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Scheduling and Change of Persona

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Davey schedules a time to talk to Ashley, having reached nearly the end of the files, and questions how much he's changed since beginning to work there.

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After finding the files the week before and doing his best to skim through them and take in all that he needed to, Davey was in shock at everything he had learned about the Outlaw.

After the incident with the exacto knife, there was another one, where the same kid, Dahvie Vanity, had called the school counselor, saying that Ashley was still cutting. Another 72 hour hold. Between this incident and the last, the bassist had been placed on quite a few different medications, the doses of which were changed every few weeks, and some replaced by others every once in a while, leaving the symptoms of his withdrawal from one to overlap with the side effects of the new ones. And, by this time, there were multiple cases with child protective services open involving the man at this time.

Then, there were doctor's notes stating that Ashley was 'unwilling to comply with treatment' when he went off medication and therapy for several months. That had signaled an end of the hospitalizations for the time being. The first 3 had come one behind the other, all within the space of 2 months. They weren't followed by any more.

It was quiet on the surface, but there was tension brewing right below it. The cases with the Child Protective Services weren't closed yet. Ashley wouldn't make it more than a year off the medication. Around 6 months or so after he stopped taking the little poisons, CPS caught up with him. They started calling and visiting, even going as far as showing up to his school. 4 months after those visits resumed, he would up in the hospital again, courtesy of his parents this time.

The notes on this particular incident were particularly unpleasant. Besides the fact that the hospital staff had decided to keep him on another 72 hour hold, CPS became even more involved in the bassist's life. There were notes from the hospital recommending that he be sent to a residential facility for 'intensive care' due to his 'severe mental and emotional disturbances', and there were other notes from CPS, documenting the various 'procedures' that they'd taken to 'ensure' that the then 14 year old boy wasn't 'a danger to himself or others', as his parents claimed that they were 'afraid of and for him'. Among these 'procedures' was 'the removal of anything that could possibly pose a danger from the household' and 'frequent visitations'. This particular set of notes left a rather unpleasant taste in Davey's mouth.

Davey nearly gagged at the extensive BS that they were spewing. Was he certain that they hadn't accidentally switched their heads and asses? He wasn't all that sure anymore.

About 5 months after that incident, Ashley attempted suicide. It seemed that it was his first try. He had taken a bottle of aspirin, and a handful of sleeping pills, resulting in him spending the better part of 2 weeks in a mental ward. They didn't want to let him go home. They day before they finally did, they wrote a letter to the county requesting to place him in a residential facility. He was let go the next day with a shiny new prescription for anti-psychotics. But why anti-psychotics?

Either way, there was too much against him to allow him to stay a free man. 6 months later, right after New Years, they admitted him to a residential facility. When they found out that he'd stopped taking his medications a month after his suicide attempt, they flipped and kept him longer than the normal stay. He'd been just shy of 16 when he entered, and wasn't released til he was nearly 18. He'd spent 20 months in there. The average time spent was 6 months.

While in there, his weight plummeted, and he often refused to eat, complaining of the food's quality. He also tried killing himself several more times while in there. They finally let him go simply because a judge refused to renew the holding order, and he was just a few months away from being 18.

Within 2 months of his being released, he was admitted to an eating disorder clinic for his refusal to eat properly. He turned 18 while he was in there, and signed himself out the same night. Afetr that, he discontinued all treatment, and seemingly disappeared off the mental health radar for several years. He resurfaced when he was 21, now in South California, in an ER, suffering from bad reactions to high doses of several street drugs that he had mixed with alcohol. The doctors there called it a suicide attempt. When he was released, he never followed up, and dropped off the radar again.

After that, he was brought in by a room mate when he needed stitches for cutting too deeply on his wrist. He was nearly 23. after being served with another 72 hour hold, he once again decided to skip off on the treatment they were intent on pressing upon him.

Then, when he was 25, he was brought in by a friend of his who said that he had swallowed a bottle of Oxycodone. Another 3 weeks lost. More talk about residential treatment. More refusal.

Then, there was a few scattered incidents mere weeks apart. He had gotten a 72 hour hold each time, due to his constant self-harm. When he was 27, he was admitted to the hospital again, this time from bulimia.

Then, there was the events of this past year. Davey sighed. Just skimming the files was painful and tiring, both mentally and emotionally. The day wore on both too slowly and too quickly for the singer's liking.

He decided to pay Ashley a visit. Seeing as it was going to be hard to get a minute away from the influx of patients, as besides dealing with the remnants of the last doctor's patients, he was also taking them from the other doctors. Sad to say, this impressed them with his dedication. Yes, he was dedicated, but only dedicated to saving as many people from this corrupted system as he could before the shit hit the fan.

However, this meant that the only option that he saw was either go during his lunch break, or have them bring Ashley to him. The only problem was that he had mostly stopped taking lunch breaks. This had raised some eyebrows, which were lowered only when he said that he was eating between seeing patients in order to fit more people into a day. After all, he could squeeze in 5 or 10 more people a day if he skipped a formal lunch break, and didn't they want longer lunch breaks for themselves, and more patients passing through this shithole every day, lining their pockets?

That pretty much meant that the only option that was left for Davey was to have them bring Purdy to him. He picked up the phone, dialing the extension number to the ward that the other man was staying in.

"Maximum Security Ward." A gruff, rather bored voice drawled from the other end.

"Dr. Marchand, requesting a patient."

"From this ward?"


"For what?"

"I've noticed some discrepancies and I'd like to try and set them straight."

"Uh huh. You know how much trouble setting your lil' 'discrepancies' straight is gonna cause?" The man in the ward sneered down the line.

"In that case, I'm sorry to bother you. I'll just let the director know that-"

"No, no, we'll bring you the bastard when this place empties out at 7."

"Good." Davey said, hanging up the phone. Vaguely, he wondered when he started using threats like this on other people, but brushed it off as another patient walked into his tiny office.
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