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Forgetting Reality

by AlexisSCREAM 1 review

These bittersweet memories confuse and consume me.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-05-28 - 288 words - Complete

I didn't reallt feel like writing, but I forced myself to, so sorry for the crappiness.

Responsibilities shoved upon young shoulders,
The ones that feign innocence with an unsure smile,
Answerless questions fade into the never-ending night,
And yet it's the load I've been forced to bear.

If I rewrite my past, and change it for the better,
Would I know what it means to feel this way?
If I tear of my skin, break myself limb by limb,
Would I know how to repair the wounds?

Can someone tell me if there's an escape,
Because I don't like the thought of the shining blade,
Eye-catching and beautiful, I don't know how I should feel,
These bittersweet memories confuse and consume me.

Is there a way to escape this dark cloud?
It eats away at my heart every day,
I'm scared that if stay, I'll feel this way forever,
I'm scared that if I go, you'll feel this way forever.

I can't find an escape; I've pulled myself away,
Dragged back into the confinements of my mind,
It's hurting, I'm hurting, I'm stranded,
But no one here hears my SOS call.

I could beg and plead and cry,
I could fight; I guess I could try,
But this pain eats away at my heart,
This pain won't leave my heart.

I'm waving my white flag and waiting,
If you want to, take it away from my hands,
My grip is weakening daily,
But then, again it’s the same for reality.

Someone pull me out of my head,
Take me back to where I should be instead!
Because I’ve tried, I’ve tried to wipe away the tears I’ve cried,
And I'm forgetting reality again.
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