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They've got me in chains.

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Remind me... Am I human?
Or an animal thrown into a pit of flames?
Do your best, try to escape,
They've got me in chains,
It hurts, I scream,
I can't escape, never, never,
We'll die here together,
Forever, forever,
Gone, forever.

Tick-tock clock, ticking wildly in the distance,
But this pain in my mind drives me insane, and again,
Again, the blade rips my flesh,
My fears mix with tears and the truth is revealed,
A freak, for a show, put me on display,
In all my glory, and warn me,
that if I screw this up,
If I screw this up,
You'll kill me,
I'll be happy,
Go on,
End me.

Sacrifice me,
For I am a freak,
I am also far too weak,
I cannot speak of the things,
The things that I have seen, I am not innocent,
I pretend, I pretend, I hide, I abide, but inside,
Inside I'm sick of the lies I spin, of the whys kept within,
Of myself and my health, my mental health, I'm not... I'm not... I am sane,
This war that I am fight? I'm losing, slowly, slowly, day by day, so you can blame,
Blame it all on the weak freak that cannot speak, because minds cut off and forget to react and...
I forget that I am a living creature that lives a life and I, with tears in my eyes, let out a cry of,
Why? Why can't I be normal? Because it's over, it's over, it's over, I tell myself, but it's not because, fuck,
It still hurts just the same and I can't fight, can't fight, won't fight,
Because I'm fighting myself, and I'm fighting you all,
I'm outnumbered,
And this is cruel,
I'm scared to live,
And scared to die,
This purgatory feels like hell,
And the only word left is;
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