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mcgee LS family first or lover first?

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timothy mcgee a 21 year old boy sleeps with an 18 year old girl named Jessica and gets him pregnant, will Timothy stand up to his actions and help Jessica with the on to find out

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Mcgees P.O.V

i´m sitting in the park looking at all the kids when a girl no more than 18 sits next too me and slips me a note walking away again i open the note and it reads

"hey Nialler come to my house i´m home alone and i need you kisses Jess"

i get up and follow Jess home when i get to her house i knock on the door and she lets me inside and take me upstairs to her room and she lays down on her bed spreading her legs wide open so i can see her pussy lips open ever so slightly, so i walk over and climb on top off her and kisses him and feel him taking off my pants and boxers, when my clothes is all off i slowly push myself inside her and feel how tight she is then i start moving faster and harder until i cum deep inside her then i get up and get dressed leaving her house and walking home too my own house and lay down on my bed and fall asleep

Jessicas P.O.V

i climb under the covers after i get my underwear back on and fall asleep with a content smile on my lips


i wake up and runs to the bathroom and trows up violently after i'm done i call my doctor and ask for an appointment after i get dressed i drive down to the doctors and tell the receptionist
that i´m here then i the doctor walks out and tells me its my turn so i follow him to the room and he asks me what's wrong i tell him that i've been throwing up for the past 4 month or so, then he tells me to get on the brix and he find some cold gel and puts on my stomach and moves the pin around until he stops and smiles widely before saying

"congratulations your 5 month pregnant with a boy"

i then start crying tears of joy, then i get a text from Niall saying

"hey babe i miss u"

i texted him back saying

"hey can we meet at my house i need to tell you something"

then i quickly get an answer back

"sure princess anything"

i walk out to my car after making another appointment and drive home when i get home i see Nialls car next to my house so i park my car in my driveway and walk inside my house and see Niall sitting on the couch so i walk over and sit next to him before handing him the x-ray of out baby boy then Niall looks at it and smiles widely before saying

"are we gonna be parents?"

"yes tim you're gonna be a dad"

then Timothy gets up and pulls me up with him and dances around the room and runs upstairs and then comes back downstairs with a video camera and starts filming us and says

"hey baby boy you're still in your mothers stomach for 4 more months"

then theres a knock on the door.........
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