn…” Party stretched still half asleep as he rolled over falling back asleep like he said nothing at all and it was completely normal to have an imaginary unicorn named Sparkles. I reach over and whack Party in the shoulder to get his attention, Kobra may be dead to the world but at least maybe Party can help me find Ghoul. The red head springs up into a sitting position with a look of confusion.

“What!” he grumbles as he rubs his face over dramatically like a small child. I just narrow my eyes at him. I was still angry at Party for what he had done to Ghoul but he has been my friend for years and I don’t really want to throw that friendship away so quickly.

“Ghoul’s missing.” As soon as the words leave my lips Party was up and awake, looking around our camp. After seeing for himself that Fun Ghoul really was missing he turns back to me and bombards me with questions.

“What do you mean missing? Where is he? I thought you were meant to be keeping an eye on him?!” He looks down at me like it’s my fault. I wanna slap him across the face, how dare he look at me with his bloodshot eyes like it’s my fault if anything he’s the one to blame! I stand up and glare in his direction. Party stares back just as strong. If it wasn’t for Kobra sleeping in-between us I would have already tackled Party to the ground and made his face as red as his hair. Our death stares were only interrupted by the sound of cheerful whistling.

“Morning guys!!!”

Both Party and I turn around to see Ghoul happily walking towards the camp fire carrying a small bundle of sticks in his arms. He drops the bundle then sits down in front of the fire to check on the cooking meat. Ghoul looks up at us then smiles like everything is fine. Party stares at him with his mouth open and eyes wide. I stare too. What is going on? Party is the first one to move. He shakes his head and runs a hand through his red locks. He goes to his bag and pulls out his water bottle. I turn away from Party and focus on Ghoul.

“How you feeling?” I ask delicately as I move to sit down beside him. Party coughs like he’s chocking on his water then joins us by the fire, sitting on the other side of Ghoul as a way to avoid me. I roll my eyes at Party then look back to Ghoul.

“I’m fine. Look I caught us breakfast!” He gleams proudly. “I plucked it and everything!” he turns to Party like a child looking for approval from an adult. Party smiles at Ghoul but his eyes scream with concern. We can both tell that something is a little off about Ghouls behavior. If it wasn’t for the marks on around his throat and the scratches on his smiling face I would think that yesterday was all a dream, that Ghoul was never harmed or in a zombie state. I sigh out loud and turn to Kobra still sleeping.

“Did you clean up the camp?” Party ask just now realizing that everything is neat and in order. Ghoul smiles a grin and nods his head to Party’s question.

“How long you been awake?” I ask next, he must have been up really early to hunt and clean.

“I don’t know…I while.” Is the only answer I get before Ghoul is focusing fully on cooking. I drop the questions and decide to save them for later. Party softly smiles at Ghoul, relief evident in the light in his eyes. Party adores Ghoul…how could he ever hurt him? I sigh inwardly then rise to my feet.

“Where you going?” Party ask as he looks up at me.

“I’m just gonna stretch my legs and have a look at witch direction we should be going. I’ll be back soon.” I answer as I turn to walk away.

“Take your ray gun man, in case you run into trouble.” Party advises. I silently nod my head and smile friendly at him. He smiles softly back, our friendship repairing itself.

Party Poison Pov;
I watch as Jet steps over my sleeping brother and walks away. I turn back to the fire and watch the flames dance around each other. Ghoul turns what looks to be a bird and lets it roast. We sit there for a while just watching the flames. I turn to my drink bottle and finish off the clear liquid. I sigh at the empty container and drop it next to me.

“How’s your hands?” I ask as I slowly reach out to check them. Ghoul just shrugs his shoulders and lets me turn his hands over. They look better than they did yesterday so that’s a good sign.

“Do they hurt? I got some painkillers if you want them?” I offer as I look up still holding his hands in mine. I softly rub my thumb over his knuckles. Hits fingers are soft despite the damage. Callouses coat the tips from when he use to play guitar every day. I think back to those days. It’s Ghouls voice that brings me back to the present.

“No, they’re fine.” He speaks softly like we are sharing secrets as he smiles at me. It’s such a sweet innocent smile and it makes my heart swells. I can’t help but smile right back at him. I stare into his big round puppy dog like eyes and barely even realize that I’m shuffling closer to him with his hands still in mine. I lace my fingers between his as a warm feeling engulfs me. There are so many thing that I want to tell him but I just can’t find the right words to use. I’m not even sure what I’m doing, or what I even want but I find my mind wondering what it would be like to…

Fun Ghoul’s pov;

Party softly presses his lips to mine and it’s nothing like the last time. This time round it’s caring and delicate, soft and gentle. I lean into the warmth and turn my head slightly to the side so our lips can fit against each other perfectly. Both lips move in sync. My eyes fall closed like his as I let the feeling spread throughout my body. Party gently moves one of his hands to softly caress my thigh while still holding the other hand in his. The pressure increases as he moves his hand higher. I slightly pull back to breath and Party just softly kisses a trail from my lips down to my chin then up my jaw line.

My mind is fuzzy and confused. I don’t know what is happening but I don’t really care either cause right now I’m happy and I feel safe…in his arms. I always have felt protected in his arms. I tilt my head back down and kiss his cheeks. Party moves his hand from my leg to rubs my neck softly as he glides his thumb over my jaw. I rest my forehead on his and just breathe him in. But it’s not just him I breath in…I smell the stinging stench of vodka.

My heart shatters as I push him away and run after Jet leaving Party behind alone, confused and drunk.
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