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You Are Mine

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I just don't like him, okay? (jealous Ferard oneshot)

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I watched Frank talking with the new kid. Something wasn't right about him, and, love him as I do, Frank isn't the brightest when it comes to judging character.

As they passed me, I reached out and snagged his hand, pulling him back to me. "Hi Gee. What's up?" The new guy paused, looking back at us. "Gee?"

I gave him a fast kiss on the lips and leaned in until my lips were at his ear. "Be careful around him. Something isn't right. And I love you." His face went bright red as I pulled back.

"I love you too Gee. And are you just jealous?" He whispered back. I shrugged, not sure what the truth would be yet.

He kissed my cheek softly and turned back to the boy. Who was glaring daggers at me. I smiled softly at him and turned, my locker.

The day passed and every time I saw the two of them together, I wanted to hit the new kid. I saw the little things he was doing to MY boyfriend.

Things Frank probably wouldn't have noticed if I did them, let alone someone else. Setting his hand on his knee, tilting his head, leaning toward him.

At one point if Frank would have turned hisgrab head, they would have kissed. I clenched my fists and took a deep breath. Frank is coming over tonight.

And I can help him remember just what I can do. Smiling to myself-and the fact we had the house to ourselves-I walked home, bag slung over my shoulder and a bounce in my step.

I unlocked the front door and headed to my room to grab a set of clothes. Once I'd picked something...easy to get in and OUT of, I headed back up the stairs to take a shower.

Taking possibly one of the fastest showers in my life, I got out and dried off, pulling on my select outfit. A second after I'd zipped my pants, there was a knock on the door. "Just a second!" I called, swiping on some eyeliner with a skilled hand.

I ran on my toes to the door. All but ripping it off the hinges, I opened the door to my precious, beautiful Frank. He smiled and bent over, unlacing his shoes.

He stepped into the entrance, stepping his shoes off and kicking them to the side. With the tips of my fingers, I swung the door shut behind him, not looking away from him.

His eyes held mine like swirling honey super glue. "Hi." His soft lips formed the word and pulled into a wicked smile.

"Hi." I put my hands on his waist and pulled him against me, tipping his face up. His cheeks were red again, but this time with lust than embarrassment.

He wrapped his arms around my neck, lifting up on his toes. I locked my fingers under his ass and lifted him up off the floor, bringing our lips together at the same time.

His soft moan made me smile. Pulling away, I bounced him up higher in my arms, making him gasp. He wrapped his legs around my waist and tightened his hold on my shoulders.

I smiled at him as I carried him to the couch. Before he could register where I had him, I sat him down and stretched across him, pinning his hands above his head with one hand.

He lifted his head and caught my lips. I kissed him, cupping his cheek with my free hand. Even when we were in the moment, I was gentle with him.

"Gee." He breathed turning his head to the side. "Bite me." He panted under me. I hesitated. "Please? I trust you baby."

I bent my head, kissing along his neck. "I know you do. I just don't know why." I laughed softly.

Before we got together, I tended to be rough with my partners. Very rough. But with Frank, I held back almost everything. He tried to free his hands, but couldn't. "Because I love you stupid." His legs wound around my waist.

"I love you too." Words I never said to any other person not in my family. "Frank." I looked him in the eyes. "I love you." I kissed him, letting go of his hands.

I felt his fingers slide into my hair, fisting in it. "Mine." I whispered. He nodded. I kissed him again, trailing them.down his jaw and along his neck.

He moaned as I bit his neck softly, his hands holding me there. I bit a little harder, making him gasp. Under me, his heart was racing, and I couldn't tell if it was because I'd hurt him or if he liked it.

"Gee..." He moaned my name. I smiled at that and moved a bit, biting the spot right next to the first, slowly increasing pressure. His legs twitched around me, making me chuckle.

"You like this?" I smiled into his throat before I bit it. His moan was answer enough. With one hand, I turned his head while the other trailed down his body, under his shirt. I bit his neck on the other side of his throat the same time I clawed softly at his chest.

"Oh..." He moaned, his hands moving to my shoulders. I moved another space over and bit, digging my nails in a little deeper. "God!" He gasp. "Gee, kiss me." He whined.

I left his neck and kissed him hard, my free hand in his hair. His taste filled me, making me smile.

Cinnamon and sunlight. I eased out of the kiss and went back to his neck. "Baby." He panted. "Hurt me." My lips froze on his skin. "I know it sounds bad, but please Gee." His fingers combed through my damp hair. "Hurt me."

I bit down hard, the taste of blood exploding in my mouth. He moaned so loud I thought the neighbors would have heard. He clung to me with his while body, making me smile.

Licking up his blood, I moved to the last spot I could get to while he was on his back and bit it. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to make him moan. I sat back on my knees for a second, watching him.

"I..." He tried to say something. "I love you." He panted, his legs falling around me. I smiled as he closed his eyes and wrapped my hand under his right knee, lifting it up over my shoulder.

His eyes opened wide as I did the same with his left. "W-what are you doing?" He stuttered. I smirked.

"Seeing how flexible you are." I leaned back down, bringing his legs with me. "Well now." I smiled as his knees touched his shoulders. His face was bright red.

I gathered some of his beading blood on my finger and moved it to his lips. His tongue licked over it without hesitation, making me smile. His eyes met mine a moment before he took my finger into his mouth, cleaning it of blood.

And that gave me a boner. I leaned down and kissed him hard, tasting his blood on his tongue. "Gerard, I'm ho-" I froze at Mikey's voice.

Frank and I looked at my little brother at the same time. "You're early." I said flatly. His face was frozen on the word home.

As we watched, his face went pale. "Don't tell mom and you'll live to sixteen." He nodded. "Go to your room and ignore all sounds from in here." As if those words freed him, he ran up the stairs, not taking off his shoes.

I turned my attention back to Frank. His face was red again. Only this time, it WAS embarrassment.

So something to hold you guys over. My life is still a little weird. I've heard nothing back from the place I've applied to and it's kinda starting to bum me out.

And now I really gotta go so bleh. R+R and all that.

Hugs and Pie,
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