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This Is My Story

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No laments of being an eldest, or the middle, or a dad. Nope. This one's for me.

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December 6th. Its the year 1998. Everyone is going about their business, excited with all of the winter hype. Laughter and cheering can be heard, but, in Coney Island Hospital, in New York City, specifically in Brooklyn, in a certain room, there is only screaming. Guadalupe Fuentes. Popping out her third kid. Lorenzo B(will not give away this last name since it is my last name). Outside of the delivery room. Did he want to go inside with his wife, who was popping out her third kid? Nope. The blood made him "woozy". He wasn't there for his first two sons, so why should he be there for his first daughter? No reason.

The kid is out. It's a girl. After such hard work that the mother has done, she's out. Her name? Well, that information can't be disclosed. For the sake of the story, her name is AJ. AJ B. The first girl in a family with two boys.

The kid cries and cries and the mother is joyful. The father? Probably joyful, too. A little brown baby. A little brown girl. All for themselves. No, it isn't their first kid. Their first kid was Eric, born on October 7th, 1989. A little brown boy. Their second, their middle child, was Cristian, born July 21st, 1995. The lightest of the bunch. Three years later, a little girl is born. A little brown girl. Her name is AJ. That's me, as you might've guessed.

This isn't the story of the eldest.
Nor about the troubles of being a middle child.
Or the bit about being a dad.

This story is meant for AJ.
This is my story.

So, let's begin.
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