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Naruto and the CRA

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Naruto and the CRA

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A/N: I do not own Naruto
I’m putting this story up as a new Naruto story, cause I saw some flaws with the Naruto in the World of Kunochi story.
I reused the lemons in the last story, so they will look familiar
Review and let me know what you all think.
It had been a few hours since Naruto had returned from his three year training trip with Jiraiya, and after talking with both Lady Tsunade, and then getting an offer for a date from Sakura, he had gone back home to spend some time with his mother.
The bonding that was going on at the Uzumaki residence was however, not what one would have thought.
Naruto and his mother Kushina were on their couch tongue kissing and running their hands over each other’s bodies. They knew it was wrong but they had been secret lovers for a few years now, it broke them when Naruto had to leave on a training trip with Jiraiya, but now they were back together again, and they were making up for lost time.

"I've been thinking about doing this again all the years I’ve been away," said Naruto.
Kushina replied, “I’ve missed you so much Naruto.”
"I love you too Kushi-chan" Naruto replied."
"So have I, I just can't wait anymore", she said panting from the rubbing of his fingers through her shorts.
“Bed, now,” said Kushina, and instantly Naruto picked her up and carried her up the stairs.
Minutes later found mother and son naked with Naruto lying down on the bed and his mother hovering over him with her shaved pussy lips touching the tip of his cock. They decided to skip foreplay since Kushina was determined to get some cock into her.
"Oh fuck Naruto," Kushina moaned as she lowered herself and allowing her son’s cock to penetrate her vaginal canal until she could fell it kiss her cervix.
Below her Naruto groaned when he felt his mother’s fleshy walls engulf his thick rod with such friction on all sides. Kushina had been without sex in so long that her orgasam came early from just the pure contract and she let out her juices onto her son’s cock.
“Oh kami, you made me come from just that,” she moaned as she tried to push his cock more deeper into her womb. "I've never get tired of feeling my son’s cock filling me up.”
“Damn, your so tight mom, and really hot too, I’ve missed doing this,” Naruto said watching her breasts jingle about.
Kushina started rocking motions, wanting to have his shaft rapidly thrust into her but not wanting to have the head of his cock leave the touch of her cervix.
“Oh Naruto, this feels so good. How does it feel for you, do you like having your cock deep inside your mommy again after so long?” she said.
“Fuck yeah, your even tighter than the other mom’s I’ve started fucking,” groaned Naruto.
Kushina raised an eyebrow at hearing that, but let it go for now since she was too into this.
"Oh, you're reaching into me so deep,” she moaned and pushed herself down to wrap her arms around his neck and then kiss him deeply.
"Mhhggggmmmmm,” Naruto tried to say but could not with the tounge battle his mother had currently engaged him in.
"No complaining during sex,” she said ending the kiss.
"Wow, you’re got good tongue mom," said Naruto.
"Thank you sweetie,” said Kushina as she continued to bounce her hips on his own.
The room was filled with a sound of wet heavy flesh slapping against itself as their hips kept hitting each other when their bodies contacted during their love making.
"You’re getting tighter now mom," Naruto moaned and gripped her hips, "I think I’m gonna cum now mom.”
“Then what are you waiting for, come inside me Naruto, come inside your mommy. Fill up my womb with your seed and make me pregnant,” Kushina moaned.
Naruto moaned as the tight sliding friction between his mother’s cervix and his meat rod lodged inside of her.
Kushina and Naruto’s lips met multiple times as they exchanged tongue in a heated battle to allow each other access. Kushina was crawled over him sucking face with her son while her naked body rubbed against his own.
“Oh Naruto, that’s it,” she moaned as she moaned softly and starts rubbing her hands all over her body till she decides to squeeze her own large breasts. Naruto meanwhile uses his hands to grab her butt and firmly gives each ass cheek a good squeeze before spreading them to give himself more access as he kept plowing into her.
“Oh kami, I’m coming,” she moaned before she climaxed and then felt feeling the rapid rush of her son’s seed flowing out of his cock and into her waiting womb. She gasped in shock on how much of her son’s seed was being poured into her baby chamber, and when the feeling began to die down, she fell forward and landed on Naruto’s chest, both of them panting from their lovemaking. Kushina’s belly was bloated from the amount of sperm that had been deposited into her.
“That was amazing Naruto,” said Kushina, “but you’ll probably have to do this a whole lot more with me when my urges come back, and I’ve had a lot of them since you’ve been gone.”
“Having lots of sex, how could I say no to that,” chuckled Naruto.
Kushina giggled, “are you thirsty, cause I can give you a little drink?”
Naruto and Kushina sat up with Kushina still impaled on his lap with his cock and started squeezing her breasts as milk started to leak out. Naruto took the cue and latched onto his mother’s breast and started sucking out the milk.
“Oh yes, keep going Naruto. More, more, more…” moaned a horney Kushina who again started grinding herself onto his cock.
Morning soon came, and Kushina woke to the feeling of someone sucking on her tits hungrily.
“Morning mom,” said Naruto who was still feeding on her breast milk.
“Morning dear, are you still that hungry,” she asked not complaining about the feeling of satisfaction from her breasts. Then she noticed that her belly was still bloated from last night.
“Oh my, I look pregnant don’t I,” she said.
That shocked Naruto a bit, “Oh crap, I didn’t even think about that. What if I got you pregnant?”
Kushina giggled, “It’s ok if you did Naruto.”
“It is?” he asked confused.
“Yes, I forgot to tell you that Tsunade wants to put you into the CRA, so you’ll be the lucky person to purposely impregnate a lot of women in the village,” said Kushina.
“Like who,” asked Naruto becoming a bit curious.
“Well your female friends for one thing, you’d be surprised that a lot of them have become so lustful for you since you’ve been gone. Some of the older women as well, did you know that Tsunami has moved to the village while you were gone, she’s been waiting for you to come back as have many other milfs,” said Kushina.
Naruto liked the sound of that, and then flipped his mother over and began to get some early morning plowing into her.
“Oh yes, fuck,” came the moans of Kushina through the house.

A few hours later Naruto woke up and found his mother was no longer in bed with him, so he grabbed his robe and went down the stairs to see find her.
When he entered, he saw his mom wearing only a white sleeveless shirt and red panties while bent over as she looked through the open fridge.
Naruto got in behind her and slapped her plump ass making her yelp and stand up straight in shock. Naruto circled his arms around her and cupped her breasts firm in his hands.
“Guess you’re not feeling sore anymore if you’re walking around like that mom,” said Naruto sucking on her neck.
“Oh, that feels so good,” she moaned.
Naruto used one hand to pull down her panties and thrust his cock in between her legs to tickle her clit.
“Oh, that’s so good, right there,” said Kushina.
Naruto flipped her around and locked lips with his sexy mom, then pulled back for a second and again attacked her lips while his mother hungrily kissed him back.
"Mom, you’re so hot", said Naruto in the middle of their kiss.
"Mmmm…….oh Naruto," she moaned letting her thin shirt feel his fingers as he touched her all over.
Naruto groaned in pleasure as he could feel his cock become uncomfortable inside his boxers. Mother pulled away from the heated kiss for some air.
"Naruto, I need more,” she moaned wrapping her arms around her son’s neck while son grinded his member in between her legs to rub her clit through her panties.
"Aaaahhh...Naruto-kun...,” she moaned as Naruto then ripped her shirt to pieces and became frozen by her D-cup breasts, they looked so much bigger then last night.
"You have great tits mom", he said staring at them.
"Go ahead and suck on my tits Naruto, enjoy the taste of your mommy's milk", she said pushing herself forward to press the tip of his cock more against her clit.
"You like that don't you naughty boy", Kushina said as she rubbed his member with her covered clit. Naruto decided to return the favor by grabbing her breast and kneaded it to make her moan.
"Your breasts are so soft mom ", Naruto said, his mom’s sweaty breasts slipped in and out of his fingers with her breathing, he couldn’t take it and took her erect nipple into his mouth and started to suck hungrily on it which made Kushina arch her back in pleasure as she used her hand to push his head more into her chest.
"Aaahhhh...yes Naruto, suck on mommy’s tits and drink all my milk", she moaned with her eyes closed, as she lifted her hips and started to grind her pussy against his hardened member making a muffled throaty groan escape his lips as he continued to lick her breasts, switching between licking & biting her nipples as she squirmed under him in pleasure as he picked her up and laid her over the kitchen table.
"Aaahhh...yes Naruto, drink it all", his mother screamed in pleasure as son continued to suck on her nipple and drank the squirting milk that was coming from her nipple. As he did this he continued to grind his covered cock along her covered pussy in synchronized movements.
"Your milk is taste great mom,” said Naruto as he licked his lips, savoring the taste of her milk before he started to lick his fingers. Her breast milk seemed to taste different then it had the previous night, but he ignored it and went back to sucking her tits.
"Oh're so good at pleasing your go……mother", she said before grabbing him by his head and pulled him for another heated kiss as they wildly licked & sucked on each other's tongues.
Using her free hand Kushina did a jutsu that vanished her panties and Naruto’s underwear so that they were both fully naked now, she was surprised when his hard cock really felt like it had whipped her pussy lips as it slapped onto them after they were free of his boxers.
‘Kami, he must be about 10 inches’ she thought as she saw that Naruto had stopped sucking on her tits and moved down to her lower region.
"You’re so wet down here Kaa-san", he said making his mother blush.
"Don't say things like that", she said embarrassed before she felt the slip of his tongue on her pussy lips.
"Oohhh Naruto... do that again, hurry!", she said desperately, and Naruto latched onto his mom’s pussy and started licking it with such vigor that it made his mother arch her back in satisfying pleasure.
"Yes…that’s it baby...lick me mommy’s pussy", Kushina screamed in pleasure while Naruto continued to make his tongue satisfy her snatch.
"Oohh...right there...Naruto-kun, you're doing great….oohh", she moaned and shoved her son’s head more into her pussy wanting him to eat her more.
"Oh Naruto-kun...please hurry...I can't wait any longer...I want it now", she panted.
Naruto wanting to be a good son lined his cock up in front of his mother’s pussy.
“Take me Naruto, make me yours", she said.
Naruto didn’t know why she was saying that since he had already taken her plenty of times, but bent down and put them both into hot wet and passionate kiss, and Kushina wrapped her arms around him as Naruto slowly entered his mother’s wet pussy once more making her moan loudly into the heated kiss.
Kushina moaned loudly in ecstasy when her son fully entered his fat cock into her and Naruto was grunting as he felt her walls around his meat log.
"Oh fuck...your even tighter then last night mom,” he said while Kushina smiled.
"Naruto-kun...more…..thrust harder into me ", she pleaded in pleasure.
Nodding Naruto pulled his cock out so that just the tip was inside her pussy lips and then thrusted back into her with full force.
"Oh fuck…yes...that feels so good", moaned Kushina as her son continued to plow her while Kushina began to move her hips with him to match his thrusts for full pleasure. Every time Naruto hit her g-spot Kushina rolled her eyes back in pleasure.
"Do it again Naruto...fuck your naughty mommy", Kushina screamed pleasure.
"Kami, your pussy’s actually crushing my cock", he groaned pumping in & out of her with such force & speed.
"Yes Naruto, fuck me harder, fuck me faster...fuck your naughty au…mother as hard as you can, make me your good...aahhh...I fucking love this", she screamed and wrapped her knees around his waist just as he when back to sucking her nipples and feeding on her milk. His thrusts became faster as he continued to suck on her breasts and then picked her up still connected to each other and changed their position so that she was on his lap while he sat on the table surface. He continued to thrust into her as their bodies slide with each other. Naruto could feel his cock penetrate deeper into his mother in this position, her breasts bouncing up & down each time.
"Oh...Naruto-kun... you are so good...I..I'm cumming", she said hearing the sound of their skin make contract every time he plowed into her.
"I'm...almost there", he grunted and thrusted faster into his mother while her long hair wildly spread all around her.
"Naruto...kiss me baby...let your mommy taste you again ", she screamed just before she felt Naruto crash his lips against hers, both of them started to kiss each other wildly as their tongues wanted control with all of the slurping sounds they made.
"Oh kami, I’m coming,” she moaned as she continued to bounce on his dick before she could feel her climax coming.
"Mom, I’m gonna cum,” he groaned.
“Cum inside me Naruto, I haven’t had the feeling of sperm in my womb in so long. Cum inside me and fill me up,” she screamed.
Naruto still didn’t know what she was going on about as he had come inside her so many times in the last few days as well, but just went with it and his balls emptied themselves out and filled her womb up .
“Oh kami, oh fuck, I can feel your seed filling me up,
she moaned.
They moaned in pleasure as their orgasms ended, and Kushina fell down onto the table while Naruto just stared at her.
"That was great mom, you were really horny this morning", he said then noticing that she was giggling at his face.
“That would be because it wasn’t me,” said a voice.
Naruto turned around to see his mother standing in the doorway of the kitchen, still nude but wearing a long shirt.
He turned back to the women that he was fucking on the table when she was covered in smoke and turned into a blue haired familiar face.
“Hi, Naruto, welcome back,” said his aunt Yumi, his aunt on his mother’s side.
The doorbell rang, and Kushina left to answer it, thought Naruto was about to tell her to not do that since she was wearing only a shirt, but his aunt Yumi pulled him back and started invading his mouth.
“I’ve missed you too Naruto-kun,” she teased.
“It’s time for the party,” shouted Kushina as she came back onto the kitchen.
Yumi let her nephew go, and Naruto went into the living room to find the last thing he expected…
To be continued…

Next Time: Welcome Back Naruto
A/N: A few things to know about background of this story that will be further explained later in the story
-Kushina came to the village with her sister years ago, and Kushina survived the night the fox attacked, so she raised Naruto.
-I’ll make this a bit of a similar tone to the story Ero-ninja, but not too much.
-Some of the female characters have sisters in this AU, and some others are still alive.
Any thoughts to this AU will be considered for future chapters
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